Top 12 Twitter Directories To List YourSelf and Gain Followers

Want to grow your Twitter Following? Get rid of the “It’s a thing for the celebrities!” thought and start growing your following right now! Here at ShoutMeLoud, a lot has been discussed on growing Twitter following, and you will find many posts to help you grow your Twitter followers. Before I link out to all old posts, what if I told you there are many less hassle and easy way to gain followers on Twitter?

Best Twitter Directories

One of the least talked, but one very efficient way is by adding your Twitter profile into the popular Twitter directories. These Twitter directories works in a multitude for you:

  • Gain followers: Once you list your profile into these twitter directories, other users can find and follow you based on Keywords or interest. This is one free way to increase your follower, and most of the time such followers are not spam.
  • Find people to follow: If you are looking to discover new cool tweeps to follow, these directories are again handy. You can browse popular tweeps in particular section (ex: Tech, Apple, Blogging) and start following them.
  • Pro services: Most of the directories I have offered below also offer pro-services. At a cheap price they will feature your Twitter profile everywhere which will help you to gain new followers in fastest way possible. Again they are not going to be spam bots followers.

Best Twitter Directories to Submit your Twitter Profile

Without further ado, I will walk you through the best Twitter Directories you need to be listed right now to gain more followers.



Kevin Rose of Digg started this service back in 2009. WeFollow is by far the most popular Twitter Directory on the web. Wefollow is a user-generated Twitter Directory. Once a person is registered on their directory, it classifies them according to tags and lists them on the basis of number of followers they have.

Visit Wefollow

Twitter Counter

Twitter counter

TwitterCounter is a simple service that shows you your twitter account statistics once you login with your account. More than that, Twitter Counter also has a list of top Twitter users and you can also search for users based on tags.

Visit witter counter



JustTweetIt is another simple Twitter Directory that categorizes Twitter users based on their submitted category. You can find people in your same field and also get listed to get new followers.

Visit JustTweetit



Twellow is the Yellow Pages for Twitter. Twellow has a powerful listing of more than 25 Million Twitter users on its directory. This is the best place to get listed for getting new followers and also to find people to follow from your same field of work/interest.

Visit Twellow



Twibs is the place to find business on Twitter. Twibs is a business Twitter account directory. Get your company listed here to get more followers for the twitter account of your company.

Visit Twibs



TweetFind is another simple Twitter Yellow Page directory. TweetFind lets you find Twitter users based on categories. You can also get yourself listed for free to get more followers.

Visit TweetFind



Twibes is another Twitter directory that groups users based on categories. You can get yourself listed in Twibes for free based on your interest group. Twibes is more like a Twitter groups. Each group has some members and you can get added to it for getting more followers of similar interests.

Visit Twibes



Twiends is a Twitter directory with listing of many Twitter users based on their three given tags. You can list yourself on Twiends based on your tags to get more followers. Twiends works no coin-basis. Follow other users to get more coins and giveaway those coins to earn more followers in turn.

Visit Twiends



Twitaholic is a Twitter Directory that lists based users on the basis of the number of followers they have. Get listed here to get some more new followers.

Visit Twitaholic

BONUS: Niche Twitter Directories

Book Trade Directory

Book Trade Directory is for book publishers, authors and everyone in the Book trade.

Visit First Issue

Legal Birds

LegalBirds is a niche Directory of Legal administrators, Lawyers, Librarians and Academics.

Visit Legal Birds

Do you happen to know of any Twitter Directories that we missed here? Shout out your experiences with Twitter directories below.

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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. supreeth bharadwaj says

    hey harsh
    but i think for more social exposure we need real folloewers who can retweet comment or share their posts withus , so no need of directories what i do is post cool stuff daily (other than my blog links ) not so much followers but i picked up around 60

    • says

      You are right that real followers are useful than just getting followers for numbers. These directories help users to find people based on their interest. More like like-minded people.

  2. Sarah Taylor says

    Is it just me or do most of these programmes have problem authenticating and have bugs? I’ve sat here for nearly an hour and had a problem with most of them! :(

  3. Ravi Chahar says

    Hi Harsh,
    When someone starts blogging then after some months of devotion it is important for blogger to increase bonds using social platforms. Twitter is one of them. Submitting a blog to these directories by bring tweets to posts which have great significance. I was also seeking for good directories to submit my blog. You have provided me with lots of options.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sandeep says

    Hi Harsh,
    these website are good to gain followers. But along them there is rush in auto tweets which is not tolerable. How to remove these tweets and how they can be prevented in future.

  5. Raspal Seni says

    Hi Harsh,

    Would listing in theseTwitter directories get me clients or business? When I started my main blog last October, that’s what I thought. People do get clients from social networks, I do know but how? That’s the question for me, ATM.

    Maybe I’ve added the wrong people (mostly bloggers, writers and now following social media experts who follow me). What kind of people do I need to add to get clients and business from Twitter? Just getting more followers … don’t know if that’s all that is needed. Please enlighten me on this topic.

    I also just started updating my empty Linkedin profile. That’s more business oriented, so hoping to get clients from there. Will try adding my Twitter profile to all of the directories you mentioned above. Thank you for this post, which could help me a lot.

  6. Dk Patel says

    Thank you Harsh for this nice article, I was on cacation so it took me long time to intract again.
    Twitter is now a big market place for webmaster and everyone want to gain more follower some one by white hat some one fro black hat.
    Buying and selling twitter follower is also trending now.

    • says

      @Dk Patel that’s so true…Big numbers always look good, but from marketing ROI (Clicks and conversions), it’s better to have a few but loyal following who really cares about the tweets made by a brand or an individual. Though I don’t say buying Twitter follower is good, as in Twitter world big number of following is always good and increases the further visibility. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. :)

  7. Nitin Patel says

    Since, Last few days I have been trying very much hard to gain some twitter followers. After reading this post, I got the way. I’ll definitely try some of these directories. Thank you Harsh.
    After all SEO today is all about social media unlike before when you only had to concentrate on aggressive” link building”(The term is now outdated, probably) strategies to get your page ranked on google.

  8. Rohit says

    Hey harsh,

    I must say that Twitter is a great platform for traffic. If you are having a large number of followers then you might be having a great traffic towards your blog/website.
    But if we see another side of this, there are many services which offers you soem fan following but soon after using their services, you will found that although you gained many followers in one day but soon they start unfollowing you or the services you offer. So, beware of those services always.
    but the list you mentioned on your blog is a really good one and i will surely use this in order to increase my followers.
    Thanks for providing such an awesome post harsh.


  9. Krishna Moorthy.D says

    Hoooo Hooo Hooo ! This was the post I was searching of Harsh :) Finally You gave me..I don’t have many followers and it’s time to work on that ..Thanks a lot Harsh :D

  10. Noufal Binu says

    Wow.. awesome Websites I like all of them, Get this article Right time for me.
    I’m also try to making twitter followers.
    Thank you Harsh for another Wonderful article sharing with us :)

  11. Vikas Yadav says

    A valuable articles for top twitter directories to list oneself and increases the twitter follower. without promotions on twitter, to survive a new blog in this competitive world is very difficult. I was not aware about some of the directories before reading that articles. Thanks a lot@Harsh for sharing this important articles with us.

  12. Miracle Ayodele says

    These are great lists of twitter directories. Thanks for sharing but you forgot Justretweet, or do you have anything against the directory.?

    • says

      Thanks for adding it into the list.. I don’t have anything against them, just added those which I use and which I found while researching. Keep suggesting more which you feel is a useful twitter directory.

  13. md emran says

    Great post again by you Harsh. Getting better on social is a key way of getting better in on-line business. It is loved by all the search engines as well as helpful to generate more loyality from regular & new visitors, followers & subscribers.

  14. Naveen says

    Interesting list of twitter directories.Harsh I think you have forgotten Justretweet which should top the list