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    ByPass Firewall Restrictions with Anonymous Proxy Soft-ware

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    ByPass Firewall ByPass Firewall Restrictions with Anonymous Proxy Soft wareMany of my readers are from colleges or people who work in an environment where most of the websites are blocked like social networking, social bookmarking websites, Instant Messaging websites and of course pornography. One of the easiest way to byPass Firewall restrictions by using Proxy sites. Though, major issue with these sites are they are easily detected and become ineffective because in a day or two when your firewall scans for these websites and find them as proxy websites they block it and then the fight begins, searching for new proxy websites.

    Proxy websites are great if you are using it in a place where there is no hardware firewall and where admin uses ACL to block websites.

    What’s the best way to Bypass Firewall Restirctions?

    There are many options which includes find a fresh Proxy which is not detected by these Firewalls. Another free option is use desktop based Anonymous proxy software’s and the most effective is by using VPN software. Though, finding a free VPN is quite a task, so to help you better, we will look into proxy soft-ware based solutions.

    Best Desktop software for anonymous proxy?

    These software’s also works as an alternative to proxy sites and work great. I have been using couple of them myself back in college and despite of Websense firewall restriction on my college router, I was able to access all sites. Some time I also managed to make torrent run using Socks proxy but it was quite a task. And most of the time it didn’t worked or speed was too low. So, if you are looking for torrent solutions, I would say wait for a while before I compile a step by step guide for the same.

    So here are three easy to use apps to Bypass firewall and access every site.

    Freegate and Ultrasurf are tiny software’s of few kbs, and Your-freedom is a little complex but an effective software.

    There are many servers of Your-freedom which override the chances of not being able to bypass your firewall restriction.

    Above all your-freedom   provides encryption which makes it secure and reliable. The only draw back in Your-freedom is that for free user the maximum speed cap is 8 kb/s for free version, whereas if you use Ultra-surf and freegate, you can maximize your bandwidth to the fullest.

    So taking speed in consideration ultra surf comes out to be the best option whereas Your-freedom stand first for the consistency.

    We will keep updating more such information regarding Anonymous Proxy apps, feel free to join us on Facebook for more updates.

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    thanks for the info. It’s good to find more tools that can unblock websites and help to bypass firewall. i’m using IP Privacy and i like it because it’s not slowing down my internet connection.



    hello people, please i need help with my ultra surf. i can use it to bypass my isp firewall. i can use a proxy to bypass my isp but if i use the same proxy for ultra surf it won’t connect and i wonder why. please help me with it. am from nigeria and use zain network.



    Guyz……….great list of softs but………
    I cant use freegate as its blocked in my place
    I cant use ultra surf as my proxy and port also requires username and pass…..(something called squid perhaps)
    others are not free and your freedom is too slow………….pls help me out


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