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So finally one beautiful year come to and End and now we are in a complete new year. First of all, lets start with New year wishes to all ShoutMeLoud readers and I wish this year, you will touch the heights in your career. 2012 has been a great year for me in terms of learning new things and reaching to a new horizon. I have seen life from many perspective and it changed me in a great way. From work to relation to people, I learned a lot of new things and this learning experience will keep going on for long.

The best thing which I did in 2012 is, I have not started any major new project and concentrated more on running Websites. I have seen a great improvement in my affiliate earning and ShoutMeLoud is constantly improving with targeted Blogging niche. Here I’m creating a digest of Best articles of year 2012, and if you are a new comer or a regular ShoutMeLoud reader, and missed reading some of the best piece of article, here you can find all the links. You can bookmark this page for future reference or reading.

Best Articles from year 2012:

I’m listing down articles starting from January 2012 till end of December, and picking up some of the best Articles here.

Onpage Optimization Factors for SEO:

This is one of the best article for beginners to learn about Keyword placement in an article. To rank for any keyword, your Keyword placement, density and many other factors come into the picture. Anil from BloggersPassion got it covered in this article.

How to write Blog posts Effectively:

When I started blogging, one of the simplest mistake which I used to make is: My articles are just to the point which was not bad, but with time I realize readers look for more. An intro, a closure, an image and many more stuff from an article. This is a good starting point for a beginner to learn the art of writing blog posts effectively.

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost:

A guide for Blogging beginners to learn installing WordPress on Bluehost cPanel hosting. This article covers all the essential step to install WordPress and things to do after WordPress installation.

A WordPress SEO guide for everyone:

A Do it yourself SEO guide for WordPress Blogger.

How to get started with Webhosting Affiliate program:

Webhosting affiliate is one of the most succesful affiliate niche for me till now. This article is a great starting point for anyone to learn about hosting affiliate and how to make money from it.

What is Affiliate marketing and how to get started:

One of the basic post which will teach you about affiliate marketing and how to get started with it.

Where to find Images online:

Images are very useful to improve the presentation of your Blog posts. Usually, many of us make mistake by using licensed images from Google image search. In this article, you will find from where you can get images for your Blog posts.

Why Engineering students should start Blogging in College:

If I have to pick one thing which I miss doing in my Blogging career, that would be Blogging in college. I started Blogging after college and if I would have started Blogging in college days, things would have much better for me. Anyways, this is one of the best article for college students to understand why they should start a Blog in college.

The only guide you need to start a Blog:

Another best of the year guest post for Bloggers. Here any newbie can learn how to start a New blog and how to run it too. Everything you need to know about starting a Blog.

A beginners guide to Webhosting Packages:

A Webhosting getting started guide for young bloggers to learn about Webhosting packages and plans.

Top android Apps for SmartPhones:

Though I’m an Apple Fanboy but I love Android too. I own Micromax Funboox tablet to try Android apps. In this article, you will find list of must have apps for your android device.

Benefits of WordPress for your Online Business:

WordPress is best platform for Blogging and for business blogs. In this article, we got it covered why one should use WordPress platform for their online business blog or website.

40 Ways to advertise your Online business:

A useful and creative list of ideas for advertising and marketing your online business. Some of the ideas will surely make you wink. :)

How to craft guest posting campaign for maximum Exposure:

Guest blogging is one of the most talked topic in 2012. Specially after Penguin update, Guest blogging has become one of the best way to gain quality links. In this article, you will learn how to create a guest blogging campaign to get maximum brand exposure, traffic and backlinks.

How to Perform Keyword research:

Keywords are the base of SEO and Keyword research is one of those thing, that every Blogger should know. In this article, I covered the basics of Keyword research using Google Keyword tool.

A practical guide for Blog commenting:

Blog commenting serves many purpose: Backlink, Brand awareness, Traffic and connection. This is one of the best read from 2012 by Amit, where he explains the art of Blog commenting for maximum advantage. Worth a read for every Blogger.

How to Install WordPress manually:

Scripts like Fantastico, one click installer makes it easy to install WordPress on your hosting. Though, have you ever thought of learning to install WordPress manually. That is creating database and users manually and using FTP to install WordPress. If not, in this tutorial you will learn everything you need to know about manual WordPress installation.

Manage Wp Review:

Like me, if you are also running multiple WordPress blog, managewp is something that you need to make your work easier. Read my complete review.

How to index Website in Google in 24 hour:

You just launched a new blog or Website and your first aim is to see your Website in Google. One way is to wait for Google bots to find your blog and crawl it, or you can take the smarter route and make bots to crawl and index your site in 24 hours. This is a case study by me, in which I indexed a Website in 24 hours.

What is Bounce rate and improving Bounce rate:

Though Bounce rate doesn’t affect SEO but a high bounce rate is indication of bad UI or lack of content on your blog. Also, bounce rate is something that every Blogger should know and in this article you will learn about how to improve bounce rate of your Website.

SEMRUSh review:

This year I reviewed very few products and SEMRUSH is one of them. Learn what SEMRUSh can do for you and how it will help you to dig down the important SEO data of your competitor and even for your Website.

How to use Facebook interest list for Marketing:

In 2012 Facebook launched Interest list and in this article,  explained how you can use this new feature for maximising your marketing effort on Facebook.

How to make money using Facebook offer:

Learn how to use new Facebook offer feature to add extra passive income in your income list.

11 Habits of A-list Bloggers:

Habits make or break a human and knowing what are the habits of Successful people, will help you to improve your life too. Rest title says it all.

Pinterest Marketing tips for Bloggers:

Pinterest is one of those site which become popular in 2012. This is a great guest post  Arun to learn about various Pinterest marketing tips.

How to decide a content is high quality or not:

Quality content is one of the most talked topic after Panda updates. Here, you can learn to identify high quality content by asking 11 questions to yourself.

Plugins to recover from Google Panda:

Though, it’s been almost 2 year that Panda is out and we have seen a lot of traffic change in last year. Even these days, we keep getting panda algo updates and sites are losing traffic because of this. This article is dedicated to all the Websites affected from Panda.

How to Perform reverse Image search:

This article is very useful for any computer user. Using reverse image search you can find the copy of any image on Web. Learn what is it and how to perform a reverse search for image.

Post Panda/Penguin SEO strategy for Bloggers:

Google also updates like Panda and Penguin changed the complete model of SEO. In this article, I talked about new age SEO and what a Blogger should do to stay ahead of crowd.

Blogging tools:

List of my favorite Blogging tools.

How to Perform A/B testing using Google Analytics tool:

A DIY guide to learn the A/B testing using Google analytics. Very useful to improve the conversion rate of your Webpage.

Websites to start your Freelance Writing career:

Useful list of Websites to start making money from your Writing talent.

How to do SEO of image based site:

SEO of a Text based site is quite easier, as it’s done mostly on content level. Though, it changes a lot when you are doing SEO of Website containing images only.

List of Cheapest and reliable WordPress Hosting:

List of reliable WordPress hosting companies, which doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

Must have subscription option for Bloggers:

Gaining subscribe is one of the first few thing a Blogger should be doing. In this article, you will find the list of must have and some optional subscription options your Blog should be offering.

Small business Blog Strategy:

A detailed guide on business Blog strategy for small business owners. In this guide, I tried to cover as much details as I could to start a Business blog and take it to the next level.

ShoutMeloud MOnthly Income report:

The first monthly report which I published in 2012 and that too after one year of publishing my last income report. Needless to say, roundup and income reports are always a popular post here at ShoutMeLoud.

Readability for SEO:

Readability score is one of the ranking factor but it’s not a buzzing topic. Infact, many people are unaware of readability and in this article, I covered in depth about readability for SEO.

How to Find low quality content:

Another detailed writeup, in which you can learn what are low quality content and how to identify low quality content on your Website. Useful for people who care about Google algo.

How to Promote Blog posts after Publishing:

Learn how and where one should promote his Blog posts after hitting the publish button.

Moving WordPress Blog from one hosting to Another:

Changing and moving your WordPress blog to new hosting company is quite technical and in this tutorial, I made it very simple for you to learn and understand the complete process of changing WordPress hosting.

How to create Multiple Authored WordPress Blog:

ShoutMeLoud is a multi-author blog and learn what steps and plugins I’m using here at ShoutMeLoud to run it successfully.

VigLink review:

One of the new monetization program I tried in 2012 and it’s worth your attention. Very useful for Bloggers who are not into affiliate marketing but want to earn money from Affiliate sales.

WordPress tools for Bloggers:

A huge list of WordPress tools and software which any WordPress blogger can try.

Hostgator sold to EIG for $225 million USD:

One of the most popular and shocking news from Webhosting niche. Hostgator is sold to a company call EIG, which buys private hosting companies.

How to transform your life today:

To be a better blogger, you need to be a better person. No matter what sector of life you coming from and what state of mind you are in, this article will help you to bring positive changes in your life.

12 Lessons Steve Jobs taught Guy Kawasaki:

A video for Entrepreneurs.

Time-Management tips for the Bloggers:

I believe in one philosophy : Time save is money made and money= time. This is a great read for Bloggers to save money, err… time when they Blogging from home.

Top 21 Blogging mistakes:

A great list of most common mistakes which every newbie make. Worth a read for any blogger to learn about some of these common mistakes and how not to make the same mistake again.

How to motivate yourself for Blogging when demotivated:

After helping a Blogger on Phone with his demotivation, this article idea struck my mind. If you are one of those who get demotivated from Blogging due to lack of money or traffic, this article is for you.

Keyword research tools:

List of most popular and professional Keyword research tool. A great resource for Bloggers who focus on SEO and Keyword strategy.

Simple steps to become a Facebook idiot:

A useful guest post for users who are addicted to Facebook. Some of the silly mistakes which you should not make on facebook to make a fool out of yourself. Oh you can also find some of the silliest example in this article.

Confession of a Wannabe Internet marketer:

If you like to read stories which comes from self life experience, then this article is for you. A Bloggers writes his journey to internet marketing.

How to start your Freelance Writing Career:

Like above, this is a real life case study by Karol, where he talks about his experience of becoming a Freelance writer and how you can also make money from it.

I’m sure these articles will keep you busy for a while and do let me know which of these article is best pick for you. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook & twitter, to let others read best of 2012 from ShoutMeLoud.

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