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Reading is part of my day-to-day job and on an average I spend almost 1 hour on my iPad to keep my self updated and to find new news. With the touch and cool Feed reader on iPad, reading becomes more interesting and with one click share, I can easily share useful links on my Social profiles and also bookmark them. Here I’m sharing list of those apps, which I use for reading and also sharing my tip on How I use them. Most of these apps have iPhone variants too or if you are using an Android smart phone, you may find those feed reader apps or similar apps on Android store.

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My Favorite Feed readers for iPad:

I have tried many feed readers over time that includes Mr. reader and many more, but when it comes to iPad, I prefer to go the visual route. More over, I look for features like quick sharing and bookmarking, otherwise just reading news won’t be of much help. There are endless such apps which you can use on your iPad or iPhone, the only thing is you have to adopt an App. Once you are used to aparticular app, stick to it and keep trying some secondary reader, until it catches your attention and make you read more and more. So, here goes my list of best iPad Feed reader apps:

iPad Feed readers


I’m a huge fan of Zite because it’s not like conventional Feed reader. It let you select topic that you like and based on your topic selection, it will bring out the best of news from the web. I use this app for content discovery and it not only helps me to find new news but with one click, I can share it on Google reader, Twitter and other Social networking sites. If you use Pocket app for offline reading, you will fall in love with zite. The only down side is, if you are a frequent reader (Day and night), you will not find much new news , but if you have added all your favorite categories-topic, you will never run out of new matter to read. This app is available for iOS, Android, Wp7 and you can download it from here.


I have already shared Flipboard review earlier and after my last review, they have added many new features including Google + stream. If you are very selective about adding/following people on Social networking sites (Which you should), Flipboard will help you to discover great content using your Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. It also integrates with Google reader, so you can use it as a news reader on iPad. It’s way different from Zite, as Zite uses your interest to find new content where as Flipboard will let you find news from your own profiles (Social networking + Google reader). Here also, you can add some topic of your interest and you can find news on that topic. Check out Flipboard.

Pulse News for iPad:

Pulse is not top in my list but It’s one of the first iPad feed reader that I started using and loved them. Recently pulse launched a web version of their Feed reader, which added more into their popularity. I usually add only those blog feeds, which I read on day-to-day basis and use Pulse to read and comment on them. Not the best in the list but since it’s free and offers a great UI, I’m sure many of you will like it. Though I miss few things like, there are very few sharing and bookmarking buttons in this app, and I hope they do add more options soon. Download for free from App store.

Google plus app for iPad:

On my Google plus profile, I follow industry leaders, Entrepreneurs, Niche experts and many such people who share amazing content. I keep checking my Google plus timeline for interesting news and updates. Latest Google plus for iPad is the best app, when you need to check your Google plus timeline. Though, again it all depends whom you are following and your content will be served on the basis of that. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Google plus circle to create a list of People, Google plus pages that you use to read and filter it on iPad to use it as a Feed reader app. Again a free app and you can download it from here.

WordPress For iPad app recently added reader option, but it will take a long time before I can expect features like adding custom RSS and follow blogs apart from WordPress platform. Though, I doubt if WordPress team will ever add custom RSS option in their reader. Along with it, you can also use official Twitter for iPad app as a Feed reader. You can create a Twitter list of must follow tweeps or official Blog/Website twitter profile and use it to read news directly from your app.

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Well, it’s a good idea to keep a combination of many feed reading apps, as this way you will not only get variety of news but your reading will never become boring. It’s the smoothness in touch and these amazing apps, that increased my reading habit. I would love to know what other apps you use for reading feeds on your iPad? Is there any other app, you would like to recommend me.

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    I love the Pulse because its way more easy to use then others plus all my blogging friends use it also :P