7 Awesome Gmail Tricks to Become Gmail Ninja

Do you use gMail for Emailing? There are various gMail tricks that you can use to make most out of your Email usage. Gmail is a free email service provided by Google with 15GB of free storage for each account. You can check your current gMail storage over hereNow if you are a Gmail user then here we have some handy tips and tricks to get most out of Gmail.

Best gMail tricks

1. Host your Gmail Signature Logo on Google Drive

A Gmail Signature is a bit of text (like your name, website, or Contact information) or can also be your company’s logo that’s automatically inserted at the bottom of every message you send. If you want to keep your signature as text then it’s very simple, but if you want your logo to be sent as signature then you have to host it.

Now to host your image you can use any online hosting services, but alternatively you can also use your Google Drive account to host images and use it as your Signature in Gmail.

  • Step 1: Login to your Google Drive account and create a Folder named Signature (or anything you like)

Google Drive folder

  • Step 2: Select Signature folder and click on share button

Share folder

  • Step 3: Set the folder visibility to Public and Access to anyone can view

Change Permission of folder change-permission

  • Step 4:  Open Signature folder and upload your Logo
  • Step 5: Now in Gmail, click on Compose and then click on Google Drive icon at the bottom

Insert file using gDrive

  • Step 6: In Google Drive window, open Signature folder

gMail signature

  • Step 7: Right Click on your Logo or image and select copy image URL or Copy image location (Paste this link somewhere in note pad and save it)


  • Step 8: Close compose window and Google Drive window
  • Step 9: In Gmail, click on Gear icon and select settings


  • Step 10: Scroll down where you see Signature select “appended at the end of all outgoing message

Gmail signature setting

  • Step 11: Click on insert image and paste your image or Logo URL
  • Step 12: If the URL is correct then you should see preview of your Logo


  • Step 13: Next click OK, then scroll down and click Save Changes
  • Step 14: Next time when you’ll compose a  new message you’ll see your Logo at the bottom of your Email as Signature.

2. List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail


image credit : hdw.eweb4.com

Everyone loves shortcuts, but there is not shortcut to successes.  So What? At least we have some keyboard shortcuts on Gmail. Here we have the list of Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail to make your work bit faster.

Before you proceed, enable shortcut features in Gmail, to do this go to Settings > General > Keyboard Shortcuts and select Keyboard shortcuts on.

  • Shift + C = Compose new message in a new window
  • K and J = Scroll up (K)and scroll down (J) between messages in Inbox, press enter to open it.
  • X = Mark a Messages in Inbox
  • R = Reply (While viewing an Email, press R to Reply)
  • F = Forward (while viewing an Email, press F to Forward)
  • Ctrl + S = Save Draft
  • Shift + # = Move a message to Trash
  • L = Label (press L while viewing a mail and select your Label)
  • Shift + U = Mark message as Unread
  • Shift + I = Mark message as Read

3. Find Attachment and Email according to their Size and Date

Using this trick you can find attachments of certain size and date. This helps you in finding only relevant mails with attachments and their size.

Suppose if you want to find all the messages with more than 1MB attachment then type size:1M in Gmail search bar and click search icon.

  • If you want to find an 1 year old email then type older_than:1y in the search
  • If you want to Find a 15 day old Email then type older_than:15d in the search

4. Right Click to Archive, Delete or Move to Tab


This is another handy feature available on Gmail.

  • To Delete a message Go to Inbox, Right Click on message and select Delete
  • To Archive a message Go to Inbox, right-click on Message and Select Archive
  • To Move a message to Social or promotion Tab from Primary tab. Right click on message, select Move to Tab > Select Social or promotion Tab

5. Gmail Keyboard


Gmail also has built-in virtual keyboard which allows you type using your mouse. All you have to do is click on keyboard icon at the top right corner and start typing using your mouse. Alternatively you can also press Ctrl + Shift + K to bring up the keyboard.

6. Add or Remove Tabs in Gmail


The latest update for Gmail brought  Tab feature and by default there are three Tabs namely Primary, Social and Promotion. If you want to remove any of the Tab then click on Gear icon > Select Configure Inbox > uncheck Tab you want to remove and Click on Save.

By following the same steps you can also add two more tabs Updates and Forums. Update Tab will have all the updates and in Forums Tab you’ll have messages from various forums that you have subscribed.

7. Attach Executable File in Gmail

Attach exe file in gMail

image credit: www.itnewsafrica.com

By default Gmail and other email service providers does not allow us to attach .exe (Executable) files for security reasons. But, there is a workaround by which you can send .exe files in Gmail.

To do this Rename or change the extension of your executable file ( Eg: Change Videoeditor.exe to Videoeditor)

Now compose new message in Gmail and attach Videoeditor and send it. Tell the receiver to download and change the file name to videoeditor.exe, after that the file can be executed.

If you know of any other Gmail tricks, Do let me know via comments. Here are some more posts which will help you to make most out of gMail:

These are few best Gmail tips and tricks to make your Gmail experience better. So, What are you waiting for? Do sign in to Gmail and see these tips actually working! Do you have any other tip? Do let us know in the comments.

This is a guest post by Tashreef Shareef from Techswatch. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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