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Working from home comes with its own taste of good and bad. One thing that I’m guilty of not taking care is my health. Since April 2009, most of my time was spent working from home and in front of my laptop. I have a small home-office, but at times I work from my couch, from my bed or sometime at a coffee-shop. One thing that is common about all the situation is my sitting posture. It keeps changing according to the place where I’m sitting. In last 4 and half years, my back posture started changing, and in recent visit to one of the doctor, he suggested me to work actively on my sitting posture, if I want to avoid sever back-pain in future.

I thought I was maintaining a good sitting posture, until my doctor warned me, and I ended up buying the best available ergonomics chair, and this post is for anyone who is concern about their body posture due to long sitting hours. Since most of the Shouters here are infopreneurs (Making money by gathering and selling electronic information) or freelancers, who work from home, I believe it’s a good idea to let you know about best-sitting posture and also why you need an ergonomic chair.

What are Ergonomic Office Chair?

According to scientific studies, people with sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular diseases compare to people with a non-seating job. Here is an animated video that talks about how important it is to have a good sitting posture, and few demerits of having a sitting job. This video is useful for anyone who have more than 5-6 hours of sitting job daily:


Your body posture in general matters a lot for long and healthy survival. How you walk, how you pull up weight, how you sleep and how you sit are all equally important. Now think about the time you spent sitting daily. When you are going to the office, inside your office or when you coming back from office, you spent most of the time sitting.

Especially, if you are like me who works from home, and happen to spent more than 10 hours sitting at the same place, you have to actively acknowledge the importance of having a good sitting posture, and work on sitting properly as suggested by doctors and scientists. Now, let’s talk something about Ergonomics. According to Wiki article, Ergonomics is:

Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance.

Here is an image showing the best sitting posture for a computer user:

Best sitting posture for computer users

Now, we all know that we all have different body size and shape, and one chair will not fit all. To ensure that our body gets the best out of our sitting posture, the best ergonomic chair needs to have few adjustments like:

  • Seat height
  • Seat width and depth
  • Lumbar support (Lower back support)
  • Back-rests
  • Armrests (Height and tilt)

Other factors which matters a lot is:

Seat fabrics: If you are sitting on a chair for hours, your seat fabrics should be good enough to distribute the pressure, and keep the god flow of blood everywhere. Most of us make mistakes by buying non-ergonomic chair, which uses foam or other fabrics, which doesn’t distribute the weight equally, and thus creating pain in our lower back, or make us feel tired after constant sitting.

Here is an interesting video that shows how to turn bad sitting posture into good sitting posture:

As it is, most of the car companies spend countless hours on engineering the best seat for the cars to give optimum comfort for a long drive. Similarly, it’s very vital for anyone with a job that requires long sitting posture, to have an Ergonomic desk chair, which helps in proper functioning of our body as we age. Do remember, Ergonomic office chair is one of many things to keep our body in proper condition as we age.

For health conscious people:

What makes Herman Miller Embody Chair best Ergonomic chair?

After realising the importance of good sitting posture, I started doing my research for the best ergonomic chair in the market. In fact, I had a normal $100 chair from a local furniture company, but it was not even close to what we call an ergonomics chair. Undoubtedly sitting on my $100 chairs was quite good, but for long sitting hours it’s not comfortable and is not advisable for anyone who takes his health seriously.

The first recommendation that I found for a good ergonomic chair was “Herman Miller Aeron Chair” which cost close to $1100, and I found few local distributor and went to the showroom to get one for me. After reaching there, the story owner who was quite knowledgeable about Human Ergonomics, explained me in detail about importance of good sitting posture, what makes Herman Miller chair stand out, and he showed me the latest work “Herman Miller Embody chair” by the same company.

Embody chair was almost $1000 more than the Aeron chair, but after researching about Aeron chair Vs. Embody chair, it was no brainer that Embody chair stands out in terms of comfort, spine-friendly, more ergonomic and so on. Since I’m not a chair expert, you can check out this comparison post for Aeron Chair Vs. Embody chair, and below you can find a detailed review of Embody chair.

So without second thought, I purchased Black coloured Embody chair that costed me 1,11,000 INR ( $1761 Approx), and here are two images of Embody chair:

Embody Black Chair

Embody Chair colors

The best part about Herman Miller chair is it comes with 12-year warranty, so once you buy this chair, you don’t have to worry about anything for next 12 years. Moreover, 40% of the chair is built with recyclable material, and it’s eco-friendly. Most of the high-end executives and big companies uses the Herman Miller chair, and they are one of the giant of building furniture industry.

Things you should know:

Different variants of Embody chair:

The base model comes with all black colour, and you can choose from different colours, where prices goes up by $200.

Embody Vs. Aeron : Which one to buy?

If you are on a tight budget, you should obviously opt for Aeron which is $1000 cheaper than Embody chair. But if budget is not an issue with you, definitely opt for Embody chair, as it offers better ergonomic and support for your body.

Where can you buy Herman Miller chairs?

Best place to buy Herman miller Ergonomic furniture is from their official store page over here. There you will get lots of customisation option. If you looking for a cheaper solution, you can buy brand new or refurbished Herman miller chairs from Amazon over here. If you are in India, a good idea is to locate the nearest dealer in your town, and grab one from there. You can find all Indian Herman Miller dealer over here.

Should you stop worrying about your sitting posture after buying an Ergonomic chair?

Definitely no, as an Ergonomic chair helps you in good sitting posture, better blood circulation and other health benefits, but you need to work on other things like taking timely break, your distance from computer screen, exercise in between to keep yourself healthy while sitting for long hours.

Over all, if you are someone who cares his health more than anything else, you should definitely buy an Ergonomic chair to keep your body in shape, and pain free in long run. And while writing this article, I’m sitting on the same chair you are reading about.

Check out Herman Miller collection on Amazon

Also remember, when you order any Ergonomic chair (Herman Miller Embody or any other), it will take couple of days to set your chair in best possible settings to make it compatible with your body shape and size. Refer to above image to understand what a good body posture should be like, and avoid crossing your leg while sitting to allow better blood-circulation.

Do let me know which Ergonomics chair are you using? Also, if you are an existing Herman Miller Embody chair user, feel free to share you review and feedback.

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