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FeedDemon: Best Windows Desktop Feed Reader

FeedDemon: Best Windows Desktop Feed Reader

Most of the websites offer many ways to subscribe and stay update with the latest updates. Some of the common way is by Email subscription, Feed subscription, Twitter and Facebook fan page. Out of all, when it comes to keeping blog updates, I prefer Feed update option. Reason being, I can use any dedicated Feed reader to subscribe to any blog updates, and keep a track of it. If you subscribe to updates via any other method, chances are high that you might miss out on many updates for example due to large volume of Emails, you might not see the blog update emails. Twitter and Facebook happens in real time, and if you miss out any important updates, chances are high that you might not see it again. So, as a Blogger, for me Feeds are one of the best way to stay updated.

Google readers is no doubt one of the most popular Feed reader choice and since it’s integrated with Google services, it’s easy to manage and most important Google reader allow integration with most of the 3rd party Feed readers.

Some of the popular RSS readers are Google reader, Active RSS readers, Opera feed reader, Mozilla Thunderbird and many more.

If you looking for trick to improve your RSS feed readers count read my article on : How to increase your feed readers. You can also use wordpress plugin to increase your RSS subscriber count.

The importance of RSS feeds can be determined by the fact that all of the major Internet browsers are now bundles with inbuilt RSS readers.

I have tried many of these RSS readers including Google reader, Mozilla inbuilt reader and many more but after trying Feeddemon it become my one way RSS aggregator.

Feed-demon is a fully fledged desktop RSS reader client which also integrates with your Google reader account. It also offers offline reading, which will pre fetch item before going offline. So if you are traveling or working from a place where there is no internet access, this offline reading mode option will come handy.

Feeddemon lets you organize your feeds easily. You can read the feeds and click on any link and inbuilt browser will open that page for you. If you love giving social love to interesting posts, you can configure many social sharing accounts and directly share your article from feed demon.

Though I have configured it to open link within my default browser (Mozilla Firefox) so that I can use my easy comment Firefox plugin to add instant comments.

Getting started with Feed-demon:

Once you install Feed demon you will get an option to Register for Feed-demon or skip it. I will recommend register yourself with feed-demon because after this you will have access to your feeds everywhere. It means you can simply login using your registered user name and password anywhere to access all your subscribed feeds. I highly recommend this.

Once you done installing Feed-demon, it will give you option to synchronize with Google reader, if you want Google reader to manage your feeds, you can set yes or disable synchronization.

I have to monitor almost 100+ blogs at once and look for updates so that I can keep myself updated with the latest on going and feed demon simple interface empowers me for that.

Feeddemon has also an option of Auto-Discovery of feeds, so all you need to enter is the URL and it will auto discover the feeds. This comes very handy when you like any website/blog but the feed link is not visible or not prominent.

You can try auto-discovery feature by typing in the subscribe button.

Panic Button :

panic button

FeedDemon Panic Button

Suppose you have almost 4K+ unread feeds , you can simple hit the panic button and feeds older then 4-5 days will be marked as read.

Depending on your Internet speed you can set the check for feeds update time limit. Set it between 2-5 if you have fast Internet speed else keep it more then that depend on your Internet speed.

link : Download Feed-demon

On my iPad I prefer using Flipboard, Pulse and couple of more. Do let us know which feed reader client are you using on your desktop?

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  • Imran

    Harsh! very nice article, I always learning some new from you bro. I like the idea of feed demon. Great Article.

  • MazaKaro

    Hi harsh,

    I didnt understand actual use of feedburner. Have you written any article for explaining feedburner use and importance?

  • blogsgrid

    I’m using google reader beacause it’s fast and simple and moreover portable but Trying deiffert is not bad. SO, I’ll give it a try.

  • Shane

    Thanks for the info on feed demon, I am new to blogging and didn’t relize the importance of comments or how to track your feeds.


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