5 Best Desktop Blog Editors Tools To Increase Productivity

Desktop Blog EditorOne of the easy way to stay productive is work offline and distraction free. I often prefer desktop blog editors to write blog post, as I can stay away from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on.  The important thing we need to know is how to make the work process easier and faster to be more productive and effective. So, usually you will be blogging from the default dashboard, but you need to accept the fact that default dashboard lacks in many features.

There are many disadvantages in default dashboards which can slow down your blogging pace such as image uploading problem, you cannot write articles offline, integrating YouTube, flickr data and easy editing etc. All these features lacks in default dashboard. Now lets see what desktop blogging editors can offer something new. Usually our target is to get a WYSWYG editor, which will help up us in formatting.

Useful list of Desktop Blog Editors:

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer

Windows live writer is the best desktop blog editor for Windows, the free application can turn your writing experience. It has many excellent features which lacks in default dashboard. The plugins integration in Windows live writer helps you to be more productive and work faster. It supports most of the blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, and many more. The only thing which I miss is a Mac variant of Windows live writer. This is so far my fav. desktop editor and it offers many image editing and features that you need. For ex: Add watermark to images, Add tables and many more. If you are deciding between many other editors, WLW should be your first choice for WordPress.  <Link: WLW>


Creative writer

Creative writer

It totally changes the working environment. The full screen distraction free editor can increase your creativity in writing. The undisturbed workspace will let you to be more productive. It doesn’t support any plugins like WLW, but the distraction free workspace can make you to be more productive by letting your thoughts flow in. Indulge yourself in a relaxed and calm atmosphere and achieve a whole new level of concentration! WordPress user can use this feature in latest version of WordPress and it’s very useful when you are writing post from Wp dashboard.<Link: Creative Writer>



The simple application has easy to use interface and can speed up your work. It has WYSIWYG editor, spell checker, tags generator. The main plus for Blogdesk is, it has inbuilt Imagewizard which can crop, rotate shadow and edit your images which you’ve uploaded. There are more features which you can read at their official site.



It is an application that lets you to post and also edit your templates. You can work with one or more blogs. It has many several features that browser-based editors don’t offer. It supports Blogger, WordPress, MSN Spaces, TypePad, BigBlogTool, Blogalia, TheBlog, Blog-City, EraBlog.NET, Upsaid, UBlog, SquareSpace, BlogWare, DearDiary.Net. It has portable version too, which you can carry it anywhere you go! <Link: WBlogger>



Thingamablog is a cross-platform, standalone blogging application that makes it easy for publishing your blog post effortless. Thingamablog does NOT require a third-party blogging host, a cgi/php enabled web host, or a MySQL database. In fact, all you need to setup, and manage, a blog with Thingamablog is FTP, SFTP, or network access to a web server. You can publish your blogpost with single click, remotely via email, create unique layout with customizable templates, etc. <Link: ThingamaBlog>

Though out of all Windows Live writer is my favorite and I have not found any best alternative to it. Do let us know which desktop blog editor you are using and which one you recommend to others?

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  1. says

    I’m also a bit WLW fan, I haven’t found anything that will really replace it, but the lack of updates for years is getting to me. The latest annoyance that has me looking for something to replace it is that it has no support for windows font scaling, so on higher resolution screens you’re forced to deal with minuscule text or to set your screen resolution down to something sub optimal to use it.

    If anyone has found a solution that comes even close and plays nice with blogger/blogspot and it’s default (picasa/google+) picture hosting I’m all ears.

  2. Sharninder says

    I thought you were a mac user. Do you blog using a OS X application or do you only use windows for blogging ?

  3. Ebloggies says

    what about the seo for images and posts,
    like how do we add the ALT text through windows live writer for images?

    thank you

  4. Tanmay says

    Nice list! I love Windows live writer. But the down side of WLW is that when you save the post from WLW to your blog, the image names does not belong accurate. e.g if you use ‘-‘ between the word in image name WLW ignores those when uploading the post to your blog.

  5. Swamykant says

    Hi Srivathsan

    Good Review. I know only Windows Live Writer from the above list. I will try other tools too.

    Check Zoundry Raven – another interesting tool.

  6. venkat says

    Using WLW since long time.Not tried any other blog editors mentioned in this articles.Hope I don’t need to search for other blog editors as WLW works fine for me.

  7. Melvin says

    This was useful for me way back when my internet connection wasn’t stable yet (that’s a looong time ago) because I can do my stuffs without really worrying that much. Im using blogdesk back then and its really a good productivity tool for bloggers. However these days, Im always connected to the internet so I rarely use it now.