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Blogo Vs. Mars Edit Vs. Ecto: Desktop Blog Editors for Mac

Blogo Vs. Mars Edit Vs. Ecto: Desktop Blog Editors for Mac

For all Bloggers moving from Windows to Mac, this is a topic of much concern. We want a desktop blogging application which serves as a good replacement for Windows Live Writer. Today we compare three popular apps for Mac – MarsEdit vs Blogo vs Ecto which we have used for over a month now.

Earlier a Guest Post listed 5 Desktop Blogging Softwares for Mac. The problem with App Lists is that they only tell you the features of each and not an actual comparison of these apps. I used each of the three apps mentioned above for quite some time and here’s my opinion about each.


Blogo Mac Editor

Blogo is probably the best desktop editor for Mac. Since I use WordPress and recent updated version of Blogo offers everything which you look in a desktop editor. It offers offline editing which is a must have and powerful features like Image editor will make your work easier. I personally use Snagit for image capturing and editing which you should definitely try.

Here are few more features which you make Blogo one of it’s own kind:

  • Supports multiple blogs
  • Manage blog comments from dashboard
  • Browser plugin which you can use to send content directly from browser to blogo.

Blogo is priced at only $14.99 and you can download it right now here. < Download Blogo>


While Ecto is really feature rich as compared to Blogo, it’s not absolutely void of bugs. Before I started using MarsEdit, Ecto was my primary desktop blogging app for over a month. To my misfortune, almost one out of every ten posts used to get deleted due to either an app crash or an error during upload. There hasn’t been any development lately for this app and an update is due since really long.

ecto screenshot

Ecto is priced at $19.95 and can be purchased from illumineX.


I purchased this app last month after being satisfied with the trial. The app has a feature set similar to Ecto and allows you to do almost everything you use the WordPress editor for.

One really great advantage over Blogo and Ecto is that the Server Options shows you in writing the Post Status. You don’t have to be skeptical before hitting the Send to Blog button unlike the other two apps even though they have this option and notifiers in the form of small icons. The HTML editor is really nifty.

marsedit screenshot

As you can see for yourself, I have added custom fields for Thesis in MarsEdit thus leaving absolutely nothing for the WordPress editor. While I have gotten familiar with all the keyboard shortcuts, I would definitely appreciate a formatting toolbar instead of the menu in top right corner. Another missing feature is that of adding tooltip for Links.

Priced at $39.95 MarsEdit from Red Sweater is the priciest but also the option closest to being perfect, at the moment.

Let us know which is your favorite application for the said purpose or do you still rely on the good old WordPress web editor.

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  • alexnjoy

    Well, i’ve tested all of them, but I don’t like them. I think that Wordpress Dashboard is much better.

  • Nihar


    Never heard of these. Mainly due to not using Mac at all.

    Thanks for sharing anyways. Will try to check them out.


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