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Why You Should Not Migrate From Blogger To WordPress ?

Why You Should Not Migrate From Blogger To WordPress ?

WTF! read the title again.

Doesn’t it sound unique, the heading is just opposite to the ones you might have read on other blogs. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of  Blogspot platform. We will go through the points in which blogspot is better than WordPress.

Ask a professional blogger, which platform should I choose?

Most of them will suggest you to choose self hosted WordPress. I don’t want to say they are wrong but with all due respect they are not totally right.

If you blog for fun or you are just a beginner then choose blogger but if you want to go professional then choose WordPress. We have already got the reasons covered and if you missed it, here are few articles to help you:

Most bloggers live with the above thought. WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system) for blogging which is used by millions of bloggers and it’s everyone’s first choice but BlogSpot platform has its own benefits. Before going through my favorite features let us see a few facts about Blogger.

  • Number of blogs = 100 blogs per account.
  • Number of labels = 2,000 unique labels per blog, 20 unique labels per post
  • Number of picturesUp to 1 GB storage and all the images are stored in Picasa
  • Number of posts = Unlimited.
  • Static Pages = 20 stand-alone pages.
  • Authors = 100 per blog.
  • Size of pages = Individual pages (the main page of a blog or archive pages) are limited to 1 MB
  • Size of pictures = Pictures are scaled to 1600px
Benefits of BlogSpot

 What are the Benefits of BlogSpot platform?

Let me start with the very first reason and that is:

FREE! FrEe! free!Free!

The best benefit which i am sure you already know. You are not charged for hosting as your site is hosted on Google’s own servers. You can start a blog with literally zero investment and when you decide to go professional just buy a Custom domain from Google or any other preferred domain registrar. Connect it with your blogger account and within 72 hours you are all done. It is as simple as that. We have already covered how much it cost to start a Self hosted WordPress blog, and for a beginner making an investment for an unplanned Blogging business is not a good idea. Yah, Blogging is personal writing but with the scope of Blogging changing, it’s also a business now.

Now, apart from being a Free platform, lets look at the other advantages and benefits of BlogSpot over WordPress or any other Blogging platform available:

You are safe from Hackers

Let’s start with a question, how many blogs were hacked last year? Come on search it on Google.

Now search, how many of those hacked blogs were on Blogger?

Very less, right?

This is my second point, WordPress uses PHP, MySql and is vulnerable for hacking. You don’t want a crazy person to get hold of all your hard work. Do you? Whereas blogger is totally managed by Google. Google has a team of talented vulnerability researchers (Ethical Hackers) working day and night to protect its customers. No need to worry, your data is in right hands.

You are on the right side

Bloggers worship Google as it is the biggest source of traffic for many of them. The first priority of Google is high quality content when it comes to search results but somewhere in the priority list lays the platform of the website. When it comes to platform Google loves blogger as it is its own product. You don’t get third party SEO plugins as in WordPress but the internal SEO features in blogger are enough for the job.

User Interface

One of the major problem a newbie faces with blogging is getting used to new interface. BlogSpot offers simple interface and it doesn’t have so many technical hassle which comes with WordPress. Open WordPress dashboard and BlogSpot dashboard and you will see the difference in UI.

Make money from BlogSpot blog:

Make money from BlogSpot

When it comes to WordPress, monetization technique depends upon you. Unlike BlogSpot, which let you quickly create an Adsense account or you can use Google affiliate ads to make money.  Everyone wants to make money from Blog and BlogSpot makes it easier for a newbie to integrate ad and start earning decent passive income from their Blog.

WordPress vs BlogSpot : Which one to opt for?

Now, I have shared almost all major benefits of using BlogSpot over WordPress but I will never say, BlogSpot is the best platform. BlogSpot is best for a newbie who wants to start Blogging with zero investment. But, when you want to take it to the next level, you should consider getting yourself a Self hosted WordPress blog.

I’m talking about stats here and almost all popular Blogger and Blogs are using WordPress platform. I’m not saying, you need to follow everything what others are doing but again, how many popular Bloggers are using BlogSpot platform? It’s about scalability, which is something BlogSpot platform is missing. You have limited control and after a while, scope for taking your blog to next level is limited.

My suggestion would be:

Start a BlogSpot blog and use it for few months. Use it till the time you are accustomed with Blogging and when you are sure of Blogging and want to take your Blog to next level, get yourself a Self hosted WordPress Blog. Even Harsh from ShoutMeLoud, started with a BlogSpot blog and later moved to WordPress. Similarly, Amit Agrawal from Labnol started with a BlogSpot blog and moved to WordPress.

So go ahead and lets discus which is better for a Beginner Blogger : BlogSpot or WordPress. I would love to hear your views and opinions here. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google plus.

This is a guest post by Nishant from InsideTechtricks. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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  • Hem Chander Rana

    @Sajitha , Google loves blogs, it doesn’t matter if it is self hosted wordpress blog or a blogger blog.

    Secondly WordPress has an edge over blogger on various issues like better SEO, better tagging and categorization while blogger has an edge over Wordpress on various issues like security, up time, and technical side.

    The best thing I like about Blogger is that they solves the most complex SEO problems themselves (you don’t have to worry about it), like they did canonicalisation.

  • raman bathina

    you are right nishant,but iam started my blogging career with free wordpress blog and later convert my blog into blogspot becuse there is no monetization feature in wordpress.Now iam continue wih blogspot with a custom domain.

  • aditia

    my short 3 words choosing wordpress than blogpost: plugins, themes, community


    I am confused . Check the title again after reading the post. Look like Shoutmeloud team edited the the entire article too much. As a big fan of Blogger platform, I was very curious to read this article. I had seen many of my WordPress fellow bloggers left the scene after bragging a lot. So content is the king not the platform. Remember ‘Fake IPL player’ – it was on Blogger platform and then migrated to WordPress. Blogger is much improved now and integrating with more Google products . Also don’t trust much on SEO benefits of WordPress. Google is changing its search engine algorithm every time. So don’t migrate from Blogger to WordPress .

  • Vijesh

    I too once migrate from Blogger to WordPress and I got many 404 error pages when it came to WordPress. Thanks to webmaster tools if I wouldn’t notice it I might have not fixed the issue. Since there were many broken links I just migrated back to blogger. Its better if we start a new WordPress blog rather than migrating a blogger blog to WordPress.

  • Barzrul

    Thank you Nishant for sharing this article.

    I also started with free platfroms, Blogsome (for 3 years) which based on Wordpress MU.. After that I used Blogspot (for 3 years). Finally I decided to take it to the next level..

  • Navneet

    Personally I think that both Blogger and Wordpress are great . Basically for a beginner who has just started blogging Blogger is the best option . If you are a professional then close your eyes and go with Wordpress . I prefer both of them depending on the niche of the site .

  • Manish

    Actually wordpress is better according to configuration and user friendly. So in my thoughts wordpress is not so bad. Any person can starts his own blog at also.

  • desi Traveler

    I migrated my blog from Blogspot to Wordpress self hosted. For first few week my traffic dropped to almost 1/10th and search traffic became ZERO. Now things are better but still traffic is half of earlier. I had to reburn my feed as something happened to the earlier feed. And my rank in Indiblogger is still NA :( .
    Hopefully all the pain will pay in the long run.


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