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There are many bloggers write quality articles but left blogging due to fewer visitors and other problems. This is not the good thing; you need to keep your blog going till you get a huge number of visitors. You never get a huge number of visitors just when you start blogging. In order to get more visitors you need to do this:-

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Create a blog, think of a niche of the blog, write your thoughts about some interesting topics divided into posts and promote it on sites like twitter, Facebook etc. to get some visits. A perfect blogger never blogs to earn, a perfect blogger is a blogger by passion. Don’t try to convince people to visit your blog but let people should come to your blog naturally and let your quality content be the reason to subscribe to your blog.

So, go on create a blog(suggested (Free)- or and write your thoughts. Once you are a blogger by passion then you can simply earn money by getting an account on adsense or adbrite. Wasn’t that simple? So, you need to try it. Go on and give it a shot.

Even SML was not a perfect blog as it started but Harsh made it one by adding so many great posts and now SML is one of the best Indian tech,Blogging blog. This is one of the examples which you can see and set your goal like this. Also follow the steps below:-

5 Steps to successful Blogging:

1. You should not lose courage due to fewer visitors and less readers.
2. You should continue writing great posts which help you in getting visits.
3. Do not blog for money, once your blog starts getting traffic and you have successfully built a community around your blog, start monetizing your blog using several ways like AdSense, Buysellads, CPM ads, RSS feeds ads. But before monetizing your blog, try to increase your alexa rank, Google Pr etc. (When to add advertisement to a blog)
4. You can use Facebook and Twitter if you have more followers or friends. (Use # hashtags if you don’t have huge followers).
5. Buy a domain because it’s really important to get one.

So, keep all those points in mind and become a good blogger. Believe me, you will get a lot of things from blogging. In the end, I would like to say that CONTENT is the king and its important to post original content and don’t forget to post YOUR thoughts about the topic because it matters the most.

Also, try to write posts which help your readers and not only search engine. You could get a lot of visitors if you write to help your readers.

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This post is just my thought for bloggers who starts blogging and leave in between. If you have more tips about getting more visitors and becoming a perfect blogger, write down in the comments.

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He is a 12 year old boy, who is currently studying in 7th class. He loves blogging. He also likes WWE and Cricket.


COMMENTs ( 25 )

  1. Gourav Jain says

    Hello Vinayak,

    This is really great that you are blogging from this age. I would love to hear more from you. Keep blogging, my wishes are with you.

  2. Mukund says

    Yeah! Your right Vinayak!! I left blogging for a year just because I ran out of ideas and I lost the spark in me! But, I have started blogging again with more fire in me and I am striving hard to bring my blog back!! These ideas will definitely help me!!

  3. Tech Maish says

    And one thing more, try to be the only choice. That will make you unique and every one will recommend you.
    This could be in any field.

  4. Raymond Cardoza says

    Very Good Post Vinayak why very good because i like your some points of your Blog Post and Thanks Harsh for encouraging him.

    1. You should not lose courage due to fewer visitors and less readers.
    2. You should continue writing great posts which help you in getting visits.
    3. Do not blog for money [ Blog for Knowledge Money will come later by monetization ]

  5. Zain says

    Nice encouraging article. Really inspiring to see kids coming as bloggers.

    I totally agree with the author – Content is the King. Few quality unique articles are way better than hundreds of useless and republished ones.

    And in my point of view, writing good stuff should be the top most priority before marketing and monetizing.

  6. Tips For Blog says

    Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends.

  7. Ayush Gupta says

    this is really cool. i m 15yr old. i will try to follow these steps and surely will become best blogger in my area. but the thing is the i m in 10th class, and this new CCE has made the matter worse. i cannot think bout my blog hw to make it good and write some articles on computer tricks. .

  8. Samir@Indihow says

    I appreciate the fact that this post was written by a 11 year old kid. But to be frank I don’t think this post deserves to be on SML. These points have been discussed over and over again in multiple posts. If this post were on a new blog, that would be ok, but the limited depth and obvious advice simply don’t belong here!

  9. Web surfer says

    I agree with Anil, these kinds of stuff are all over the web………… As layman perspective I myself find difficult to find the good stuff whenever I try to search………though I appreciate his never give up approach.

  10. Anil Mishta says

    this is nothing new in this blogging suggestions , i think shoutmeloud just overated him .. it is just spin to all those blogging tips,
    even he says content is king he again says to buy a tld domain , if content is good there is no need of tld , example is Google’s blogspot blogs.

  11. says

    very nice tips man,they really works.Writing for money should not be your first target,presenting good and original content should be your first choice and target.

  12. vrunda says

    Hello Vinayak..

    I am really impressed by your post.. As Without traffic there is no meaning of monetizing.. so we need to focus on content for getting traffic and for that we need to be patient..

    nice to see you on blogosphere at such a small age..

  13. Michael says

    Hi Vinayak

    Nice to meet you bro. I’m wondering how I missed such an exceptional talent for my “7 Kids Crushing It Online” post.

    This is really good advice you give here; we should never try to blog for money in the beginning rather focus on gaining a readership through quality content.

    Keep up the awesome work.


  14. Bharat says

    Another gr8 post from this kid!
    I liked this point a lot..”You should not lose courage due to fewer visitors and less readers.”

    Even I too implemented this when I entered into blogging field.Till now I don’t, neva loose hope. That spirit should be inside of each and every newbie blogger. then only you can conquer the blogging world. :)