Backlinks Strategies for Getting High Google PageRank

Recently Google updated page rank for all the websites and blogs, and all bloggers wanted to know the factors which can improve their page ranking. Few of the factors are permalinks, keywords, SEO, quality content, apart from all these factors there is one factor which has a high impact on your blog’s Google ranking. This factor is backlinks of your blog. Quality backlinks plays a very important role in getting High Page Rank.


It is not easy to have quality backlinks . You will need to have proper strategy and patience to build backlinks and getting good Google Pagerank. Here are few strategies for building backlinks for your blog:

Think Quality not Quantity:

SEO strategies is all about quality, many bloggers fails in link building just because they think about quantity not quality of backlinks. It is important that you get 10 backlinks from PR4 or above blogs rather than getting 100 backlinks from blogs having PR1 or PR0 Pagerank. Make sure you get PR from same niche website. If you have a tech blog and you are getting backlink from a forex or medical website, that doesn’t make much sense to search engine, and Google might treat is like a paid link. Google never consider backlinks which you get from “ LinkFarm” websites or any link building softwares. In fact there are chances that your blog might get banned from Google.

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Go for Same Niche:

When I started blogging, I made a mistake of not getting backlinks from blogs having same niche. But since I realized my mistake, I started getting backlinks from the blog of same niche or blog which complement your blog’s contents. I started commenting on blog with Top commentator plugin in my niche, Forum postings and tripod link strategy. Google likes the backlinks from same niche, it will surely result in good Pagerank.

Know about Link Popularity:

When a blog is adding your website link either through linkbacks or blogrolls, before linking back to that blog make sure that the blog is not an unethical or banned blog. Check out the details about blog and if you find the blog worth then only backlink to it. Few wrong linking from your blog can affect your blog’s link popularity and will result in degraded Google Pageranking.

Avoid Automatic Backlinking:

There are many softwares and online services available on internet, which will claim you to build quality backlinks but I would suggest you to never choose such method of backlinking for your blog. We all love our blog, why to backlink through such software which might result in loosing Google Pagerank. Always use straight way for link building like sending Emails to good blog, commenting on high PR blogs etc.

There is no rocket science in building backlinks for getting good PR . You just need to keep above points in mind. What strategies you use to get quality backlinks for your blog?

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COMMENTs ( 65 )

  1. says

    I m totally beginner. Before reading this awesome article, i knew that i can get backlinks from comments on any blog that may different or similar niche.
    But now it’s clear. Go to comment in blogs that have same niche.

  2. says

    Well,in my blog I’m trying hard to get some back links however but I was not aware of the quality of backlinks before reading this post. Anyway thanks Harsh

  3. says

    Excellent pointers in regards to gaining the most out of link building. I think we all get lost sometimes with the quantity versus the quality. I do a wide variety of link building from article marketing with unique content about 2x a month and blog commenting fairly frequently.

    I think a wide variety of link building ways is the best way to approach it. If you put all your eggs in one basket and that basket gets stolen, then in the long run that could hurt your website’s rankings.

    Thanks for the tips!

  4. says

    Well, I am actually aware about some of the points you have mentioned but currently the major problem is that suddenly at times the backlinks start to drop besides following and taking care of all the criterias while link building.
    Hoping to get the answer for the same.


  5. Vin Chauhun says

    The latest information….is about Google’s author rank, and Authority. If you can become an authority on a subject or subjects and write many good quality articles, you could naturally get a high page rank. I am new to article marketing and find this site quite helpful, considering there is so much information out there.

  6. DSR says

    Yes Commenting plays a great role in PR as well as Targeted audience and reach in targeted community.

  7. Nirmal Kumar Pandit says

    Yes, Exactly right. It is the fact that everyone wants review the quality full blog and post. If the website has these kinds of things then definitely it will run too much and also it will provide and maintain good page rank. I have also noticed some website have good page rank, however it has not 2 much traffic. Actually it is a fact that quality full blogs everyone liked.

  8. Nirmal Kumar Pandit says

    Yes, Exactly right. It is the fact that everyone wants review the quality full blog and post. If the website has these kinds of things then definitely it will run too much and also it will provide and maintain good page rank. I have also noticed some website have good page rank, however it has not 2 much traffic. Actually it is fact that quality full blogs everyone liked.

  9. Gautam says

    ya harsh you are right Same Niche backlinks give power to our site other niche backlinks not give you much of ranking and mostly .edu backlinks also works in this current time.

  10. Kent says

    I recently acquired a list of 2000 really good ‘.edu’ sites to add links to many with very high PR and also a decent piece of software that will add your site to some good RSS feed blogs and sites and get you some decent links there also.

    I may add the software and the edu links on my site real soon as a give away to help folks trying hard to get links.

  11. Dora says

    Spinning articles is no longer the way to go, I like to write my own now or rewrite a good article whereby any signs of it being re-hashed are hard to detect, change the main words without losing the power of your own keywords is always good. Google detect borrowed and mass copy articles and that ‘may’ penalize your PR growth.

  12. Annetta Powell says


    Good article! I have few questions though. Is it important that while getting back links, should I use the permalinks with keywords or back link to the home page? I have hired someone to get me back-links and he created profiles for me in all high page ranked sites. He used 3 keywords in each site for signature and linked all to my home page. Is that a bad idea?

    I was looking for current information after Google update and this article does not give me a date it is published. So could you please reply with latest information or send a link to any updates. Thanks

  13. alex de souza says

    I believe that ‘Content is the King’ that is the first factor get success in the Net but I agree with you to focus on getting a few of high PR back-links instead of hundreds of low PR back-links.

  14. Earn Days says

    I noticed someone mentioning that submitting to article directories is a good idea, but after the penalization of such directories after the Google Penguin update I am not too sure about that and would be very careful.

  15. Cryoffalcon says

    Well i agree with the method explained here except the factor discussed that to have 10 links from pr 10 is better than 100 from pr 2 or 0
    well if you look at wordpress and blogger they have pr 10 and 9 and both of them are having millions of backlinks but 90% of them are from pr 0 pages.

  16. Vikash says

    I am not sure if “no-follow” backlinks helps in PR building. Most of the blogs these days have no follow links in commenting, will commenting on them help?

  17. bhupesh gupta says

    hi friend. i have a newly created blog. and i also want to make back links to my blogs. but this news really so scary..i don’t know how to increase backlinks other then commenting. my blog niche is technology . if you know how to make the backlinks other then commentong then tell me plz

  18. ARIFF says

    Really very essential tips for bloggers as these are updated ideas to attract people to your websites. use this to get profits out of it.,…

  19. Garen says

    Yeah it is crazy how people will look at tons of backlinks and go ape nuts on trying to get a huge number of backlinks. 1000’s of useless backlinks won’t do you any good at all. Seriously, you want relevancy and a variety of different links.

    My general rule of thumb is if it is automatic, it could get you automatically off Google. It does take persistence and there is no magic software that is going to make you an overnight millionaire, as everyone seems to think!

    Quality content will build a ton of backlinks!


  20. statewidemover says

    i like your link building strategies. i am also in same profession and i think there way to build link like forum posting, article submission and many more. But you given broad view of those concept of link building. I think you are 100% right because doing lot of laborious work is better to do some quality work.

  21. vrunda says

    always use straight way for link building like sending Emails to good blog,… i didn’t get this sentence… please explain… i don’t how we can get backlinks by sending emails..


  22. vrunda says

    i am facing the same problems from some days… as i made my blog dofollow and i am getting some spam comments… what is the solution ? and ya commenting in dofollow is really great way for link building..

    is pagerank totally depend upon quality and and quantity of backlinks?


  23. ITJobZone says

    I wonder if backlink really works. I have got the PR 1 recently due to backlinks and then it dropped back to PR o, Despite all our efforts. Infact wanted to check does google actually check for spam?

  24. Andrew Emmett says

    Bit behind with catching up on my favourite blogs and just read this good article. Excellent advice about backlinks.

    I had the top commentators plugin on my site for a while, but ended up being targeted by spammers. So disabled it.

  25. Dan says

    So you are under the impression as a group that do follow blog comments are still passing pagerank and helping with SEO??? I am just not seeing the same number of links sticking in my webmaster tools. Example I google my url “XXXXXXXXXX” and see 100’s of blog comments over a long period of time and when I check my webmaster tools. very few of them links are showing and affecting my anchor text. I know there are two crawlers big google and deep google but I am talking about cached links that are months old that would definitely be indexed by now. Any opinions on that????

  26. Top Wordpress Themes says

    Some great tips here. I checked out the 5 ways to get more backlinks as well (another good article). I must agree that writing great content that people will want to link to is extremely important and probably the best way to get some good PR.

    If you can get people talking about your blog than you are set!

    • says

      Sure Cini143, There are many SEO fators which impact on your blog’s search engine ranking like Meta tags, title etc. I would suggest you to read the articles in SEO category of Shoutmeloud, you will get all detailed information for getting higher ranks.

      If you have any queries , you can contact me . :)

  27. Pushkar says

    Nice post. Forums are good to generate back links. We should join high PR Forums to improve our blog PR.

  28. Robin says

    Bookmarked. I set my Blogging goals for this year and my first goal is “commeting on fellow bloggers blog for 30 minutes a day” I started doing it and really finding it useful.

    Its not just about the traffic, it gives so comfort for me to blog more and more when people comment and discuss about the articles i wrote :)

    Nice article Ruchi.

    – Robin

  29. Arafat Hossain Piyada says

    I think commenting is the best policy to build relationship and as a result you may get some backlink in future. I usually love to stick with a system at least 3 month to know, is it working or not.

    • says

      Agree with you Arafat, I guess maintaining relations with bloggers is more important than just commenting on do follow blogs for getting backlinks. :)

  30. Helen Neely says

    Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog. Yes, you can make some money when you use those services. So, give them a go and see if they work for you as well.

    Good luck

  31. Maya says

    I have a bad experience last day. I have made my blog ‘dofollow’ and after publishing the announcement I got huge spam comments. I want to help other to get backlinks but they are using me to get rank.

    • says

      That’s a biggest problem with ” Do Follow” blogs. Bloggers have bad habits of spamming for getting link juice. Hope we can change it .

  32. Typhoon says

    One can grab quality backlink from .edu forums

    This will not only increase the pagerank in a nice way but also it will help in search rankings as Google pays a nice credit over such backlinks…

    By the way have you ever realized that when we are working with a mind to just improve the pagerank then we are unintentionally also improving search rankings..Think over it and you will have a new post idea :)

    (and at the end, this message is for Harsh…Man, I will suggest you to enable tweetmeme button in the feeds so that I can retweet post from the email feed.)

    • Rahul says

      I am very much impressed with you high ranking blog and 50k backlinks you made for your blog in such short period of time.

    • Pavan Kumar says

      No, Google never ignore directory backlinks. But you need to find quality directories to submit your links.

  33. khalid says

    Backlinks with the sites having greater PR than you is the key i think but it is very difficult to get them. Have you any idea of how to convey them?

    • says

      Khalid try to give comments to good blog, please remember that you don’t spam. Send them an Email regarding blogroll exchange. If you require more details about backlinks, you can contact me through mail.

  34. Shabnam Sultan says

    Getting quality backlinks is not an easy job , i see many bloggers using online services to get backlinks which is not good. Thanks, for sharing these tips Ruchi .

    • says

      Shabnam, I would suggest everyone not to use backlinks through online services which provide you irrelevant links in 1 day. Not worth for SEO .

      • says

        I agree with you ruchi.

        Many of the online services use auto-submission to get backlinks by running scripts & other online softwares, cannot be trusted.

  35. Dinesh says

    Good points, also other important part in increasing PR is how you are managing PR inside a blog. It’s always better to pass maximum PR juice to blog’s home page, since home page PR is important. I hope you agree with me.

  36. Techno-Pulse says

    Something to add here: The link must NOT be “nofollow” otherwise it won’t pass the PR juice. You can check “nofollow” by View > Source.

  37. Samir says

    Commenting is perhaps the easiest way to get even hundreds of backlinks, eespecially from high PR blogs. But I have a gut-feeling Google might begin downgrading the value of comment-backlinks in the future, given the level of spamming it has been causing.

    • says

      Oh Samir you are scaring me …Don’t say Google might change its policy for backlinks through comments, coz that the most easy thing to do and eespecially if you are commenting on Dofollow blog than it’s better.

      • Michael Aulia says

        Well Google can’t do whatever they want since they are dominating the internet :) As long as we keep on posting great articles and do our work with a nice white cap, we should be fine

    • NpXp says

      Well commenting is definitely a great way to gain backlinks if the blog is Dofollow. I made sure that my blog is dofollow from day 1.

      This way I can guarantee my loyal blog readers that every comment carried the pagerank value. I hope SML becomes dofollow someday.

    • All Is Well says

      This post is perfect example of why people like PR.
      It has its own algorithm means weight. Like if you are getting more then 5 links from same website. They won’t give you mush of seo benefits like you do it for 5 different sites. Means get links from different websites to yours. Which most experts talks.