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Its been a while since new year has passed and I have seen some of the blogs still having the last years copyright notification in their wordpress blog. (mostly in footer and some times in the sidebar as well or header as well).

Here is a little code that will keep you from worrying about changing the copyright years in WordPress blog.

For Thesis WordPress Theme

Since I am using thesis so for thesis-code  below can be used as is, in the thesis custom_functions.php or where ever you have placed your blog’s copyright notification.

function copyright(){
    echo '<p>Copyright ';
    echo get_bloginfo();
    echo ' &copy ';
    echo date("Y");
    echo '</p>';
add_action('thesis_hook_footer', 'copyright', '09');

For Any WordPress Theme

In case you happen to be using a WordPress theme other than thesis then you can place this code in your footer.php or where you  placed that copyright notification in your blog.

<p>Copyright <?php echo get_bloginfo(); ?> © <?php echo date(“Y”); ?></p>

Now you don’t have to worry anymore about changing your copyright years in blog (As long as you use your current theme).

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Mahendra says

    A very timely post. initially I have ignored importance of copyright. however yesterday I have seen a blog which is just reproducing all my articles with my image on his blog without permission.

    Could anybody help me how I can prevent him from doing so. ?
    thanks in advance for any help in this regard

  2. Windsor S. says

    In my opinion, if you use this plugin then you’re too much lazy because you only need to update the copyright year once a year.

  3. TechOfWeb says

    Instead of doin this, I wud prefer the manually inserting the static values as it just adds soem burder on server…