Auto Tweet your Blog Feeds Using Feedburner Socialize feature

Twitter is one of the best Internet marketing and social media tool. That’s why Google and Bing already integrated twitter tweets into their search result.

Here is a good news for all bloggers who look forward for an option to auto tweet their blog updates. Feedburner added a new feature call socialize in which you can quickly add a twitter account and it will automatically tweet your blog updates using new Google toolbar URL shortener.

Before I go into the detail of this new feature from feedburner team, here is what feedburner official announcement has to say about this latest auto tweet feature.

FeedBurner has always been about measuring, managing, and monetizing syndicated content. Our hope is that by providing one application in which you can direct your feed in real-time to a number of endpoints, in this case Twitter in addition to the myriad feed readers, aggregators, and search engines that we have always supported, and then following on with providing analytics for measuring exactly how and where your feed gets distributed across social media, you can make better and more informed decisions about how to monetize your content.

To enable this feature, login to your feedburner account, click on Publicize > Socialize and add your twitter account.

The good thing is you can configure most of thing with this new auto tweet feature of Feedburner. Adding automatic Hashtag is something which I like the most. If you auto tweeting your post update don’t forget to add a prefix text like [Update] or [new post] . This way your reader will know about new post, else they might confuse it with your normal tweets.

Once you click on Add a twitter account under socialize tab, you need to authorize access to your twitter account.

Once you have activated everything. Click on Activate to start auto tweeting feature of feedburner.

I’m sure most of bloggers here are going to make most out of this new service. Meanwhile which Service do you use for auto feeding your latest blog posts?

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. George says

    This is good step from Google.Now I moved to feedburner and deactivated two wordpress plugins used for wordpress and twitter integration.Also it gives option to use hash tags as well.

  2. Arijit Das says

    I will be changing my auto twitterfeed service to Feedburner…. But i think HootSuite Auto Tweeting service is more effective!!

  3. George Serradinho says

    I just read about this on another site and will be setting mine up sometime this week. Seems interesting enough.

    Seems Google is getting itself integrated with all kinds of other apps which is a good thing to me.