AuthorityLabs : Online Google Keyword Rank Tracking tool


AuthorityLabs : Online Google Keyword Rank Tracking tool

Keywords are the basics of SEO, and along with other day to day activity, we need to keep a track of our Keyword ranking in Google or other search engines. It doesn’t matter if you use plugin like SEOPressor, to optimize your content for target Keyword, or build tons of backlinks to improve keyword ranking, but if you are not tracking your Keyword progress report, you will never realize when your competitor have outranked you.

I have tried many SEO tools to check keyword ranking, and now I’m against using desktop based Keyword tracking tool, as it will make your computer I.P. look like an automated bot to Google. Make sure you use a tool which supports proxy, to see accurate keyword ranking, and not to get banned by Google search. I have tried SEOMOZ for keyword ranking, and they are great with their report. Though, I wanted a tool which just do one thing (Keyword rank tracking), and let me see how my SEO campaign is going on. Recently I stumbled upon an online SEO tool call AuthorityLabs, which is one of the best online tool for keyword tracking.  Here I will quick share review of Authoritylab, and how to use it:

AuthorityLabs review – Simple and effective Keyword Tracking tool

AuthorityLabs is a premium keyword tracking tool, but it offers one free month of any plan, without entering credit card details. So you can try this tool risk-free, and if you like it, you can upgrade to any of their Pro-plans after a month. So, lets learn how to use Authoritylabs.

Go to Authoritylabs Website, and sign up for any plan. You will not be asked for your credit card, and you can sign up for their highest possible plan for free (First month). After trial period, you can downgrade to any plan according to your need. Once you are signed up, login to your Authoritylabs dashboard.

Create first project on Authoritylabs:

You need to add one domain, for which you like to track Keyword position. You also need to add country specific search engine (Locale), where you want to track your website keyword position.

Authoritylabs Keyword Tracking tool

Click on Add, and on the next step, you will be asked to add the Keyword which you want to track.  I know, one of the most obvious question would be: How do I know which Keyword I’m currently ranking for. The answer is, use Google Webmaster tool, Google analytics tool. You can also grab data from SEMRUSH, which is another great tool.

How to find top ranking Keyword using Google Analytics:

Here is a quick guide for Google Analytics users to find what keyword your website is ranking for. Login to your Webmaster tool dashboard of your site. Click on Traffic source > Search > Organic, and here you will find all organic Keywords, which are sending traffic to you.

Organic Keyword ranking

For SEMRUSh tool, you can read my guide on how to use SEMRUSh for SEO of your blog. Getting back to the authoritylabs review, once you have all the keywords you are ranking for, or you want to rank for, add those Keywords in the Keyword box of your authoritylabs project.

Authoritylabs review

Usually it takes around almost 1-2 hours to see the keyword ranking of all keywords, added by you. Here is a how keyword report looks like.

Google Keyword Rank

You can also click on any Keyword to check the historical ranking graph. You can also tag keywords, which will help you to manage keywords effectively. My approach is to group them on the basis of ( Money Keyword, Traffic keywords, Brand keywords, High priority keywords).

Pros and cons of Authoritylabs:


  • Fast and accurate
  • Simple interface
  • Complete free trial for one month. (Try before buy).
  • Keyword historical data
  • Export keyword ranking report.
  • White label keyword reporting.


  • It doesn’t associate URL along with Keyword.
  • Price is about right. Not the chepest, but not costly.

Over all, as a stand alone keyword rank tracking too, Authoritylabs is a very handy tool. Specially, if you have multiple domains, Keyword academy could be very effective. You can check out their pricing, and sign up for one month free trial from below link.

Try AuthorityLabs free for one month

Which software or online tool, you are using to track your Website keyword ranking in Google or any other search engine ?

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  1. Sri Ganesh.M says

    It’s a premium Tool, Thanks for the mention. Hope we can use any Gmail account to use it for one month. I can’t buy right now ! not much in SEO ! :D

    Apart from this, Is there any free Keyword Tool !

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