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Article by Zain

Zain has written 3 articles.

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5 FREE Online Tools to Draw Diagrams and Collaborate

Online diagramming tools are special web apps that let you draw, edit, save and share diagrams or flowcharts online. The biggest benefit of these tools is that you never have to install any software to draw and edit your diagrams. It's online and completely portable. You can open your diagrams anytime from anywhere on the web. These tools consist of rich features set that you can observe in any professional [...]

Why BackLink Exchange Program is Bad For Website

BackLink Exchange is a like a requesting campaign where a site offers other sites to add their links and in exchange adds a links of others to itself. The purpose is to create reciprocal links which works on  " I'll add you if you add me " basis. Link Exchange programs are quick and easy way to drive traffic and improvise search engines results. Bloggers like link exchanges because this [...]

Firefox’s Awesome Bar – Some Must Known Tips and Tricks

This is guest post by Zain Ali who blogs at TipsoTricks. If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read Shoutmeloud revenue sharing program. Firefox has been most favorite of users because of its speed, reliability and most importantly customization. The address bar of any web browser  is used to enter web addresses directly you want to visit. But after Firefox 3 and above, that location bar is getting smarter [...]