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Bridge URL : Combine Multiple Links via one URL

Today, I'm going to share an interesting online service call Bridge URL which is going to be very useful for Bloggers like you and me. Sometimes, it's very difficult to Combine multiple links at once and share it. You have to open so many pages, then copy the link, then send the individual links to your friend or whoever you are sending the links to. That person could also get [...]

Twitter Keyboard Short Cuts for New Twitter

Twitter, nowadays is used by a lot of people and have become one of the most popular sites around the globe. Despite of lots of Twitter tools many users still prefer to use Twitter official Website and specially with the launch of new twitter site, Twitter web interface has become more popular. If you are one of those Twitter user who prefer using Twitter web interface, here I'm sharing few [...]

Become a Better Blogger by 11 Year Kid Blogger

There are many bloggers write quality articles but left blogging due to fewer visitors and other problems. This is not the good thing; you need to keep your blog going till you get a huge number of visitors. You never get a huge number of visitors just when you start blogging. In order to get more visitors you need to do this:-   Create a blog, think of a niche [...]

Facebook Or Orkut? Vote Your Favorite Social Networking Site

Orkut and Facebook are no doubt the biggest social networking sites. Both of them are trying to become the best, but now many people can't decide between Facebook or Orkut and which social networking site to opt for. So, I am sharing few information and features about both social networking sites. FACEBOOK Facebook was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. As of now, Facebook is the biggest social networking website of the [...]

4 Biggest Failures from Google

If you don't know what is google, then you are not on the world wide web. Google is the biggest and the best search engine. As you know, google has given us many great things such as Orkut, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth etc. They have also bought some great sites such as Youtube, Blogger, Picasa etc. Google is  really great. But there are some things from google which are [...]

5 Must Thing for Every WordPress Blog

Wordpress is an awesome blog platform and few days back one of guest author at Shoutmeloud has written about Why beginners should blog with WordPress. To help you get start with WordPress, we have already shared a post on 8 essential settings after installing WordPress. Here I'm sharing 5 more points which you should consider after Installing WordPress. These are generic steps which every wordpress blog should follow and if [...]