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How to Move All Your Facebook Photos & Videos to Google Plus

So you’re probably planning on migrating all your data from Facebook to Google +, mostly because you’re not in your right mind, but whatsoever. It might however, be a good idea, to have your photos and videos shared on Google + as well, since it’s likely that you’ll be using both the social networks. We’ve already told you how to transfer all your Facebook contacts to the new network from [...]

Customize Google Plus with Google+ Ultimate

Google+ is still not perfect, but a lot of people are using the all new social network, mostly not the female kind. It has gained users super rapidly, hitting the 10 million mark in just about 20 days. The reason people like Google+ so much is because of it’s simplicity and clean looks, less spam and scams and ads. However, if you happen to be one of those users who’s [...]

Gphangouts : Join Google plus Public Hangouts

One of the my favorite features of mine on Google+ is Hangouts, which is group video chat at its best. Using the Hangout feature, you can group video chat with more than one friend at a time and have a good time, unlike Facebook’s Video chat. The only problem that seems to arise is, there aren’t many friends on Google+ that I know of who’ll be willing to Hangout!! The [...]

Google Minus: Know Who Un-followed You on Google+

So yesterday you were followed by 250 users on Google+ and today it went down to 247? Finding out who un-followed you on Google+ is pointless, because it can’t be done from within the service. I believe that you’d want to know the person who un-followed you, since you may have been the one who invited him/her in the first place. For a fact, I know that you laughed/smiled for [...]