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Article by Whiztechy

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Download 4 Useful Plugins for Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a Microsoft desktop application which is most vital tool for all the bloggers. Windows live writer helps you to draft/ post/publish your articles on your blog. It makes it easy to share images, videos on all the blog services. If you are not yet using Windows Live Writer for your blog then check out the benefits of live writer. It is very easy to configure Windows [...]

5 Free Mind Mapping Web Applications

The worst thing for a blogger is to experience Writer’s Block. If you are not aware about what a writer’s block is then you can check out the article about writer’s block. If you also experience writer’s block and run out of post ideas, then you should start using mind mapping ideas. Mind mapping is best way to generate post ideas. Mindmapping always helps in long run, when ever you [...]

How to Use Keywords Effectively in WordPress Post

If you have been Blogging for some time, you might have heard about importance of Keyword research. But have you ever thought how to use Keywords which you have found after hours of researching?  In, this article I will helping you with some of the factors and techniques you should be using to use Keywords at places in your article for better ranking. We all know that keywords are very [...]

5 Free Broken Link Checker Websites

Broken links are dead-links which are not good for search engine and also for your readers. Today, I will be sharing some free 404 link checker tools which will help you to detect 404 and dead links on your blog. Personally, I prefer Xenu link sleuth for my sites. <Link>. Though, I'm sure many of us here are wondering why we need to use these dead link checker websites. I [...]

5 Tips to Use Twitter for Your Blog

Twitter is said to be “Real Time Search Engine”, so why not to take Twitter’s advantage in blogging. We all know that there are lots of advantages of twitter like sending messages, share links, music, pictures etc. Apart from all these advantage, twitter is mostly used by internet marketer for branding, driving traffic to their product and for bloggers to keep them updated and make their blog viral. Factors which [...]

How to Write Articles for Your Readers

Do you ever wonder while writing article, that for whom you have to write the article on your blog? Is it for you, search engines or your readers? You can only give your best while writing articles if you know for whom you are writing articles. If you are writing articles for yourself then write whatever is in your heart , just don’t care that your blog’s visitors would like [...]

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Used Domain Name

First step for starting a blog is to select a domain name. If you are planning to buy a sued old Domain name, I would suggest you to select  an old domain name for your blog after doing proper research. There might be chances that you select a banned or black listed domain name, which might create problem in approving Google Adsense or giving any search engine advantage. There are many other [...]

5 Tips to keep yourself Safe and Secure While Surfing Internet

We wrote many articles about anti-virus softwares on Shoutmeloud. The main reason for making you aware about these anti-virus softwares was to make your online surfing secure. But just downloading Anti-virus software on your system is not enough, you need to secure your system by other threats which can easily hack your personal details or confidential documents from your system. If you are connected to internet, there are chances that [...]

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