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Tips to Making Money Online by Website Flipping

Earlier I shared with you a brief introduction about Website Flipping, which is one of the good way to make huge money online. Generating income online requires dedication and consistency, without it you might fail to earn online and it is same with flipping websites. Flipping website is all about revamping a website and selling it online or you can even create a new website, make it popular and sell it [...]

How to Write Creative Articles for Readers

Major part of blogging is writing and there are many bloggers who keep on wondering why people don’t visit their websites much or their content are not viral enough as expected. The main reason why readers don’t get attracted to articles or make it viral is because of the same kind of content they get on many other blogs. Worth Reading: Sneak Peek of Viral Content and It’s Benefits 30 [...]

How To Prepare Yourself Mentally Before Starting a Blog

Millions of people start blogging, but only few bloggers become successful and professional bloggers. People start blogging because they think they will earn a lot, they will be their own boss and work from home but hardly bloggers succeed in their goals and finally leave blogging. There are many factors because of which many bloggers leave blogging in between, few of them are: Not making enough money Lack of time [...]

5 User-friendly Windows Live Writer Alternative

For writing any article it is must that you should use a user friendly blog editor to increase your productivity. Using a blog editor which is having lots of features but you need to read help guide whenever you use it, is not good. Blog editor should be easy enough that you can explore and use the features easily. One of such blog editor is Windows Live Writer, without which [...]

How to Avoid Monotony While Blogging

All bloggers love to blog, either because we have passion or we want to make money. We do work smartly for getting success, we learn new things, we try to provide best to our readers, spent maximum time online and a lot more. Blogging is all about your creativity to present best to your readers but sometime a phase comes when your work start getting dreary or monotonous. It doesn’t [...]

Roundup of Useful Twitter Tools and Tips

We all know that social networking is an awesome way to make our articles viral and to connect with successful bloggers and friends. And thus we keep on sharing tips and tricks on Facebook, Digg and Twitter. We have shared with you useful tools and tips for Facebook and today we are sharing with you a roundup of few useful Twitter tips and tricks which will help you to become [...]

5 Blog Commenting Etiquettes Every Blogger Should Know

We all know that commenting on other blogs is very important. It’s not just about building links it’s more about building community and sharing your feedback. Everyone likes to get feedback on their articles or their views because every blogger try to write quality articles thus it is important that you should also provide a quality comments. It’s important that we should have few commenting etiquettes while commenting on any [...]

5 Secrets to Become a Prolific Writer

You might have read lots of articles on how to write effectively, how to write quality articles, how to get comments on your articles and many more to make your blog a quality blog. But to make a blog or blogger effective and successful it is important that he/she should a prolific writer. Prolific writer are always ready to share lots of  information and always consistent in writing articles. < [...]

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