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Paul Roekle

Article by Paul Roekle

Paul has written 4 articles.

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How To Get Quick Backlinks From High PR Sites

Few days back Shoutmeloud has published a post on How to index your website in search engine within 24 hour. We talked about how you can submit your site to analytic websites and they will help you to show you in search engine. This is a method to get your site indexed quickly and receive [...]

Want More Traffic? Write Compelling Content + Inographic

Your content is the most important part of your online business.  The content that you write represents who you are as a person or a business.  So, what's the secret to getting people back on your site over and over?  Isn't it obvious?  Spend more time writing compelling content and you will see a boost [...]

Why My Squeeze Page Converts Better Than Yours

Recently, I was testing out a squeeze page and it was converting at a whopping 77%!  I want to go through the dynamics of the page and explain why it did so well. Firstly though, I want to note that when I say "squeeze page" I am referring to the page in which a user [...]

Top 5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Starting a Blog is fun for many and starting a Website is business for many. Though the hard part is driving traffic to your Blog. There are many free and paid ways to drive traffic and honestly there are endless ways. Some of them drive massive traffic and some of them provide handful but very [...]