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    Articles by katramchilders

    How to Replenish Your List of Blog Topic Ideas

    December 21, 2012

    It’s finally happened – you’ve ran out of things to say on you blog. While many people don’t really mind this much because they only blog for personal reasons, it’s completely different when the blog in question is your main source of income or if it’s an essential part of your brand and business. In which case, you really can’t afford to not have content up there. Usually, you have an entire list of topics ...

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    9 Quick and Substantial Blog Posts for Your Business Blog

    October 8, 2012
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    You know you have to update your blog.  But you’re just too busy, and you don’t want to fill it up with mindless fluff.  Blogging doesn’t always have to be painful or lengthy, but neither should it be some form of wishy-washy free-writing exercise. You can create quick yet substantial blog posts with the following tips. When it comes to business blog, every content should serve a purpose. Unlike a normal blog, where we can ...

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