CSS3 Tools to Accelerate your Website’s Work Flow

CSS3 has been a preferable choice for website owners for many a reasons. If you are planning to speed up the workflow and in favor of CSS3, you may find following tools very much useful. CSS3 Please! If you love tweaking your site here and there, then CSS3 Please! is the best option for you. Basically it is a rule generator that works as a playground. You can make different CSS3 tweaks and copy and paste it to your own file. CSS3 Button Maker CSS3 Button Maker is one of my favorite tools. It gives you more options of sliders and (8 comments)

5 Google Chrome Extensions To Do More Work in Less Time

Google Chrome has gained more popularity as a browser within a lesser time period. Number of Google chrome extension are increasing every day. Here I'm sharing some useful Google chrome extensions which will help you to increase your productivity by saving your time. The Session Manager The Session Manager saves the tabs and windows opened by you. It makes you task easier to open those tabs whenever you like to visit them. Specially when you are working and you have tons of tabs open, use session saver to save your session, as lots of tabs may (13 comments)

5 Habits That Will Destroy Your Blogging Career

You want to be successful, everyone does. But what is holding you back? Is there something that successful people doing and you aren't. Do they have something that you don't. Maybe the answer is NO, but you may be possessing the following 5 Habits that can hinder your growth as a successful blogger. Information Overloading Most of the people are victims of this bad habit. By information overloading, what I mean is that people read, read and read. They gain so much knowledge that it becomes practically impossible to implement all that you have (23 comments)

How to Deliver Quality Blog Content?

If you have been writing for some time then you too might have suffered from the writer's block, i.e. not able to gain any more ideas to write. But getting out of the writer's block is not the topic I am going to discuss in the post. For that you can refer to our earlier posts : 8 Ideas to help you with blog content The topic of discussion for this post would be how to write quality articles without disrupting your posting frequency and not finding out a nice topic to write upon. Well, I'm sure that you would face a hard time creating quality (16 comments)

How to write great guest posts.

At present, guest blogging is considered to be the "in" thing, and it has started gaining popularity among new as well as old bloggers. But many new bloggers are kinda  confused about it and do not have an idea that "How to write a guest post that will be accepted". Hence, I would like to share some tips on writing a quality guest post that will be welcomed by bloggers. Plan your post What would be your topic? What will be the title? How will you present it? How are the readers going to respond to it? Try to answer all these questions before (8 comments)