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Tran Tinh

5 Common Reasons Why You Can Not Monetize Your Blog Yet

What do you really want from your blog? Is that money? If yes, you need to know several things before you can monetize it in right way. Many of you have failed monetizing your blog just as you have not really understood how and why and what to do to make it profitable. That is such a headache issue for any bloggers especially newbies. Let's figure out my consolidated reasons [...]

How To Use 301 Redirect To Hide Affiliate Link in Thesis 1.7?

Thesis theme 1.7 has just officially been released with a huge list of new features and ShoutMeLoud had a very detailed review on this version too. However, the review seemed miss a great feature that, I am pretty sure, many of you who are monetizing your blog with affiliate networks, must be interested in it. We have already written about make money online with Thesis Affiliate program. It is 301 [...]