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Darrin Kuykendall

Article by Darrin Kuykendall

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Executing a Live Blogging Strategy: Live Blogging Software – Part 2

In the competitive landscape of online marketing, just having a blog and posting daily isn’t enough. Bloggers want to be recognized within their niche and provide value to their readers, and readers want to engage, feel apart of something, receive value and want results. Live Blogging is one concept that can be used in a [...]

Executing A Live Blogging Strategy: Live Blogging Insights – Part 1

A Look Into Live Blogging One method of driving traffic that is underutilized and many times not even managed well is the concept of “live blogging.” Publishers have the ability to report on major events, cover breaking news, and blog about product launches which can all utilize a live blogging framework. Live blogging provides fresh [...]