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Baby BrownFox

Article by Baby BrownFox

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How to Get Facebook Page Notification Via Emails

I have set up my own Fan Page on Facebook and its really easy to make one but the problem is, I couldn't find any options that will alert me whenever there's a new comment or post on my wall. So what will happen is that, I have to check my Facebook fan page from time to time to see whether or not I have new comments or post on [...]

Pay With a Tweet- Social Payment System

Today Social Media has helped thousands of people worldwide by spreading information in one click of a button. I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re about to do, click the tweetmeme, facebook share button after reading this. If you've done that, I’m grateful and thankful for sharing the love. The value of people sharing your products to others is sometimes greater than the money you would receive. Well of course I like money [...]

How to Hide FB Status Updates from Particular Friend on Facebook

This is just an additional information from the earlier post made by one of the guest who posted "5 Tips for Safely Using Facebook" - great post. Below is a very simple guide to control who see's what you're doing on Facebook such as commenting, liking on photos or status which interest you. This would be very useful and helpful especially for those guys out there that are big, famous [...]

How to Integrate DISQUS Commenting System on Your Website

A comment box is a simple tool for communicating with your readers on certain topics on your blog or website so that you and your readers can exchange ideas. You can moderate every comment in your control; either to approve or delete them most especially those spam ones. Another advantage of adding a comment box is it makes your blog or site search engine friendly and of course adds a [...]

How to Acquire Your Facebook API Key

Facebook connect has made it a lot easier and fast for anyone to sign in or login from other social networks and websites. It serves as universal identity to anyone who uses Facebook that enables them to connect to other websites so that they wouldn't need to sign up or register to leave comments or subscribe to newsletters. For website developers and bloggers, a Facebook API key is likely to [...]

How to Add Your Yahoo Contacts to Facebook

  A while ago a friend asked me how to add his list of contacts from Yahoo mail to his Facebook account. He can always copy and paste each of his contacts one by one but that could be a tedious work and would waste a lot of time. Well I told him that there’s an easier way to do it and would only take less than a minute to [...]

Facebook: New Facebook Login Account Security Settings

Facebook has recently announced on their official blog site its new system designed to protect and secure users account from any sort of suspicious activity. They have tighten their account security system to the extent that log-ins using any non registered devices or computers by its user will be ask for account verification process. Users will be alerted and will be ask for some verification question such as date of [...]

Thesis Theme: How to Remove Sidebar on a Specific Page

Few days back at Shoutmeloud, we shared a tutorial on Getting started with Thesis theme and 15 Thesis Theme resource roundup. In this tutorial Baby BrownFox from EzDollar is sharing his tips on How you can create a page in Thesis theme without sidebar. This one of very useful for pages like Search pages. You can see an example of such page on my Wordpress services page. If you are [...]

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