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    Articles by Ashutosh Chauhan

    Best Firefox Addon for Web Developers and Designers

    December 20, 2011
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    Firefox is one of the best browser for developers. There are many handy Firefox Addon for Web Developer which will help them to boost their productivity and help them with project development. The emergence of Mozilla Firefox in the world of browsers, back in 2004, was received especially well among the guild of web developers. On the one hand, some looked on favorably by the mere fact of being free software . For others, the most compelling feature was to ...

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    LinkedIn profile: How to make most out of it?

    November 12, 2011

    Every day we hear about new social networking site and we end up creating many profiles like LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, Google+ profile and then many other social networking sites. The idea of social media presence, is not to present every where but have command over few of them. At the time of writing, Facebook, Google+, Twitter are three important social networking sites and followed by LinkedIn for business enthusiast and serious online professionals. Many may be thinking ...

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    Four Steps to Determining the Scope and Relevance of Social media

    October 17, 2011

    The social networks have reached an extraordinary peak knowing them to manage, can be beneficial to many areas of some companies. Fundamental to them is the knowledge of user behavior in order to determine the scope of our message and relevance of them. There are many ways to determine the scope and relevance , but it might be good to focus on two simple questions: 1) What number and what kind of people I’m coming with my efforts in Social Media? 2) How ...

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