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Arbaz Khan

Article by Arbaz Khan

Arbaz has written 5 articles.

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Why I Allow Link Builders to Guest Post on my Blog?

Backlink building is one of the essential element for a website to rank higher in Google search. We all know, after penguin update, article directory submission is not that effective, and most of the link builders are jumping into the wagon of guest posting to build links. Read: Guest posting vs. article marketing - Which is better for backlinks? There are numerous quality blogs that accept guest post, and many of them [...]

Internet Marketing – Confessions of a Wannabe Marketer.

Internet Marketing is a very lucrative field. Whoever sees it from outside gets lured to get inside of it without even thinking what's there in it for him. I was one of those who saw the leading IM personalities and got lured to get into marketing. But I was so wrong. The results that I expected never became reality. I always wanted to earn big amount of money like the internet [...]

SEO Optimization of Blog – Is it really that hard ?

SEO is a word that a blogger always worries about. I don't understand why should you give so much importance to SEO when there are other things to concentrate on !!! When you blog, you must think of your readers and not of the search engines. Write epic content that compels your readers to come back for more. Search engines will notice this rush and will index your blog posts [...]

Controversial Blog Posts – Right way to popularize a blog ??

Be it real-life or a Blog, controversy is one of the best way to start a debate and raise some eye balls. Specially, when you have a new blog and you like to get mass social media attention, a perfect controversial blog post is your best friend. It can do wonder and might take your blog to next level. But is it that easy and is it ethical to create [...]

Do you Really Think That Pro-Bloggers are Mean ???

Being a Professional Blogger is not an easy job and once Blogging become your profession, things changes for you. Your blog doesn't remain just a Blog, but it become your main source of bread and butter and you have to treat it like a business. That's why we emphasize on Blogging business plan for every Blogger. Now, as we say "With power comes great responsibility" same is with Professional Blogger. When [...]