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Harsh Agrawal

Article by Harsh Agrawal

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How Much You Should Charge For Paid Reviews On Your Blog?

Last time we talked about Paid reviews good bad or ugly, and many bloggers including me keep getting email for paid reviews. When I started blogging, I used to get lots of request for review software’s, Product, websites and ebooks. Initially I was not aware of the face that Should I do a paid review or [...]

How To Make Most Out of Your Blog Top Landing Pages

If you are blogging from long and keep an eye on your stats, you would realize that there are specific posts and pages which is getting maximum traffic. If you are blogging with a strategy you must be leveraging those traffic to convert first time readers into subscribers, but if you never paid attention to [...]

PayPal Update on Withdrawing Money to Indian bank Account

Today morning when I saw an update on Paypal blog about current situation of Paypal in India, I was hoping to hear some good news from them. But it seems we need to wait for a while for some good news like resuming PayPal bank withdrawal. According to latest blog post by Farhad Irani, who [...]

Paypal Scammed Indian Paypal users With Reversed Transaction fees

We were already talking about Paypal issues from last few days and in case if you missed it, you can read them : Paypal Stopped personal payment in India Though finally everything is coming back to line and paypal is restoring money which was on hold for bank withdrawal. Today almost 1000$ which I requested [...]

Paypal: How to Send Money to India?

I have already informed you about Paypal stopped personal payment in India and Infolinks response on Paypal India refund fiasco.  After refund I asked my client to resend money and she did. Though today again money got refunded and now I have almost 1000$+ which are refunded via paypal. This post is for all the [...]

Paypal Stopped Personal Payment in India

While sending payment via Paypal, it has various option like Services, Goods and personal payment option. In personal payment option there is no service charge and it was being misused by many people. Even on the client transaction, people prefer making payment under personal payment option. Today onwards Paypal has stopped personal payment option for [...]