Make an Attractive Landing Page to Lower your Bounce Rate

With the spread of internet usage in all corners of the world numerous new words and phrases have been added to our list of vocabulary. Two such phrases words that have recently been added to the minds of many people are landing page and bounce rate.


What is meant by landing page and bounce rate.

Landing page can be understood as the first page of the website which a visitor arrives when they click a website link or type a URL to the browser.

Bounce Rate can simply be defined as the fraction of website viewers that leave the site just after viewing the landing page. Bounce rate is expressed as percentage and in that users leave the site without clicking to any other webpage.

What is the effect of high bounce rate?

High bounce rate is a great loss for any website. It means that most of your hard-won viewer traffic is exits or leaves the site just after visiting the landing page. No other page of the site is clicked or visited, wasting all the effort of designing the website. If the site traffic is not retained the chances of earning by making a sale through the site are low.

High bounce rate

If the viewer traffic leaving your site has reached extremely high levels, it is time for you to take action before things move beyond control. Following are the common reasons for visitors visiting just the websites’ landing page and bounce rate being higher.

Use of irrelevant and outdated keywords

If your website is using unsuitable keywords, visitors who click it in an expectation to find something in particular get disappointed. This is because the page doesn’t have anything they were looking for. In such a scenario, there are greater chances that the site viewer returns to the search results rather than browsing around the site.  To prevent this from happening it is important that the keywords used across the whole site should be reviewed and any outdated words should immediately be discarded.

Poor design of the site:

Websites are visual creations and thus things like presentation and initial impressions are important. Poor design makes the viewers loose interest in visiting the site. Most of these people prefer exiting the site and getting back to the search result rather than wasting their time in watching an unattractive and poorly designed website. Poor design of the landing page and bounce rate are thus related to each other.

To reduce a high bounce rate it is important to make the landing page of your site attractive. It should also be easy to use, so that visitors are able to understand and can easily navigate to other pages of the site.

Quality of the content

If the website’s landing page doers not succeed in holding user’s attention, then the result is a high bounce rate. Thus the quality of the content placed on the landing page is quite important in helping visitors navigate through various pages of the site. On the other hand interesting and relevant content helps in holding the visitors’ interest and making a website sticky.


Improving on the above mentioned things will help website owners reduce the bounce rate and hold the traffic for considerable periods of time. It will thus help site visitors to find relevant content on the site and site owners will get their share of profits.

Do let us know what tips do you use to lower down your bounce rate?

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COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. Roderick says

    Hello Bruce,

    What this means for you is that your traffic that you purchase May have not found your landing page of interest to them. The reduction of the bounce rate is good but I’d work on 2 things, I did work on improving the landing page first by split testing different versions until your bounce rate decreases. My I see your landing page.

  2. bruce says

    Hi my site is just new and my bounce rate at 45 visitors was about 72% I bought some traffic got no conversions but my bounce rate at approx 650 visitors went down to 22% I dont understand is this good or bad. Can anyone help.

  3. Anna says

    Design is important but so is readability. People browsing websites are an impatient bunch so you need to grab their attention quickly or they will have bounced away. Avoid big chunks of text, break you page up with useful headings and use bullet points. First paragraph and last paragraph are very important.

  4. Roderick Coleman says

    Thanks Guys for the comments. Hope this article help us focus on improving our landing pages more so we can start seeing higher conversion rate and lower bounce rates.

  5. jai prakash says

    Less bounce rate more like page………likeness of page is inversely proportional to bounce rate……I have new blog and my bounce rate is
    65% Not good.I am working with best afford…..thanks for sharing.

  6. Roderick says

    Thanks guys for the feedback. Just wanted to share this topic since its not widely talked about as it should.

  7. Farukh | Techming says

    Yes, its True that making Beautiful landing Pages will lower your bounce rate and in turn its your success.. Thanks for the Great Post.

  8. Paul Tech says

    First impression counts. And 21% bounce rate is impressive but I guess shoutmeloud provides good content as well.

  9. Duia says

    Speaking of landing page, I remember that I am just a beginner at Affiliate area. As we all know, lower bounce rate means more potential consumers will purchase our products and then, we can earn more cash…

  10. abhishek @ xpressabhi says

    I have bounce rate around 60% which is bad. I will try to cganhe some basic thing to make it better .
    Thanks for the post.

  11. ishan says

    High bounce rate is never good for a blog even you have large traffic…
    So i agree with you landing page should be rich and appealing…

  12. MostlyBlog says

    very good post , yes i totally agree with it and i have same problem before few days but after changing theme now i am getting 12% bounce rate before it was 82% .

    • OceanOfWeb says

      strange.. 18 from 82%

      i am dying hard to decrease mine bounce rate.. mine is also 82%
      shall i change mine theme
      Pls do look at mine site