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    Apple Tablet iPad Features and Specification

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    Now it’s official that Apple Tablet official name is iPad. For people wondering what is Apple iPad?.  It’s Apple tablet PC.  Personally I feel iPad is a hybrid version of trio ( iPhone, iTouch and Notebook ) in compact version.

    iPad can be used for features like browsing, playing music, playing games , movies but the only big difference is you will not be able to make calls. iPad will be coming in two variation Wi-fi and 3G. 3G version will allow you to insert chip which can be use only for data usage. As apple announced later, they have no plans to integrate Voice call on GSM or CDMA in iPad in future. As this will destroy the thick line between iPhone and iPad, which is quite fair in my opinion.

    Appleipad thumb Apple Tablet iPad Features and Specification

    • Specifications of Apple iPad
    • Height 9.56 Inch, Width 7.47Inch, Depth 0.5 Inch.
    • Weight 1.5 Pound
    • Processor speed 1 GHz
    • Memory 16 Gb, 32 Gb and 64 GB
    • Compass feature like Apple iPhone 3G S
    • Multi touch
    • Supports Facebook Applications

    One of the stunning feature of iPad is iBook which is an eBook reader and apple is setting up a library from where you can buy books. This new feature might give a close competition to Amazon Kindle.

    Update: Apple released iPad, iPad2 and now iPad3 is under process. So far, iPad and iPad2 captured the maximum number of tablet market and there is no close competitor to Apple iPad. I bought an iPad2 last month and since then I’m in love with this device. It won’t be unfair to call iPad2 as my favorite gadget for now.

    Are you an iPad user? Hows your experience with iPad?

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    Unlock 3Gs

    Dont think this is worth any where near what they are saying it will cost, you could pick up a much better laptap for the price of an ipad.


    What kinds of I/O’s are available? It seems as if everything would have to all be external hardware. I like using iPhone as a peripheral device. The iPad is similar to a mini-LCD smart screen. I would prefer a 9″ x 12″ form factor or something closer to 8 1/2″ x 11″.

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