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    Answers WordPress Theme: Make Money on Auto Pilot Mode

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    2 days back I reviewed Question & answer WordPress theme and I got my hands on another similar WordPress theme with better features and functionalities, which is  Answers wordPress Theme.

    Reason for writing about one more similar theme is giving you more options for your question and answer theme search. Now getting back to title of the post which sounds like some make money online Gimmick and it’s almost close to that. When we talk about making money online, we have two ways to do it either service or create product. In terms of blogging it’s create a system where user participate and contribute to complete the system.

    Forum’s are best example for the same, at the initial days of  forum, you might need to work a lot but once you have created an active community, you need not need to do much work. So the idea here is: Grab any of these question and answer WordPress theme and add it in the sub directory of your WordPress blog with name like domain.com/help, domain.com/answer, domain.com/forum, domain.com/community

    Getting back to Answer WordPress Theme which is a plug and play WordPress theme and will help you to create your forum with in seconds.

    Here is a screenshot of the theme:

    answer wordpress theme 520x263 Answers WordPress Theme: Make Money on Auto Pilot Mode

    Answer WordPress Theme

    Few things which I liked about this theme are:

    Tabbed option on homepage to check recent, most answered, unanswered posts. So technically you will be giving access to lots of content on homepage.

    Top users rating will make your answer forum look more competitive and this will encourage users to participate more to get on the top 5 list. Top users widget show user gravatar and points.

    top users Answers WordPress Theme: Make Money on Auto Pilot Mode

    This theme come with different color variation so you can pick any color which you like and give your answer forum a unique look.

    I’m not going to write about the usual feature of this theme, you can check complete list of features on Theme Page.


    Pricing is also a major difference between Answers and Q&A wordPress theme. This theme cost $65 but looking at the feature I would prefer and rate this theme over Q&A WordPress theme.

    answers wordPress Theme Answers WordPress Theme: Make Money on Auto Pilot ModeDemo and Buy link

    Do let us know which theme you will prefer for your answer WordPress forum? This theme or Q&A WordPress theme?

    Watch out for upcoming post, we will be running a contest to give away two license copy of this theme. You can subscribe to newsletter to stay up to date about upcoming contest.

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    I would definitely prefer the Answers theme to a forum script. Firstly for easier SEO, and secondly because many features of a forum script are never used in normal help forums.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I agree…I like such Q & A theme over Forum theme because of SEO advantages..!!


    Tech Maish

    Looking useful one. Wordpress is very feature rich, this is another feature that i saw in wordpress platform.


    Harsh Agrawal

    WordPress is indeed and this Q & A WordPress themes are bringing another great aspect of WordPress.


    Joynal Abedin

    This is a great theme. It is really helpful create a Yahoo Answers type site very easily.


    Harsh Agrawal

    That’s true Joy and once you have created a community, you can sit and let that make money for you..!! :)


    Pankaj Gupta

    That is really great and I think it can be used as forum for a personal blog.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Pankaj any particular reason for mentioning personal blog? I believe it will be better with professional niche blog.



    I bought this theme 2-3 days back and playing around with it . Looks good overall , but has some issues like 1-2 small bugs like register yourself with a name followed by space like “Manish ” and it will mess up the profile page .

    Also the ask a question feature is not showing the categories as drop down . Overall they are fixable and i am trying to get support from the dev .



    Harsh Agrawal

    Manish I believe you talking about Question & answer WordPress theme.. Is int it?


    Conversational Agent

    This is great! I can use this for FAQs or forums in my blog. How does this work on auto pilot mode?



    I think blog owners should proceed with caution for two reasons:

    This post’s title, “make money on auto pilot mode” may be linkbait, but the process of recruiting and nurturing a community is a difficult and eternal challenge. Yes, there is upfront work involved in getting your first contributors. However, it doesn’t get any easier once people begin talking. The second half of any community: moderation. Admins have to monitor posts, clean up threads, ban users. Allowing the community to grow on auto pilot is a lot like allowing a garden to grow without weeding it. And worst of all, people will not return, which nullifies any effort a blogger would have initially invested.

    Even beyond the community responsibilities, I think there are some implied impressions that pageviews = revenue, even though pageviews to well written content are really worth more than pageviews to a forum. Forums have among the lowest click-thru rates in the industry. On popular forums, bandwidth outweighs revenue. As a result, forums have adopted new business models. Some forums charge users to access gated sections or charge users to post in a separate section dedicated to selling a product/service. Not even Yahoo! Answers is profitable, but Yahoo! uses their service to drive the company’s overall value proposition while pulling in revenue from other sources.

    Moderation and revenue. If you can manage to balance both of those, then I’d be happy to encourage people to try these types of themes.


    Rajinder Singh

    Yup i read your post for Q & A wordpress and now i read this but i think if i read furthur then i will get more so thanks for theme and info..



    This is great! I can use this for FAQs or forums in my blog. How does this work on auto pilot mode?


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