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LinkAider : Analyze Your Website Blog Health

LinkAider : Analyze Your Website Blog Health

Update: Linkaider is closing down and here is official mail from the team:

“We regret to inform you that LinkAider will be discontinued as of
September 1st, 2013. We appreciate your interest and support, however
we were unable to make this project sustainable.”

One of the most important thing in blogging is analyzing your website in timely manner. Few things which are very important for any blog to take care of are :

  • How Search engine bots are Crawling your Website
  • Finding Broken Links
  • Page load time
  • Finding spam links associated with your blog

That’s not all but these are few things which one should always take care of. Specially if search engine bots are able to crawl your website effectively. There are plenty of websites which give you services to find broken links, Crawling status and so on. I recently came across similar service call LinkAider which does the same function. One of the best thing about such services are all you need to do is add your website and forget things. You will keep receiving weekly or monthly report about your website. One similar tools for Bloggers are Are my sites up , which notifies you when your website goes down.

Linkaider Features  :

  1. Find Broken Links
  2. Find Crawling Errors and Problems
  3. Find Server failures
  4. Find Duplicate Meta title
  5. Finding Large pages.
  6. Email notifications

Among all my favorite features here are finding crawling problem, finding duplicate meta title and finding large pages. This helps a lot to save my time, as its hard for me to find them individually.

Here is something interesting which I found on their Broken Links category, This is about hosting down time and I’m sure this stats will also interest you.

Hosting providers build contracts around guarantees for uptime. Percentages make the hosting contract look great at first sight. However, let’s do some math. If a hosting provider says:

  1. 90% uptime, it means the server may be down 876 hours a year
  2. 95% = 438 hours down
  3. 99% = 87 hours, 36 minutes
  4. 99.9% = 8 hours, 45 minutes, 36 seconds
  5. 99.99% = 52 minutes, 33.6 seconds
  6. 99.999% = 5 minutes, 15.36 seconds
  7. 99.9999% = 31.68 seconds

I hope now you will understand why a good hosting is important, and why you should stay away from cheap webhosting.

Signing up and adding your website is easy in Linkaider. Signup for LinkAider and add your website. You get free credits to crawl 500 pages from your website. For a small website these 500 credits are good enough.

If you have lots of websites, simply add them in the list, and start getting weekly report on your website status. Such webmaster tools are very effective and helpful to know your website health.

Link : LinkAider

Do you use any such services to monitor your websites or you just leave your website as it is?

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  • Ramkumar

    Thanks for the info. I used Link Tiger before to find broken URLs.

  • Kok Siong Chen

    Thanks for sharing! may i know is it the same function as the google webmaster tool? Thanks!

  • Senthil Ramesh

    It seems it is still in Beta stage. Isn’t it?

  • Sourish Nath

    Nice post Hard, I just scheduled my site to be crawled for errors . Waiting for the results to arrive. Thanks for the share, post tweeted :)

  • George Serradinho

    I never knew about it at all. I just signed up and it was very easy to complete the forms. I guess I will have to wait and see what the report says when they send it.


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