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    An iPod vs. iPhone Sales Comparison

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    The iPhone has actually been bigger than the iPod, pun intended. A recent study of the number of units sold reveals some interesting figures and graphs. It took the Apple iPod around 17 quarters to have sold 30 million units whereas it took only 10 quarters for the iPhone.

    ipod n iphone An iPod vs. iPhone Sales Comparison

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    This data has been put together by Terry Gregory of AAPLinvestors. The iPod chart begins from 2002 Q1 while iPhone begins at 2007 Q3. So we notice in the following graphs how the iPhone achieved so much of the market pie at a rate way faster than the iPod.

    ipodiphone graph 520x306 An iPod vs. iPhone Sales Comparison

    ipodiphoneqtr 520x305 An iPod vs. iPhone Sales Comparison

    Fact is we have seen some very interesting and surprising market lately. Last quarter, Apple saw a change in the most revenue making products. The once, number one source of income iPod is now the third. With the Mac being number one and the iPhone number two.

    The reasons behind that? Well, my market experience tells me this. The iPod is already being used by around 75% of the portable audio customers. So, we cannot but ignore the kind of market saturation in there. No matter how much innovation comes in there, there can no more be a revolution in the iPod market. Secondly, those who are paying for the iPhone are in fact getting an iPod in the deal too.

    How do you explain this difference in rates? And how do you rate the iPhone and the iPod against its worthy rivals in the market.

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    Nice Layout Harsh with Categories at Bottom and Nav Menu Above.



    ipod rocks dude,its unmatched clarity in sound tempts the peoples to buy one.
    Nice comparison … :)


    Rajat Kumar

    thanx. you really have to use it to believe it. the click wheel on the ipod has been revolutionary


    Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    iphone sales in india were very poor they to work on the price tag…


    Rajat Kumar

    very true. in fact we did consider that when we discussed poor iphone sales here > http://www.shoutmeloud.com/top-six-reasons-for-poor-iphone-sales-in-india.html


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