How I Earn from Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates, which is the name given to Amazon’s affiliate program, has been around for many years yet very few bloggers attempt to make money with it. I’ve myself been an Amazon affiliate for over 2 years, and have found it to be among the best affiliate programs on the internet.

Amazon Associates

The reason why I promote Amazon’s products is that they convert incredibly well. Amazon has done well to establish itself as the best e-retailer over the years and the trust it has with its customers is the reason that makes customers buy products from them over and over again.

Though I had registered for an Amazon associates account well over two years back, I never really pushed hard to promote their products as I was quite skeptical about whether I would be able to pitch products to customers from the United States. Added to the misery was the fact that being an Amazon affiliate, you only get about 4-8% commission on most of their products, depending on the amount of sales you make each month.

I had just added an amazon link to a camera on one of my blog posts after joining as an Amazon affiliate and never logged in to my affiliate dashboard to see how many sales I had made. However after a few months I just opened my Amazon affiliate panel and was surprised to see that I had driven almost a hundred clicks from that one blog post alone and that had converted amazingly well.

Apart from buying a camera from my link customers had bought several other products, including a Levi’s jeans, a book on photography, an Acer Aspire One netbook, a camera case and a flash memory card, that gave me a decent commission of about $10 or so. Though the commission itself wasn’t that much, it gave me the motivation to push harder and made me realize that I could make a lot of money by being an Amazon affiliate in the future. Here is a screenshot that shows the list of some of the sales I made and the earnings as well:

Amazon Affiliate Sales

The Next Two Years :

Over the course of the next two years, I worked hard at promoting Amazon products, though I didn’t do too much than just adding a link or two to Amazon in some of my blog posts. Even that turned out to be good enough, as I kept making sales month after month. I had read in a lot of forums that Amazon’s conversion rate isn’t too good, and some people even said that they weren’t able to make one sale even after driving over 1000 clicks to Amazon.

Well, call it my good luck or just something that worked, my conversion rate remained pretty good, always in the range of 5% or so. Some of you may argue that this isn’t much, but let me tell you that getting a 5% rate will mean a decent commission for you and you would be easily able to beat the earnings generated by Adsense!

Is Amazon Associates Better Than Adsense?

To give you an example, if your blog gets about 1000 visitors a day and considering an ecpm of about $3 in Google Adsense, which is pretty much the standard, you would make somewhere around $100 per month. On the other hand, if you have monetized your blog with Amazon affiliate and assuming a safe click-through rate of 5%, you would drive around 50 visitors to Amazon everyday. Though I cannot say what your conversion rate will be, let’s assume it be around 5%, which means you will make around 2-3 sales everyday! That equals to somewhere between 60-90 sales every month and a commission of anywhere from $200-$2000, depending on the products you promote, which is way better than the income you would have made with Adsense.

There are many amazon success story you can find on the Internet, but my suggestion would be don’t remove Adsense until you start getting great success with Amazon. Adsense gives you peace of mind with recurring income, where as Amazon Associates link help you supercharge your income.

Depending upon your blog types, you can select which program you want to use for making money, my suggestion keep a combination of both and see how it performs. Amazon links work great within blog post, or you can add a widget showing related amazon product below blog post, which works great. You can also take advantage of Youtube videos and review any product and link to Amazon page from the description.

If you have used lots of Amazon links in the past and looking an easy ways to monetize them, you should try VigLink which will help you convert all links into Amazon associates link and you will be making decent money from it. Do let me know about your story as an Amazon Affiliates? How much money you have made via Amazon till now?

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  1. says

    I really have to question the information here. Just look at this hogwash:

    “To give you an example, if your blog gets about 1000 visitors a day and considering an ecpm of about $3 in Google Adsense, which is pretty much the standard, you would make somewhere around $100 per month.”

    I’ve been running a political blog since 2004, and I’ve had Google Adsense on my site for most of that time. Substantially more than 1000 visitors a day come to my blog.

    I get $100 every couple of YEARS from Adsense. I stopped paying attention to it ages ago. The only reason I keep the ads on my site is as a “thank you” to Google for the free hosting.

    Should I presume that the rest of your information is equally spurious?

  2. says

    It really great article about amazon. But I have one question, Can I use one tracking ID amazon with many site?
    Thanks for your answer.

  3. Manish says


    Thanks for nice blog.

    Since you are an expert, could you please help me by answering these:

    1) how can we get product rate from all possible e-commerece sites?

    2) Can we get flipkart/ snadeal /Amazon API for product sell Example like 91mobiles, mysmartprice?

    Thanks :)

  4. harsha says

    Hello Harsh,

    I have an approved adsense account. Recently I launched a blog and my question is whether I can add amazon affiliate link, Flipkart affiliate link with adsense.

    Thank You

  5. says

    Hey Harshit,
    Awesome man! It’s just come on right time for me. And, you’ve a new fan for your blog Exceptional Blogger.

    I’ve been working on an Amazon affiliate site for a few months. Both traffic and conversions are great. But I’m facing payment issues. Amazon sends checks by post and they lost somewhere on the way. As they don’t provide any tracking code, it’s not easy to locate them.

    Since you are an expert, could you please help me by answering these:

    1) Do you have the same experience?
    2) Does Amazon send checks by ordinary post or the registered post?
    3) How much time it takes for checks to reach at your Indian address?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Rahman Shahid says

    I am running an online store with amazon products from the last one and half year. like others my amazon earning was not so good, in the start it had some conversion (3% only) but then it stopped.
    I have three questions.

    1- can you share some neach to work on amazon

    2- had i done something wrong that conversion stopped at once.

    3- what if i want to use one same site for multiple countries. is it possible without subdomain

  7. abhilash says

    This article come on right time for me . i start some of Amazon based website. your post is increase my faith. yes many blogger do not get good conversion of Amazon. hope my luck is with me and i am able to make some money form Amazon.
    Thanks for this post

  8. Kulwant Nagi says

    That’s very informative post about amazon !! I never tried such affiliates but after reading this wonderful experience I am forced to use such program to boost my income..

    Thanks Harshit..

  9. George Lee says

    Well I never had a good experience with Amazon Affiliates. Clickbank is better as people seldom shop from Amazon Online Store. For some blogger Amazon Affiliates Program brings very good results but for others it gains almost no results. I prefer other methods of earning over Amazon.

    • Harshit Singhal says

      Well yes the results can differ, but for most people making money from Clickbank is far more difficult than with Amazon. However, Amazon’s astores don’t convert too well.

  10. vamsi says

    So, how much do you make through amazon on average every month? And what kind of products do you sell

  11. Rahul says

    How does Amazon Pay you. I opened up my account to see that I have 80 USD of commission. Please reply?

  12. P K Arun says

    Amazon can be a good source of income if your blog traffic is from U.S based countries. I implemented it on one of my Authority site, but the major traffic source is from Indian country so it didn’t convert well and then I removed that ad. Now I still use Amazon on one of my Niche sites, which is having traffic from U.S and it works Ok. The commission is not so good…

    • Harshit Singhal says

      Yeah, even on the blogs on which I was promoting Amazon products, only 30-40% of the traffic was from US. But still, the income was way better than Adsense. However Amazon associates won’t be as fruitful if the product you are promoting is under $100 since the commission won’t be too good.

  13. Priyanka says

    I am not much benefited with Amazon’s Affiliate program. i guess this also depends on luck. Good article btw.

    • Harshit Singhal says

      Priyanka, just remember one thing…”The harder you try, the luckier you will become” :)

  14. Gautham Nekkanti says

    I’m going to Try Amazon Affiliate program soon, What websites are right for it? Micro niche or authority ?

    • Harshit Singhal says

      If you have an authority site, well nothing like it. You will already have a good following and your readers will trust you on your opionion. But even niche sites do quite well, provided you select the right niche :)