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    Always stay idle in Google talk with Galywaysidle

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    Google is one of the most used online service and when you sign up for a Google account, you automatically get a Google talk account. Basically, it’s a service which is linked to your Google account. For Google apps user, your admin needs to activate/deactivate the service.

    In last couple of months, we talked about many Google talks hacks and tips and if you missed any of them, you can read them here:google talk logo thumb Always stay idle in Google talk with Galywaysidle

    Now. despite of being a popular IM client, gTalk offers basic features but one feature that I miss the most is ability to stay invisible to other gTalk users. Most of IM, clients like Yahoo, MSN offers invisible mode and this is something which we expect gTalk team to introduce in future. Anyways, since busy sign is another status which we can use to let your gTalk friends know that you are unreachable.

    Here I,m talking about a light weight software call Galwaysidle which is developer for windows operating system which will put your gTalk status mode to idle mode, always. Download the application from the author website given below and install it.

    Once installed, right click on the Google talk at the taskbar to set the options.

    googletalk alwaysidle hack thumb Always stay idle in Google talk with Galywaysidle

    Link : Gtalkalwaysidle

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    Thanks for the trick.

    A quick question not related to gtalk. Do you put that subscribe message manually in the post or it is randomly injected using some plugin?


    tikka varma



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