All on one SEO and Thesis wordpress Theme

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All on one SEO and Thesis wordpress Theme

When we talk about Thesis wordpress theme, the first thing comes into our mind is SEO. Thesis is said to be the best framework for SEO and after using it for months, I have no reasons to deny it.

Thesis Theme and All in one SEO

Thesis Framework power is it’s SEO control and also Thesis offer inbuit SEO options like All in one SEO plugin.

Though All in one SEO wordpress plugin, is one essential plugin for WordPress SEO. Thesis has inbuilt option for entire required field for SEO optimization of any post.  So there is no point using All in one SEO plugin along with Thesis theme.

Should we Disable ALL in One SEO while using Thesis?

This is the question asked by Himanshu in my previous post on Thesis wordpress theme:

In simple word no, there is two option we have

  1. Use All in one SEO settings
  2. Use Thesis SEO settings

The first option sounds good to me, but why to burden your blog with one more plugin, when the option is inside your Theme file.

What about ALL in One SEO data for old blog post?

We can Transfer all old ALL in one SEO detail for individual post into your Thesis post and Forget about All in one SEO plugin.

How to Transfer All in one SEO settings into Thesis SEO settings?

This can easily be done by running 3 SQL queries in your phpmyadmin. If you use Dreamhost webhosting, You can access phpmyadmin using my previous tutorial

For other webhosting companies, please refer to your web hosting wiki page.

  1. Take Backup of your database
  2. Disable All in one SEO
  3. Login to your phpmyadmin, select your WordPress blog database, and click on SQL

Now Run Following queries:

insert wp_postmeta (post_id,meta_key,meta_value)
select post_id, concat('thesis_',meta_key),meta_value
from wp_postmeta where meta_key in ('title','description','keywords');


You will get success prompt after making these changes. Now crosscheck by opening any of your old blog post and check the Keyword and meta value.

Update: You can use this plugin to import all in one SEO settings to Thesis theme.

For now, I have migrated all in one SEO settings into Thesis theme and using Thesis theme for all my SEO needs. Do let us know if you have migrated AIO SEO settings into Thesis or not?

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  1. Mohd Shoeb says

    I don’t wanna continue “Blog title” after “page title”. I have did all the things which i can but i can’t get rid of this problem.

    All in Seo Pack Settings:

    Use Original Title: Enabled
    Rewrite Titles: Enabled
    Page Title Format: %page_title%


    Header.php :

    Page.php :

    Please help me out, i am fed up of this problem.

  2. Toufiq says

    Hey, i was using Paltinum SEO pack, Then i turn on thesis, i want to disable Platinum SEO, which should i do first?

  3. Sean Grimes says

    Thanks for posting this. I tried the database method, but it didn’t fly. The plugin worked great though!

  4. antodoms says

    hey harsh..

    I had installed all in one seo to my site a long back , but even till now there was not much increase in traffic , when i tried to find what was the reason , I found that there was a bug in my “all in one seo pack” which made some issues with the meta tag… As it was showing all the post “Techomag | video” rather than “Techomag >> post name” …. So i removed “all in one seo”… But later when i tried to retweet my old post to check out the plugin , some of my post it still shows “video| techomag” rather than “techomag>> post name” in the retweet popup…..
    What should i do… please suggest me some help…


  5. Ritesh Parihar says

    Thanks but It is not working anymore with all versions of All in One SEO prior to version 1.6. All in One SEO 1.6 and later new query is following.

    insert wp_postmeta (post_id,meta_key,meta_value)
    select post_id, concat(‘thesis_’, substring(meta_key,10)), meta_value
    from wp_postmeta where meta_key in (‘_aioseop_title’,’_aioseop_description’,’_aioseop_keywords’);

  6. Mark says

    I’ve got the reverse question. I have a formerly Thesis site and with my new theme I’ve installed All in One SEO. I have 600 old posts now that I need to copy the Thesis SEO Desc and Title fields to the All in One Seo fields. Any idea how to do this with SQL?

      • Mark says

        Not badly, but I;d like to switch other themes away from Thesis. I have a feeling many people will be doing this, so it could be a cool function to have.

  7. Abi says

    Thesis theme is just another SEO optimized themes on the net, yet without it every one can be very successful in SEO, if SEO is measured with the amount of visitors through organic search then it’s safe for us to throw Thesis away or put it into garbage can, because why would we spend $87 or $164 for a theme if with a free theme we can have thousands of thousands of visitors everyday via G or Y! ? Well I highly not recommend thesis to anyone if their premise based on with Thesis every SEO thing will will be a lot easier

    And your blog get high traffic it’s not because Thesis it is because you know SEO that’s all


  8. Pooja Arora says

    What to do if following error comes while executing the above sql query ?


    SQL query: Documentation

    INSERT wp_postmeta(
    SELECT post_id, concat( ‘thesis_’, meta_key ) , meta_value
    FROM wp_postmeta
    WHERE meta_key
    IN (
    ‘title’, ‘description’, ‘keywords’

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1146 – Table ‘tweetmedaily.wp_postmeta’ doesn’t exist

  9. Billy Ojai says

    Thank you!
    Just started working with Thesis and this really made my transition really easy.
    Very simple to do and it worked great the very first time
    Also, I never used the all in one plugin, I use the Platinum SEO Pack and it worked just the same.
    All the best
    Billy Ojai

  10. Hal says

    Why do you have to remove the All in One SEO settings? I am not good with MySQL and will not mess with it. In the past Ive totally pooched a couple of sites, even with what is supposed to be simple SQL issues.

    I do use and like Thesis. I’m trying to decide, is it best to disable any SEO plugins or not.


  11. Michael Aulia says

    But what if you want to switch to a different theme in say, 2 years? You’ll lose all the SEO settings because you’ve disabled the All in One SEO and move it to Thesis :)
    .-= Michael Aulia ´s last blog ..Community Spotlight at BlogEngage =-.

  12. Manpreet Singh Rehsi says

    Currently I am thinking of changing my blogs theme and considering to buy Thesis theme. After reading your post about the SEO benifits I have decide to go for it. Thanks
    .-= Manpreet Singh Rehsi ´s last blog ..AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.5 =-.

  13. d3monoid says

    really excellent info man!! while posting in ma site i was always
    think about this thing but this post make my doubt clear
    and nice sql query for it!! surely more useful to it :)
    .-= d3monoid ´s last blog ..yslow : Firefox Add-on to analyze site performance =-.

  14. Paritosh says

    Thesis is the ultimate theme for any blogger.
    IT has everything, SEO, layout optimization, you name it they have it !!
    .-= Paritosh ´s last blog ..Microsoft Office 2010 Unleashed =-.

  15. Chris Brown says

    I have to agree with you, Thesis is an awesome theme for WordPress and the SEO capabilities are the icing on the cake.

  16. Ashutosh Mishra says

    One may also use the WP-DBManager plug-in for taking the back-ups and doing SQL queries. It makes the task much easier for newbies. :)
    .-= Ashutosh Mishra ´s last blog ..Optimize your WordPress blog with Autoptimize =-.

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