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Sunny Bhasin Asked

Hey Harsh, today I got 170 visits to my first post and soon after that when I
was checking for alexa rank , it’s showing NO DATA :( :(
Please can you tell me what is the problem??

I’m very sure many of you when start a new blog doesn’t see alexa rank or stats. This is pretty normal and initial 4-5 days you may or may not see your alexa rank.

Once your blog is added into search engine or any link pointing to your blog, Alexa bots will quickly pick your new domain and you can see your alexa rank within no time. Though in some cases it takes almost 20-30 days before your start seeing alexa rank on your alexa widget. Though I suggest you to install Alexa toolbar for your browser so that Alexa will keep getting stats. Also Alexa toolbar helps a lot in increasing alexa rank. Alternatively you can consider adding Alexa widget on your blog which also helps Alexa to calculate about your blog popularity.

You should also read 5 tips to increase alexa rank.

Do let us know how much time it took in your case before Alexa started showing details for your site. And are you using Alexa toolbar on your browser or widget on your blog?

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COMMENTs ( 50 )

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing. This article will help who have no data found concern in alexa. Please advice how to see country wise rank in Alexa?

  2. says

    Well, I just purchase an expired domain and the age is 10 years.
    I use for blog and normal posting, 2 post/day. I also was installed Alexa Toolbar.

    But, in one month my Alexa still show no data.
    Any wrong from the aged domain?

    Google Index is good, just Alexa still no data.
    Can you explain this?

    • says

      Follow these steps and I hope it helps:

      Claiming your site on will let you take control of your site listing; a process that involves you proving ownership of the site. For you to prove that you are the owner, you will be required to upload some content or add a meta tag to your site html.

      Once Alexa verifies your site, the site will appear on your Alexa Dashboard, and you’ll be able to edit the site listing information. As at the time of publishing this post, you can still claim your site for FREE at without subscribing to any of the Alexa plans.


      Follow me through the steps below:

      ==> Sign up for free Alexa account or sign in with your Facebook account

      ==> Click on “add site”

      ==> Click on “check pricing”

      ==> Scroll down the page and click on the “claim a site” link. This should take you to

      ==> Select Method 2

      ==> Copy the meta tag and add it to the section of your homepage HTML i.e above

      If Blogger blog, you will see by going to “Template” > “Edit HTML”
      If WordPress Blog, go to “Appearance” > “Editor” > Header.php

      ==> Once you have added the meta tag to your site html, Click “Verify my ID”

      If verified, you will see “your site is successfully claimed” and “claimed” will also appear next to your blog name in your Alexa dashboard.

  3. says

    Hey Harsh,
    I’m also facing this problem since 15 days and my new blog is not still certified with alexa and not showing any alexa rank as well.. i don’t why..i will report my problem after 5 more days after i go through your trick you mentioned above.. thanks buddy for your kind suggestions.. ;)

  4. suraj says

    hey harsh, thanks for this helpful information. you post does clear all query about alexa ranking, thanks again.

  5. Mike says

    Hello To All, Please suggest me , My Question is How get the Regional Data on The Alexa Widget ?? How Get ? Keyword Ranking good on google first page ,,,

  6. Habib Jiwan says

    Listen Harsh, I started my blog a week ago. I am really struggling to find my results in Alexa. Not even a single statistic is given about my site. It only shows the links in:
    And also, my site is – and when i search ‘technerd’ in google, my blog shows up like 15 pages later. What the hell is wrong?

  7. Sangeeta says

    Great info Harsh. My blog ( traffic has been going down in the last few days. After a lot of trial and error I figured out that the search query and subsequent visits from Browsers which has Alexa Toolbar installed is not getting updated in WordPress Stats. I uninstalled Alexa on Chrome and tried a few search terms and it updated the stats on the blog. Any suggestions? Will this impact my Alexa Rank?

  8. says

    Hiii Harsh,
    Recently i have added a custom domain on my blog. can i know why it is not showing any data while i was using blogspot then it shows Alexa data nicely. please give me some ideas…..!!

    • rakesh t says

      i have read it somewhere that when using subdomains registered in ,ie , when you enter your website , you gets redirected to the regional domain, ie . may be thats the reason . search for that and i hope youwill get more info

      • Siraj Mahmood says

        It is not a big matter, actually Alexa needs time to check your site statistics then it will proceed. Alexa update sites rank approximately in every 12 hours. Try to work constantly on your site.
        Thank You !

  9. Mahesh says

    Great Article Harsh can you tell what should i do if i am getting 150 visitor per days but alexa still not showing my indian ranking?

  10. Akash says

    I was purchased my website on 10th April but still it is not showing alexa rank. So, should I install Alexa widget to my site?

  11. Mubi Rana says

    i had a blog with blogspot domain….
    but few days ago moved my blog to custom domain….i succesfully added the alexa verify code and my site is now claimed…and it is getting good trrafic.
    today it’s now 7 days and still no rank for my website :(

  12. Septian says

    I want to ask, I usually create a new site, in a matter of days Alexa ranking has emerged. But this time I’ve built it almost 2 months, but my Alexa rank is still not appearing. Please enlightenment, Thanks.

  13. hemant kumar says

    hello guys,
    my website rank have top rank in global and top rank in regional
    and submit a lot of back links in directories and websites
    but not showing any rank on alexa after one and half month,
    Whats the problem?

  14. BellaGifts says

    I had an Alexa rank for 2 sites. (Not good ranks, but it was nice to keep up with my progress.) One site has been up a year. Within the past few days it’s showing no rank for my sites. Have they changed something? I’m searching online to try and see what’s going on.

  15. Trabajo londres says

    I have claimed my site in Alexa and change country from IN to ES.. 4 days go, it shows not data in ES.. Anyone know how long will show my alexa rank in es…?

  16. Achal Saraiya says

    I have same problem, my site is up since 1 month and alexa Ranking showing me zero data. Is there any way to bust this process faster?

  17. James says

    After 4 days I’m still not getting any alexa stats! Thank for this useful post, I was getting worried!

  18. Tech Doubts says

    The alexa tool bar compatibility with Firefox version may also turn out as a problem at times.It may show a different data than what is available in the official website.But normally it gets updated gradually on both.

  19. Peace says

    alexa was not showing traffic for my blog as well..
    but when i registered to their websites, all things worked well.

    now i have a problem . alexa not showing back links .
    how to resolve this very problem . …

  20. nishant says

    my alexa rank is day by day decreasing…is it based on traffic to my site..? but traffic statistics at Google says traffic is increasing…

    • says

      if Alexa decrease it means your traffic increase ,,they are inversely proportional to each other. For ex Alexa Rank of Google is 13.

  21. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Harsh, right from the beginning.. for my blog.. Alexa displays 13 as the sites linking in! :(

    13 is pretty lucky for me I guess.. :D

  22. TechChunks says

    I’m almost sure that he must be seeing his stats now on Alexa. As far as I can tell Alexa has been doing some “under the hood” tweaks since past couple of weeks and this might be an implication of the same. Moreover, considering that his is a fairly new blog, like George said above, he should perhaps wait a while before expecting to see any kind of meaningful stats at Alexa.

    Alexa is a great tool as long as we know what we are doing with it!

  23. George Serradinho says

    I would say that any new blogger must use Google Analytics for the first month until their site is indexed and being found in search engines. Only then can they start to see their stats on Alexa.

    Alexa is a great tool for knowing what is your websites status and where you are ranked.

  24. Extreme John says

    Where was this post when I first started blogging and checking Alexa rank? Haha this is an excellent post for any new bloggers looking into their Alexa rank.

  25. Ben Lang says

    Alexa is so inaccurate though, its only based on how many visitors come from computers with the Alexa Toolbar…

  26. Surender Sharma says

    Hi Harsh,
    This is really normal on alexa I was also shocked to see the blank page on Alexa of my another blog.
    But I realized that it is normal thing and it’d to non indexing of the blog in search engine.But when my blog url indexed in Google,soon Alexa shown the data of my blog.

  27. Malhar Parve says

    Hi Harsh,
    One more question, one of my friend said that he has given a review about my blog on Alexa, but still is not reflecting there?
    Do you have any idea why this happened?

    • jot says

      my website is new…..i posted on my site and achieved rank abt 48 lac.
      but i have posted a new post on my site 3 days ago ,but there is no change in alexa rank of site ….why so??

  28. Phaoloo says

    I can understand why Sunny asked this question. Every blogger launches a new blog usually check the stats always. It just takes 4, 5 days to see Alexa ranking while it takes months to see the Google PR. Surprisingly when I see your Alexa rank, how can you do this in just a year?

  29. izzat aziz says

    my friend have blog and i know he got more traffic than mine.. but when check with alexa i’m better than him.. what that happen uh?

    • Ubaidullah Butt says

      Reason is that, most of your blog’s visitors are using Alexa rank toolbar and your friend’s blog’s visitors are not.

    • Tech-Freak Stuff says

      Very true Himanshu! Even I face a similar problem many points. There are many times when I am not able to see the Alexa rank for my website and suddenly after 2-3 hours i get a rank of about 1 lakh!