Alexa never shows actual traffic rank

According to Wikipedia, Alexa is a California-based subsidiary company of that is known for its toolbar and website. Once installed, the toolbar collects data on browsing behavior which is transmitted to the website where it is stored and analyzed and is the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting.

Alexa ranks sites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and from integrated sidebars in Firefox and Chrome. Hence the page is only ranked between users who have these sidebars installed and may be biased if specific audience is reluctant to do this.

I knew all this but then also I had misconception that if I will achieve Alexa rank under 50K then I will start earning more. I am sure that there must be a lot of bloggers who must be having this thinking like mine. I know that bloggers get attracted towards stats of Alexa and as they come to know about great website, they browse its Alexa stats as I used to do. But I got shocked after knowing about as I read “List of 50+ Blogs That Accept Guest Posts” and curiously explored stats.Now you must be thinking what was the shocking thing in stats of

I explored FamousBloggers and found its Alexa rank 11,839 and its Google’s PR is 3 Twitter followers 7254 and thousands of subscribers. Then I read the About page of FamousBloggers and guessed that they might be earning like anything because of a big team. Definately you can also guess or estimate their earnings if you will visit

But now the point which shocked me a lot was the small widget of, present at the bottom page of, which was showing online users present. I clicked on that to view overall history of online users. Click here[Link] to view online stats of

Stats of

Online during the past 24 hours

History of last 30 Days of FamousBloggers

History of last 30 Days of FamousBloggers

My blog MazaKaro also has same widget, which shows online users present on my blog. also stores history stats of maximum, average and minimum online users were present on my blog. View my blog’s stats by clicking here[Link] and compare it with’s stats. Below I attached stats of online users present on my blog.

Stats of

Online during the past 24 hours on MazaKaro

Number of visitors last 30 days on

A graph of visitors you have had over the last month on MazaKaro


By comparing results you will find that for past 2 months my blog gets twice the number of visitors than By comparing maximum and average  user count by viewing the history of both and

Now you must be thinking that I must be earning approximately twice of what earns. But to quench your curiosity I want to tell that I hardly earn $200 per month from my blog.

Now the point is how Alexa determines traffic rank since it is obvious that my website gets more visitors than so my website must have better traffic rank than

So I came to one conclusion that most of my website’s visitors are students and job seekers so they might not be having Alexa toolbar in their browser. But the visitors of are bloggers, internet geeks or person who have Alexa toolbar in their browser.

Now the point is how is able to earn more than me? The answer is has targeted visitors who love technology and who are bloggers. They want to learn new things from their articles and to make blogs or to host blogs or to buy software which help them earn more, they never think of money and they buy those from affiliate advertisements of because they want to make their blog more powerful.

Last month I started commenting on other blogger’s blogs and all those bloggers were having Alexa toolbar (Obviously Yes). Within that period of time I noticed a great change in my Alexa rank . My Alexa rank improved from 200K to 88K. But after that I stopped commenting on other blogs, so my Alexa rank got a huge loss. So I came to know that commenting on other’s blogs improves Alexa rank. But it is not compulsory that your earnings will also increase. Because last month I earned less than previous months. Check my Alexa graph below.

Last month Graph for

Here in above graph please have a look that peak of graph is on date near to August 23, but please have a look on graph above and check that there is no huge change on date August 23. Now check the peak like Everest on August 13 where I had 264 users online but on date near to August 13, there is no peak in Alexa’s graph. So this got hence proved that Alexa never works on actual traffic, but works on traffic of users who contain Alexa toolbar in their browser.

I also came to know that you can not earn more from google Adsense if you are having fewer visitors. But you may earn like anything if you are putting affiliate advertisements if you have less but targeted traffic.

So if you are blogger then try to attract targeted traffic instead of huge traffic of un-targeted visitors (who are not having interest in your niche). For this you must build a list of targeted and interested visitors by maintaining an email list of interested people. Never go for quantity of contacts. Always go for contacts of interested people. Hope for the best in future and don’t lose your patience and keep blogging.

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Rahul is a part time blogger from Chennai, India. His blog is which is a technology and career blog. Apart from Blogging , he is a software engineer. His areas of Interest are Computers, Programming, and Blogging. He is masters in computer science from BITS Pilani. You can read more about him at About me page of


COMMENTs ( 60 )

  1. Carol says

    This is a very interesting article Rahul.
    You say above that
    “Yes Google analytics as well as awstats are the best tool available for stats” and I use both methods. But can you explain why awstats numbers are always much higher than Google Analytics?

    Thanks in advance, Carol.

  2. Amanda Gates says

    There are millions of websites in this world & if Alexa is ranking based on the internet community which has installed their toolbar & if that community comprises of a number which is phonomenal in itself, it makes every sense to give some credence to the Alexa Ranking. A good Alexa ranking is certainly an asset for a website & could translate into more earnings if focused upon the same. The most reliable tool is Google Analytics for the best traffic information of your website.

  3. Deepanshu says

    well whats the point of having gud alexa rank when a site doesnt have much visitors…..everyone cant expect to earn from affliate :roll:
    alexa rank=feelgud factor :-P but given a choice between vistors and alexa rank, i will certainly choose visitors ;-)

  4. ContestBlog says

    Well we understand that Alexa is defiantly not accurate, therefore we recently started using ‘Quantcast’ & ‘GetClicky’.
    I also think GetClicky is even better than Google Analytic, off course for both the services we have several plug-ins available out there and GetClicky also comes with a free plans.


    • rahul says

      I don’t know whether we can compare our blog with out competitors in GetClicky. I have to go through it. Thanks a lot Suman.

  5. Tech Maish says

    Rahul this is great post. Never heard before, well alexa toolbar is not the accurate measure to know about the visitors of a blog. This is just a estimate traffic.

    • rahul says

      But most of the bloggers believe Alexa as God of Website Ranking :)
      From my point of view ranking must be given in terms of number of visitors, not in number of visitors having Alexa toolbar :P

  6. Swamykant says

    “So I came to one conclusion that most of my website’s visitors are students and job seekers so they might not be having Alexa toolbar in their browser. But the visitors of are bloggers, internet geeks or person who have Alexa toolbar in their browser.”

    You are right. I have a educational blog and even though I get 1000 users per day, my blog’s alexa ranking is 200K whereas for most of the blog(on blogging) with 400 – 500 users per day is below 50K

  7. rahul says

    You are right Rahul, but it is not 100% correct that 10k rank website will have more number of visitors than 20k rank website.

  8. Rahul says

    Nice article, Alexa never know exact traffic. But it most accurate way to determine any websites stats. I can use and identify any website worth if it is atleast 6months old and consitently attracting 10k traffic.

  9. Bimal Roy says

    I agree with you bro. Alexa doesn’t look much upon the amount of traffic that a site is getting. I have over 8000+ visits per day now but still I have alexa rank over 100K.

    • rahul says

      Same thing was with me. So comment on other blogs heavily and see the effect. If you will daily comment on 30 blogs of Alexa rank below 30K then within 7 days your alexa rank will come to 80K :P

  10. Roy Scribner says

    This is some interesting data, Rahul. My main blog (not ThrowingaBrick) has an Alexa rank of 265K, but it gets 15k to 20k visitors a month, according to Google Analytics. I attribute that to very few people outside of the technology and social media crowd having the toolbar installed. Soon, my little personal blog will have a better Alexa rank than my main blog!

    I used to think that Alexa is not important at all, but after I began selling advertising, I came to realize that many advertisers use the Alexa ranking to judge your blog – so it does have some importance.

    • rahul says

      You are right that advertisers give a look on Alexa ranking to judge our blog. But the point is if one blog is having visitor count 1000 and other have 100 then logically Alexa must give better rank to blog with more number of visitors, right?

  11. Typhoon says

    Alexa concept is very different. Since it mostly depends on its toolbar for ranking websites, the website will rank better on alexa if most of it’s traffic is from webmaster niche as most of the people in this niche only uses the alexa toolbar.

    Alexa should also think over adding more value to their stats by partnering with ISP’s for statistical data just like “Compete” does by taking help from USA ISP’s.

    • rahul says

      But its practically impossible to get data from ISP’s. Second thing is that all ISP’s will not share their customers stats.

  12. John Paul Aguiar says

    Alexa is a good tool for quick stats info. Alexa has so many values to how they come up with a rank its hard to understand. I have 8,000 uniques yet my Alexa is 75,000 yet I see most blogs with that same uniques count with 45 – 50,000 Alexa rank.

    An my page views are at 4-7 per visitor,,

    What I have found with Alexa is you have to be consistent with your traffic daily.. my issue was having 2-3 days a week with big traffic then rest of week not so much.

    Alexa does a 3 mnth rank, so if you have a great mnth and 2 not so good mnths ur rank will be high.,. but if you have 3 ok mnths you will rank better.

    Alexa is a tool, don’t focus to much on it.

    • rahul says

      Yes you are right same thing is happening to my blog.

      Hehehe so if you are right then we may advertise out blog heavily for every three months and we will get the same effect on Alexa? :P

  13. sidduz says

    Nice article Rahul, But Im having a small issue, though you wont earn a lot via adsense etc, but alexa is got such a craze in market you are going to have lots of sponsorers pinging you to place their ads. Im now currently facing the same experience.
    But I do have same experience. I currently receive over 2500 Visits/day and my alexa is 43k, but blogs with around 1000 Visits ranked above me in Alexa 23k.
    So, My conclusion is dont just blindly follow alexa and estimate blog’s calibre but its the alexa that matters for direct ad slot sales on your blog like hot cakes.
    By the way great exploration and nice research dude. Loved it :)
    Hope Alexa have to make its toolbar more efficient.

    • rahul says

      Its true that if you have good Alexa rank then you will get good sponsors and you can earn more. But what I want to tell that newbie bloggers concentrate only on Alexa and not on writing good articles.

      Yes its true. Same thing happened with me when I saw stats of my friend’s blog. I noticed that he was having much better Alexa rank but was having less visitors than me.

      Thanks Sidduz :)

  14. Mohit | Cricmet says

    Yup i agree with you bcoz my frnd blog gets around 500 visitors per day and i get around 50 but mine ranking is in below 1 lakh and his is above 1 lakh…

  15. Jens P. Berget says

    Interesting story. I don’t use Alexa myself, well, I did when my blog was below 100.000, but when I suddenly ended up above and I didn’t understand why (because my reports at google analytics didn’t show any drop in traffic) I decided that I would only continue to look at analytics. I realize that Alexa is more a tool to compare yourself with other websites, but I don’t really need to compare.

    I have also read that you can get better numbers if you add an alexa button to your site and if your visitors use the alexa toolbar (and if you are using it yourself and visit your own site – but I’m not sure if that’s true or not).

  16. Paul says

    It is impossible for Alexa to know the true traffic numbers, and traffic quality of a site, unless they load up a script or something on every page load of a site. Sites that are geared towards bloggers/webmasters tend to due better because there is a better chance their audience has the Alexa toolbar installed.

    My blog is a general technology blog and attracts visitors with different technology skills, so it is a hit or miss with regards to the toolbar. Right now my blog’s Alexa rank is about 134,000, but receives over 1700 visitors a day – which is more than some sites that have a better ranking. As for quality visitors, my site gets about 85-90% of the traffic from search engines.

    Quantcast provides a more accurate picture of my traffic since those stats are directly measured on my blog.

    • rahul says

      Yeah its true that Quantcast and Compete gives accurate results but again they might not be having exact stats of out visitors.

  17. Mani Viswanathan says

    The basic idea of Alexa rank is to rank websites which are surfed using a alexa toolbar or a tool which pings Alexa (It may include any widget [perhaps need to be clicked] | Plugins like ChromeSEO | url pointing to ur ranking in alexa)

  18. tushar says

    bro, my personal experience with Alexa says that never trust it too much…. always keep an eye on it but do not let it cheer you or disheartened you when it is not going your way…

  19. Sahil Kotak says

    The actual thing is they don’t just see the traffic the sites get’s or the visitors per day. They check the quality of visitors and sources of your visitors. I don’t agree with your post somehow.

    • rahul says

      Hi Sahil,
      What quality here u want to say. What you think gets quality traffic?
      Explore MazaKaro’s Alexa stats and view traffic on last week of March. My Alexa ranking was 22K. So you mean to say I got quality traffic.

      Here by this post I wanted to tell that Alexa calculate stats by getting traffic from Alexa toolbar. I am not saying any other thing dear Sahil.

  20. says

    This is awesome sharing.Love it the way you shared.
    Now going to try my blog also with it.

    Thanks For Sharing Awesome Post :D

    • rahul says

      hehehe this is my first article on shoutmeloud, if you loved this article then I will try to write more articles.

      Thanks :)

  21. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    You got it wrong, Rahul. They give ranks to blog based on the potential of advertising. A blog with more traffic, doesn’t guarantee you more revenue. That’s why Alexa’s algorithm are like that and advertisers are advertising on the basis of Alexa Rank.

    • Bishwajeet says

      Advertiser rank theory is totally out of order. Alexa is totally due to Alexa sparky and all that tools which pings Alexa. Once, I had a site which no one accessed other than me but ranked in the sub 300k range,due to you think that it was given importance by Alexa.

  22. indihow says

    You’ve made the point amply clear, and the Alexa Rank vs Traffic conundrum should now be solved for all new bloggers and webmasters who can’t seem to get a hold on it. Perhaps some day we would have a Traffic Ranking system which reflects the accurate stats. I guess Statcounter and Google Analytics could either join hands or work separately to make new ranking systems. That would include almost all websites and blogs.

    • rahul says

      You are right dude, but I don’t think that Google will join hands with them, instead Google may think of acquiring Alexa in near future :P

  23. arun kamath says

    That was before. They have made some changes few months back. It is now an aggregate of data collected from various sources.

    • rahul says

      No arun, I am in blogging from years and I knew this from years, since lot of my friends were having good alexa rank but were having less visitors than mine blog.

  24. Tek3D says

    This is a very helpful post for me, now I understand why the Alexa rank of my blog is very low while the number of visits is higher than many blogs. Alexa should change its ranking algorithm to make it more accurate.

    • rahul says

      You are right dude. I also experienced the same problem and thats why i shared this article by viewing each and every aspect :P

      • Kamal Hasa says

        Alexa is accurate in it’s own terms. The way people perceive it is different. Don’t believe on one single ranking. Use Google analytics and also install wordpress plugins to track visitors as well.

        • rahul says

          You are right Kamal, but we need to view comparative stats of our blog and our competitor’s blog. So I explained that Alexa is not the accurate tool to analyse stats.