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Airtime Facebook Video Chat Service: Probably Best Chatroulette Alternative

Airtime Facebook Video Chat Service: Probably Best Chatroulette Alternative

How many of you know sites like Omegle, Chatroulette which let us find the strangers and talk to them. At time it’s fun but with the increasing number of porn and pervert, these sites are no more a nice place for anonymous and random video chatting. Airtime comes out as an answer to anonymous and safe random video chatting, as this service is based on Facebook login. I came across this service some time back, and today when I logged into Airtime, I got amazed with the concept and upon doing a little Googling about it, I realize it could be one of the best random video chat service in the coming days. More over, for now it’s indeed one of the best Chatroulette alternative.

What is Airtime Facebook Video Chat:

Airtime is a browser based anonymous video chat service founded by founders of Napster (Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning). It’s one of those random video chat sites like omegle, chatrandom which will let you talk to strangers with complete anonymous profile. Though, the problem with such random anonymous video chat services is they are full of porn and it’s hard to find real people to chat.

Airtime, comes out as an answer to all this problem and it requires you to login with your Facebook account and video chat with random people. Though, the concept is really nice as you remain anonymous for the other stranger and the only thing which you can see about each other is common interest.

Airtime login Homepage

To start using Airtime, go to Airtime website and click on Launch airtime, a pop up will appear asking permission to access your Facebook profile, after allowing the access, it will logged you in to your Airtime profile. By default, it will pull all your Facebook interests and using it, their algo will let you find and meet strangers with common interest. The best thing is, for your Airtime profile you can edit your interest and keep it separate from your Facebook profile. For example, you might like to hide details like your school and college from your displayed interests.

Editing Airtime Interest

They have also specified minimum system requirement for using Airtime: Processor 1.5Ghz or faster , 512MB of RAM, Internet speed 1.5Mbps bandwidth. There are many features like, when you like a stranger, you can add him/her as your friend and you can also watch videos together. More over, video and audio quality is excellent and if you also complaint about Facebook video chat service, Airtime could be one of the best alternative to that too.

So once, you have done editing your Interest, on the right hand side click on “Talk to someone“. You can also set, how you wish to find the random stranger for video chat, based on place, interests or one who is in your common network.

Video chat with Strangers

Here is an interesting video where Sean Parker and Shawn Finning, talking about how they got the idea for creating this free service:

How Airtime is Best alternative to sites like Omegle, Chatroulette:

As I mentioned above, on sites like Chatroulette and Omegle, there is no way to trace down a stranger and there is very few ways to stop bot and spammers. More over, with increasing number of naked people, these sites are no longer right place for safe and clean anonymous chatting. Airtime, takes care of all the thing here as they let your identity remain anonymous and you will be finding people with similar interest. Also, in a blog post they mentioned, to keep the system clean from spammers, they takes screenshot of matches call, and processed through face and luminosity detection technology, to prevent misuse of this service. Once some one is found misusing Airtime facebook video chat service, they will instantly ban that profile from using Airtime again. Also to preserve the privacy of users, they never record video or audio of a conversation, which also help users to maintain their privacy. You can learn more about how they tackle safety here.

Do let us know, how did you liked the idea of video chatting with anonymous strangers based on common interest? I believe, this service will be very useful and for people who likes to find and meet new people, this service is going to be really useful. Do try this service, and let us know if it could be best chatroulette alternative or it will just be another random video chat service?

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  • Anuj

    Wow Airtime is really nice Chatroulette as compare to others
    I ‘ve already tried this….

  • Ashesh

    I tried airtime couple of minutes and I found more people engaged to it. Had nice chat with some strangers, cool.


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