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Aggregator WordPress Theme : Create News Aggregation Site

Aggregator WordPress Theme : Create News Aggregation Site

News aggregator sites are becoming very popular these days and for an individual blogger who have profile on lots of social media websites like Flickr, youtube, or have multiple blogs or like to write particular blogs, WP Drudge Aggregator is perfect theme for this purpose.

Infact you ca also start with a new domain specially for this purpose. Alternatively you can also install wordpress on sub directory like to install this theme and capture updates from your favorite blogs or show case your social media profile. You can also pull updated from any particular category and showcase them on a single page. This will also help readers to quickly browse through Posts from favourite category from one page.

You can use such news aggregator themes for many purpose that includes you can create personalized feed reader. Infact you can create a site and create specialized category in your niche and install seperate WordPress, and pull news from top sites under that category. With a good decent promotion, your site might become one place for good news and people like to bookmark such Websites.

Aggregator WordPress Theme

Wp Drudge Aggregator theme is full of features, and thus it’s value for money. Here are some of the notable features:

  • Pull Articles from unlimited RSS feeds
  • Advertisement ready
  • Font color and layout change option
  • Drag and drop page customization
  • Support for commenting
  • SEO optimized

In short, if you need to built a WordPress site, where you can pull in feeds from multiple blogs, WP Drudge WordPress theme is perfect. This theme is priced at $89 , which comes with free upgrade for one year.

Check Demo and Feature

Do let us know what ideas you can come up with this Aggregator WordPress Theme?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

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{ 18 comments… add one }

  • Nitin Nanivadekar

    I am not able to see the theme in my blog theme page. I am using WP 3.2.1.

    Could you please tell me what’s the problem?

  • wahyoe

    nice themes, excelent :)

  • franklin covey

    thanks mate.. this is a nice theme, any fresh theme like this?


  • Gonzo Bann

    several problems with this – seems like the author did not test at all. Problems with feed parsing, problems with design option, not good integrated in wp 3. all in all quite a good basic idea, but far away from beeing “professional”. A hobbiest work and it could evolve into something good if it was released with a free licence.

  • James

    How do you remove the favicon from showing up on every RSS feed set up through the widget?

  • Mad Geek @beingPC

    Hi Harsh

    I am wondering if it is possible to have user firast register and than they can set there preferrences after which the aggregator shows news based on threre preferrences

  • Mad Geek @beingPC

    Hi Harsh,

    I like this theme, but I am wondering if this is possible.

    I want user to register at my website first and then according to there preferences Aggregator show there content. I think registration can’r be done in Wordpress……….I am n00b in Web Concept if you can help out that would be great.

    Here is my website for which I want to do that –

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Mad geek This can be done but for this you need to do lots of coding. This theme will work only as a layout but the basic function will be done from the backend. If you need such kind of website , you can hire my services

  • Nitin Kumar Jain

    Good idea indeed …. I am looking forward to have something like this …

  • David Hobson

    I just finished setting one up on now to decide on what ads to use.

    • Rohit@Tech-Freak Stuff

      How come your site got a PR so fast? Or did it have a PR from before only?
      Anyways, this concept appears good. One of my friends made a similar website using Cron Job

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    This post inspired to do something different.. will check in detail about the theme and the concept.. Thanks for the share..

  • Nimit kashyap

    Nice Theme :)

  • Soumen Halder

    Thanks bro, i was looking for one for a new project. Nice find.

  • David Hobson

    This looks like an interesting theme and gives me a bit of an idea.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      David Same thing happened with me, the time I saw this theme I got an idea and will be making that live soon. :)


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