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When it comes to SEO and quality, English is one of the area where it raises the maximum eye-balls. English is not my first-language and I make many mistakes, this is most common saying that you hear from blogger like us. I’m also from a non-English country and I’m working on improving my English grammar every day. Though, when Blogging is a business for you, you can’t afford to make mistakes as English is one of the criteria for search engine ranking. Here I’m going to talk about a service call After the deadline which is very useful for non-English speaking countries. This service helps you to minimize those silly grammar or spelling errors that would creep up in your blog article.

“After the Deadline” is a WordPress plugin that has checks not only for spelling errors but grammar mistakes as well. This open source software is not only very efficient but free too. This is basically a service which offers various ways to use After the deadline services. There is WordPress plugin, Chrome extension, Intense debate plugin, Open office extensions and so on. Here we will be talking about WordPress plugin which is offered by “ATD” service.  Interesting thing to know here is, this service is a part of Automattic company which is the company behind WordPress.

So, once you install after the deadline WordPress plugin, your basic spell check button on visual editor of edit post section will be replaced by an advance spell and grammar check button.


It also has features to ignore certain words for instance the proper nouns you would use, such as your own name or your blog’s title. Once you install it in your blog you need to click on the proofread button in the visual or HTML editor to check spelling, style and grammar. Since After the Deadline communicates with a software service, you’ll need an API key to use this plugin. The same API, which is actually your profile as an author, can be used on multiple blogs that you might be wrting. The API key is unique to you and can be created on the author’s homepage.


Head over to this page to get a demo of the software before you go ahead with the installation of the tool to your own blog.

For more info on this tool or to know how to install it on your own WordPress blog head over to This plugin is available as stand alone plugin or if you install Jetpack WordPress plugin, you don’t need to install stand alone version.

After the deadline plugin is now a part of my essential WordPress plugins arsenal. Do let us know if you are using this plugin or any other plugin to check grammatical mistakes?

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. says

    Is there any pluggin which can find mistakes in all articles?
    Actually I’ve almost three hundred articles up on a blog and i wanna do a grammatical mistakes and errors check.

  2. sai balaji says

    hii guys,
    I think i made a fatal mistake by trying to install it separately after already activating jetpack….and now i have this cannot redeclare error on my page…kindly help!!

  3. Nizam says

    This is really a handy plugin which makes the work easier. Typing mistakes happens at times, so it will be very useful. Thanks Rajat for sharing this awesome plugin :)

  4. Sagar says

    Thank you Rajat.

    I was looking for such plugin since many days but couldn’t find one which is reliable and easy to use. ATD is indeed very simple but very effective at its purpose.

    Once again thanks for the tip..!

    • Rajat Kumar says

      once again it’s great to hear that you could benefit from this post. knowledge is a gift and it’s no use unless shared. So do keep returning to Shoutmeloud for more tips and news from the tech world

  5. IndianCashMaker says

    nice post harsh….i was searching for a plugin like this….silly grammar mistakes irritate me a lot and i want to assure that none of my post have those…

  6. Ashutosh Mishra says

    This is one really useful plugged. :]

    Another way to grammatical errors is by blogging through Microsoft Word 2007. Yeah, Word renders horrible HTML and the posts might break your blog’s layout, but it has improved immensely, eespecially with the service packs. And it’s totally kickass for improving one’s writing. Now if Live Writer would add grammar-checking…

    • Rajat Kumar says

      glad to see you back Ashutosh. Somehow we absolutely agree on this one. I stil use MS Word for all my checks and find it very effective. plus it’s got thesaurus feature too. so u need another word, u just have to right click

  7. Avinash says

    Definitely a good plugin if one uses WordPress Editor to publish posts, I use WLW for my publishing purposes.

  8. George Serradinho says

    I have seen more posts around the web about this plugin, seems very interesting and could help out many users.

    One has to ensure that the content is up to standard, not nice when someone points out errors or mistakes.

    • Rajat Kumar says

      absolutely, even though unintentional and very petty these mistakes might turn out to be embarrassing for the author. so its best you have atleast one active tool that keeps a check on your content.

  9. Taranfx says

    good one, Helps always when you are writing long ones.
    I use live writer and that does this automatically. Live writer is in fact the best blogging tool, saves alot of time.

  10. Vivek says

    thanks for sharing such useful information with us. Many blogger including me, make mistake in spellings. That’s really a nice work which helps many of them

    • Rajat Kumar says

      you’re welcome vivek. i observe you are a regular reader at ShoutMeLoud and it’s indeed very good to hear that you can connect to my posts and benefit from them.