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    Adsense Integrator WordPress Plugin: Easily Integrate Adsense Into WordPress

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    Today’s Blogging scenario has evolved from content sharing to money making.  100% original content on good topics is what makes a blog unique, every blogger works hard to give his audience a good reading experience and at the same time he hopes to increase his readers base.
    Having an enormous amount of people who visit your blog and read your content regularly is an essential for any blogger planning to make some earning from his blog. We also know that Adsense is key earning source for many bloggers and here I’m going to take about a WordPress plugin call Adsense Integrator plugin.
    AdSense Integrator plugin represents a simple and powerful solution to add and manage AdSense and other non Adsense ads, custom or similar to Adsense, into your blog. This plugin was developed by “MyWordpress Plugin”. If you already have an adsense account and wish to earn more revenue out of your posts then this is a great plugin you can use to do so.

    How to Configure Adsense integrator plugin?

    Its easy to find and install Adsense Integrator from Add New Plugin Tab once you login your WordPress Dashboard
    ai 550x171 Adsense Integrator WordPress Plugin: Easily Integrate Adsense Into WordPress
    Once you have installed the plug in, you will find Adsense Integrator option under the Setting tab to your left. Open this plugin settings and you will be able to view the options under it. Here there are two main categories to look for.
    One is CREATE A NEW AD,used to display non-google ads in your post and the other is SAVED ADS, useful to put google ads in between your post content . Other Adsense WordPress plugin which you can use to integrate ads in between blog post is quick adsense plugin.
    Since I’m taking about how to insert google ads into your post, I will only talk about the SAVED ADS section.

    saved ad 550x198 Adsense Integrator WordPress Plugin: Easily Integrate Adsense Into WordPress

    SAVED AD section under Adsense Integrator plugin settings

    In this section, place your Adsense code in the “before_post” area (marked red). It is recommended you put Adsense code to display any text ad that fits inside your post area. Next select the position in you post where you want your ad to show up under the “in-post Position” category. Next under the “Sections” category select “post” and click update. You will see Google text ad in all your posts.
    A good approach to effective usage of this plugin is to select the color of the text ad to resemble either the dominant color of your wordpress theme or the font color of your text in the post. This makes the ad blend completely into your lines and will seem as text and not as an ad.

    saved ad1 550x338 Adsense Integrator WordPress Plugin: Easily Integrate Adsense Into WordPress

    Google text ad inserted in your post

    In the above image the color of the google ad matches the theme color. If you select your ad color as gray (as in this case) while creating your ad code, the ad will be similar to your text font in the post. As most of the ads are displayed based on the keywords in your post, there is more chance for a reader to be interested in clicking the ad link.
    So, i’d like to conclude that Adsense Integrator Plugin is a useful WP plugin to improve the chance of his viewers to click some ads.
    This is a guest post by Naveen from GasmesGlot. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

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    Roy Chukwu C.

    Good Tips,

    This is just one of the many ads plugins.. I will try it out to see if it will improve my google earnings.

    Thank you!


    Quick adsense is another best option when you are looking for simplicity and want to manage Adsense as well as any other network code. See ad positions created using Quick adsense on eTechbuzz



    i tried Adsense Daemon plugin and quick adsense plugin both plugin not support for center of post ads, Adsense Integrator plugin best for adsense


    I am using the same plugin for Adsense and I am loving it. its so easy to use. thanks for writing about this plugin.


    i use whydowork adsense Plugin, i think which is best plugin till now for adsense integration.

    Rakesh Kaki

    I tried various plugins but didnt like. Now placed all the code manually in the theme. Let me give this a try. Thanks for sharing


    Adsense Integrator Plugin looks really good. I will give it a try and see if it can make my work easier… Hopefully it can increase the click through rate and give me more money! Haha…


    Let the magic work so that we can earn more.

    Khabri Chacha

    Yes it will help in increasing the CTR. And it is same as Quick Adsense. I am using this one.


    I use Quick Adsense plugin on one of my blogs. I will try this plugin on my other blogs to see how it works. Thanks for sharing.

    Kavya Hari

    Adsense integrator plugin should be simple and accurate solutions to the problems. Looking forward :) Thank you so much for given great content on here :)


    Simple yet informative tute. But I always prefer adding adsense manually by editing my theme files. I never tried plugins to take care of my adsense placement. But this plugin temptes me, will give it a try. :)


    Anyone can say where i can get this plugin? I can`t find anywhere. Or maybe can provide any other adsense plugin which easily add adsense code in all blog posts. I mean plugin which can add ads in the eding of blog post and can float ads.


    Go to Wordpress Plugin section and search there for this plugin. See Image in post.. “How to configure Adsense Integrator Plugin?”


    Are you sure? Because i tried this method many times and didn`t find this plugin? Please try yourself. I think wordpress delete this plugin from his database. Maybe this plugin against adsense TOS?


    Anyone there who can help me by providing this plugin i tried hard to get it but all download link doesn’t works.. Please Please i want it.. help me..


    It’s a free plugin Mamun, search for it from your Wordpress installation.
    Login->Plugins->Add new->Search for “Adsense Integrator” and install.


    This plugin will be useful if we want to change our Wordpress theme. With this kind of plugin, we don’t need to find the PHP code on theme editor and paste our Google Adsense code manually.

    Thank for sharing this plugin. I’ll try it….

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