Adsense Clicks : Blogger’s 6 Questions To Google

Although Google Adsense is a great program for generating online income for bloggers however after using this program for a while I came to conclusion that Google must be transparent to its clients as far as remuneration is concerned. We as a publisher want answers from Google about the functioning of Adsense program. I feel Google owes an explanation to all of its clients who are using Adsense. Here are the questions.

What is the true CPC value of each click?

My first question to Google would be what is the true cost per click of each Ads. In an official statement Google says that it is 60 to 70 percent of what advertisers are bidding. But the point here is daily we receive hundreds or thousands of clicks, so is there any mechanism to tell us how much each click costs.

Because, in our Adsense account just sum/total of all clicks are shown for a particular channel. Hence we are only able to calculate the average but it is difficult to analyze the value of each single click. If Google is willing to provide this data then it will be easy for a cost-benefit analysis.

How much advertisers bids?

Second question would be is there any way that we publishers (bloggers) can directly get to know what amount actually advertisers are bidding for their ads. Firstly this will give us clear understanding about what advertisers are targeting for and secondly, it will also answer my first question that was about true CPC of each click.

As this can also help us in writing blogs according to the highest bidding ads to generate high income. Therefore transparency from Google’s side will win the hearts and minds of bloggers.  However for now Google is very reluctant in doing that.

What all are the niches of clicks?

Third question is what the exact niche of an incoming click is. To make it simple we would like to know what all are the niches from which clicks are coming. It means we want to know the category of all those ads from which we receive clicks. This information can help us in creating quality content that is synchronized with ads that pays maximum.

In simple terms we can write according to the niche of the ad which is very hot and popular among the internet users right now. Not just us even Google will benefit from this, as good quality content is the backbone of its search engine.

Regions from which clicks are coming?

Google analytics does give us an insight about the visitors that are coming to a website from all parts of the world. But it never shares any information about the clicks. And it is very crucial for bloggers.

For a common sense maximum clicks will come from where the maximum impression or visits are coming however there is an obvious difference between data and information.

Google feeds us only data not information as information can give you exact knowledge about the region from where most of the clicks are coming so that you can write blogs to suit taste and culture of that particular region.

How many clicks are redundant?

Coming to fifth question, we want to know the number of clicks whose value is zero. The logic behind this question is Google Adsense gives no money for clicks if it happens to be coming from same IP address. Now this can be very erroneous for Google to presume that the clicks coming for one IP address is generated intentionally by someone hence its value should be zero.

Because there is always a possibility that individuals or group of individuals might be using same computer and clicking ads a number of times and which is genuine. Even if Google wants to devalue those clicks then it must provide the number of clicks which had been devalued and regions from which they came.

Does Google control clicks?

Lastly Google owe an explanation to us that does its Adsense program deliberately control the clicks for a particular account. If Google feels that an account is generating high income (genuine) from high paying clicks then Google has an authority to advertently manipulate clicks.

I believe there is lack of transparency that exists on this matter, because Google keeps these things very private and does not want to share with us.

Although to end on a good note we hope Google will listen to us.

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. rakesh says

    i think niche and targeted region of your visitor makes a lots of difference, as i have seen in my website/blog. The people coming from USA, Canada and Australia, Choose to click on ads and that clicks matters a lot.

  2. ajay s bisht says

    nice questions…google should be transparent..hope someone from google reads this article..

  3. Jake says

    There is only 1 rule of adsense.

    provide countless impressions and few clicks. and you are in.
    it’s my experiment with 9 different accounts.

    and I have proof..


  4. Karan says

    I really liked your perspective. But there is this other side of the situation which you didn’t consider and being a webmaster it is natural.

    Well, if Google answers each and every question of yours then it would be a dream come true for webmasters, but this would imply that webmasters would be more cunning while choosing topics to write about and thus the main factor i.e. user experience for Google Adwords and Search would be at stake.

  5. Prabal @ Droolable says

    Agree, Google should correct some of its features & some people get there account banned without any reason. Needs to be improved. :|

  6. Sadia Komal says

    But these two are impossible:-

    Exact niche of an incoming click (Then who will write on other topics which have low rates)
    advertisers bids rates (everyone will filter other low rates ads using competitive ad filter, google bidding system will fail and googlw will needs to fix the ads rates for every website/blog)

  7. Jasmine says

    Me too, I hope Google will share more with us. But I guess this will not be happening soon. :)

  8. Sridhar says

    Yes. these are valid questions to Google.
    In new Adsense, we can see the clicks by country, adsize, adtype and ad units under “Performance Reports” (i know this is still in Beta)

  9. Khabri Chacha says

    I agree with all your queries, moreover clicks based on region shows a partiality symbol :o

  10. Himanshu says

    Google is earning via us and I believe that the price they are taking for us for their adsense service should be justified.

  11. Zain says

    Niche of the clicks are really important to know for a blogger to write more focused content instead of trying out with different niches. I’m not sure whether they will allow bloggers to know these stats in future, but I totally agree with tracking of regions of clicking, why we just track this thing. What harm Google would get if they make these stats traceable for a publisher?

  12. Dheeraj says

    Do you Know that Google Adsense is not only for the bloggers source of Income. But It is also the main source of Income for Google itself. So I don’t think So Google will disclose their Adsense secrets.

  13. Anamika says

    i seriously believe that Google should be more transparent when it comes to this..If we are earning from Google than Google to is earning from us :D:D