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    Adsense 300X600 Ad Unit Launched: Maximize Your Ad Revenue

    By in Google adsense

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    We all know bigger ad units perform way better than smaller ad unit and so far we have seen 336*280, 160*600 ad units to be one of the best performing ad units from Adsense. Now, Adsense ad unit adding another big ad unit (300*600) which will help you to further increase your Adsense revenue.

    In a recent blog post Adsense team announced the launch of this ad unit and it’s available for all Adsense publisher now.

    How to Create New Adsense 300*600 Ad unit:

    To generate code for Adsense 300*600 ad unit,  login to your Adsense account and create ad code for 300*600 ad unit. Since it’s a new ad unit, you will be seeing more of Text ads than visual rich ads. Also mentioned in DPF forum, you might notice the different size of ads Ex: 160*600 ad running on 300*600 ad unit.

    To create your first 300*600 ad unit, login to adsense account and click on my Ads. Click on New ad unit Select the 300X600 ad size (large Skyscrapper) and customize your Adsense color code according to your site design and color. Create a custom channel to monitor the performance of this new large skyscrapper ad unit and see how it works compare to other best performing ad units like : (336*280, 160*600) and so on.

    Sml 300600 ad unit Adsense 300X600 Ad Unit Launched: Maximize Your Ad Revenue

    I’m kind of sure that this new ad unit will outperform any other ad unit size by Adsense if places strategically and blended with your content. You can place 300*600 along with your content by increasing the size of your content box or you can also place it on sidebar of your blog. Though, you should keep in mind about Page layout algo, so make sure this ad should not be places below post title and should not obstruct user experince.

    More over, if you are already using 3 ad units on your page, you should replace one with this new ad unit. My suggestion is to try replacing it with 300 or 336 ad unit size, if you are using it on sidebar.

    Personally here at ShoutMeLoud, I use Affiliate marketing as main monetization scheme but to test out this new ad unit performance, I have removed the affiliate banners and replaced it with new Adsense large skyscraper unit. (temporary).

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    So far, Adsense is one of the best monetization network for Bloggers and if you have not yet applied for Adsense, I recommend you to read my Adsense guide and check out how to apply for Adsense account.

    Do let me know where are you planning to place new Adsense 300*600 ad unit? Do share your experience and performance report for the same.

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    300×600 Ads space is looking Big and its great that it is having both image and text based ads … A wonderful update by google Adsence….Thanks for the update Harsh… :)



    Thats a superb news. Now no need fill the sidebar with unnecessary widgets. But anyway I will wait for few more time before implementing Adsense. Good move Google…


    Vivek R

    Just now Implemented…lests see the performance.


    Ngan Tengyuen

    Do keep us posted. I think the new format is ideal for the sidebar.


    Andreas Ostheimer

    Thanks for the heads up – implementing it today.



    good thing that it is not only for premium publishers lol, and imagine someone using it inside their post instead of sidebar..



    Thats great..300×600 Ads space is equal to two ad unit, just now implemented and hoping for better results.


    Chetan Jadhav

    Thanks Harsh, nice information just replaces with the sidebar ad unit.


    Arup Ghosh

    Wow , ‘ve to try this large giant ad unit and lets see how it performs.



    This is Epic! But the ad sometimes doesn’t show full ads. It shows only half and the remaining half if blank. What could be the reason for this thing?


    Harsh Agrawal

    It’s coz its a new ad unit..That’s why you will see different sizes ad at times…In few days you can expect 100% 300*600 ad fill rate…


    Vishal Rai

    Yes indeed, this large Skyscrapper is good for any page with big and clear visual ads.
    Thanks for the information Harsh.


    Latif Ramadan

    Looking great adsense new unit implemented at this blog. :). Let’s track how good CTR for this unit.



    thanks Harsh for sharing this info. Adsense team took good decision for launching a bigger ad unit…



    I can’t find 300*600 ad unite in my adsense account. :-( How is it happen?


    Harsh Agrawal

    I can see it under my account.. Can you paste a screenshot…



    After a long time Google adsense has changed their ad format. I really like it. Its a big and very successful for sidebars.


    Taswir Haider

    At last some good movements from Adsense! Believe it will make the sidebar more attractive specially with image ads.



    Just seen this new 300 x 600 in Adsense Account. Going to implement it to my blog. Hope it must increase my revenue. Thanks for the information.


    Rahul Kashyap

    Great news for all publisher. Really Big and Big CTR. thanks for sharing this information. Google adsense Always rocking :)



    I have just implemented it on my website, at the moment it doesn’t show up. They probably don’t have a lot of inventory yet.


    Harsh Agrawal

    It will take few minutes before ad will start showing.. You might see the same 300*600 ad unit or may be other ad unit as it’s a new inventory..



    You are right. But I have noticed sometimes there is no enough links to show in that banner for one of my blog. It is not able to complete the box with links.


    BB Goyal

    oh great. bigger advertisement allowed by google adsense. however, on your this page, your 300×600 adsense advertisement is just for downloading google chrome. i know it comes by rotation, but it also shows that google adsense has not enough inventory for this much bigger adsense unit, so they are just showing download google chrome advertisement. may be it is just the starting and in the days to come, it will have enough advertisements.



    300*600 not much compatible like other ads unit. It looks something odd. I can’t judge more without using it. sure i will post my experience using this ad unit. BTW thanks for sharing.



    i am implement 300*600 ad unit on my blog, let see how it working for me. hope for good.
    thanks for information



    Thanks Harsh Agrawal for the useful post i love reading it complete post i had added just now on my site how much time it would take to display the add



    Hi Harsh,

    Just found out that Google released this new sized. Implemented on my blog just now, let see if has CTR improvement. BTW thanks for the nice info sharing.



    This size is really looking nice and promising for earning. But 99% of the ads are text. No image ads are available.



    I have implemented this ad unit on my website. But, i am getting only half of the ad (300 x 300)!! Remaining ad space is blank


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