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AddMeFast : Google Plus Exchange Program & Many More

AddMeFast : Google Plus Exchange Program & Many More

Earlier, I have talked about Twiends which is a Web program to grow Twitter followers and today we are going to look into another similar service call AddMeFast. In 2014, (post Panda SEO World), Social signals have become one of the biggest factor for achieving higher ranking. We have plugins like EasyWPSEO, which helps in On page keyword optimization, but the real way to push your content to rank#1 in Google, you need to get backlinks from authority sites and social media likes. I have been testing it since last 6 months, and also industry reports, clearly stats Google plus likes are one of the major factor in ranking. (Hint: Search plus Your world).

If you have been ignoring Social media, it’s the high time that you should not only concentrate on getting more Google plus share but also get more followers on all the network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others targeted social sites. Specially, if you are a part of network which works on mutual sharing like Tribe, you should start focusing more on Google plus exchange programs. As Google plus, helps the most in improving the ranking. Anyhow, let’s dive into the world of this free Web program and let me show you why you should join it and how it’s going to help you.

AddMeFast: Get Quick followers on Social media sites

Addefast is a free web program, which doesn’t offer buying and selling of followers or Google plus exchange, but it works on the basis of point system. You need to have points in order to get likes, share and followers for your Social profile and pages.

AddMefast offers very easy to understand interface and anyone with 0 knowledge can start using their service. As you can see in below screenshot, they support following social sites :

add me fast social exchange

To get started with them, all you need to do is Join Addmefast here, add your webpages or profile for which you need likes or followers and set a point value for it. Minimum is 2 and if you need fast likes or followers quickly, raise your points to 4-5. I usually assign 3 points/subscriber and it works great and I usually get good number of followers.

Here is a simple screenshot of page, where I’m adding my Pinterest profile for getting free followers:

Social Exchange

Getting Points on AddMefast:

As I mentioned above, it’s a social media exchange program, so you can easily earn free points by following other people or liking and sharing other posts. I usually, go through their network and like and share posts which are quality and useful. This also helps in maintaining value and credibility of my social profile.

free Addmefast points

AddMefast also offers you to buy points but there are many ways to get free points. One of them is using daily Free bonus. Everyday, you can login to your account and claim 100 free points and for a day, it’s a good way to start. They also have an affiliate program, which will let you earn 300 solid free points, when someone sign up via your link. This way, you can accumulate more points and use it to grow your Social media following. I doubt that if all the votes are from real human, but it’s still work and helps in boosting your ranking and follower count.

More over, since this system doesn’t require much work, it’s going to be beneficial for you. I prefer to use this service for getting more followers on my Social profile, as numbers with quality content always helps in getting more subscriber. Is int it?

Join AddMefast ( Get 300 free points for joining)

Do let us know if you know similar service like AddMefast or any other free program, which offers effective Google plus or any other Social media votes and follower exchange feature?

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  • Webou

    @Harsh Agrawal Indeed and it did, i had my adsense account shuted down and whatever i did to get it back, it didn’t work now i’m using my wife’s account so it’s super risky to play with free trafic sites, same thing goes to SEO i’ve seen my websites going down below in SERP, because of this ,…;)

  • Kailash mahadik

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for sharing ur thoughts on AddMeFast. I think it’s a great tool to increase ur followers and likes but adds no value to Adsense.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      That’s true… It’s good for growing your social media following number…but It has nothing to do with AdSense..Infact free traffic program of Addmefast might put your AdSense account in danger, so don’t use free traffic module.

  • Mukul Bansal

    Add me fast is really good service to get +1 on google plus. I herd it earlier from someone but never tried using it but after reading this post I think I should give it a try

  • Taposh Kapuria

    I already made an account with addmefast. More follower means more chance to get much expousure. Now these days, seo made change. Social signal is so important for seo.

  • Mike Howg

    I’ve tried out Addmefast before and it actually works pretty good. It’s very easy to accumulate points and then I can use them for getting Facebook likes and retweets for various posts on my blog. It doesn’t really bring in much traffic but I know that having a good social presence affects page rank.

  • vijaykumar

    hi harsh great post about addmefast but if we get junk traffic to our site it mean real traffic or fake traffic. How add networks will behave about our websites? Mainly google adsense is strict about the paid traffic.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I wouldn’t recommend using Addmefast to drive traffic, as most of the time it will be junk or bot traffic which doesn’t add value and even AdSense hates it. Though one can use this site to get more likes, followers which are more number centric… I usually use this site to get few retweets which are kind of handy when you add it with Hashtags…

  • Chatty

    Exchange Programs Never Good. Getting followers who love you are much better than that. Quality is always better than quantity. 100 Quality followers would be better than 1000 useless users.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I love your thoughts and indeed quality always wins over quantity.. Though on certain network like Twitter where they don’t have any alto based system like Facebook, it’s good to have noticeable number.. Services like Addmefast help you to get it without spending anything..Or one can go for premium service which I’m not a huge fan of….

  • Dk Patel

    It is a very good website that provide that types of services But Now Users Who got Free are more wiser they Just create a fake account and then Follow all for free coins and Put their Origional Profile for Get followers.
    Not Prefered . :(

  • Paritosh

    One and only concern, is it safe at all? How was your experience using this service?

    Thanks for sharing though :)

  • Mohammad

    fanslavedotcom is a best alternate to addmefast

  • Donald

    Hello Harsh,
    thanks for sharing your thougths.
    I have been trying addmefast for about 2 months with a friend’s facebook page and recently using their website hits service. So far I am not so sure that it really works in term of Seo or increasing something. The only thing I can see, if you have a FB page it helps to grow number of followers (more often fake accounts) only to show this number and attract more real users. I see know Facebook introduced into the page insights a name called “unlike” meaning people who removed their like from a post or your page. Some of them are generated due to the removal by Facebook administrator who checked the genuinity of an account and removed it. Just wondering if Google might put this “unlike” factor into count. Also using website hits service (people are redirecting from Addmefast website to your website) leave a referral path, which means that for example Google knows Addmefast is referring my website. So in this case it might be seen by Google as spam or tricky stuff and possibly you can get the opposite result or no result.
    Any thoughts about it? Thanks, Donald

  • Talha

    Sadly they have discontinued Facebook likes and Google plus likes which was the main reason for my website ranking. Now I am searching for other exchange websites but no offers such great service as addmefast provided earlier.
    You you know other website, let me know.


  • Bistol

    Hi guys ,
    im scared to use addmefast for my facebook page because i think its against facebook policy? Has anyone been using it for long time , if yes how any likes per day and did you not get unpublished from it (facebook).

  • Vishal Taragi

    Hello Harsh,
    I was looking to exchange google +1’s and stumbled to your blog post, I already have an addmefast account but none of the google +1’s remain on my website. I am still trying to look for a more reliable solution for google plus.

    plz tell me some permanent/reliable solution for G+1’s, as they disappear/lost after some time.


  • hassaan

    friends i have just made an account on it but it’s continously asking that put valid url
    i want more fb page like so i select and write url of my page as
    but its not accepting it kindly give me solution of it fast

  • Warren

    This site looks cool to me, thanks for introducing this one! Really need more tips and ideas to reach more people, likes and followers ;) Great day Harsh!

  • BlogieMonk

    Hi Harsh,
    Recently i am using this Addmefast Exchange Program After Reading your post,Really i got good traffic but i have one Doubt.If i am getting Traffic From Addmefast,is safe for Google Adsense or i will getting Ban.Please Suggest Me.

  • Nayan

    Wow. Great stuff. I have used these kind of service before but have one question:
    Are these things worth, i mean do you think genuine people will use this? Most of the people will make fake accounts and keep doing like, follow, +1, etc. And will in-return keep their pages to get like.

    • Dk Patel

      Hello Nayan,
      If you are using Addmefast for getting follower of page likes is good, But traffic exchange is violation of policy of google adsense. You should not use traffic exchange. Your account may be at risk.

  • Sumit Jha

    These things look promising but the likes and followers you get are by the person who liked your page only because they want too for their page. They may not interested in your content. If you want to brag about the number of followers and likes you have then you can go with this. I would rather prefer 100 genuine like for my page than 1k likes of these kinds.

  • Anil Agarwal

    Addmefast looks promising to me. I’m going to try and lets see how it goes. Harsh, have you seen any positive impact of using this social media votes exchange network?

  • Rohit

    thank..u Harsh for this valuable post earlier i have heared about addmefast but but does not knowing the things you have wriiten…thank u very much for refocusing my attention

  • Raj Mehta

    Addmefast had now stopped using facebook features.

    Here is the message from addmefast

    Dear users, unfortunately we will no longer be supporting Facebook features. We’ll try our best to change Facebook’s mind about allowing us to continue. Therefore, we are kindly asking you to show your support for AddMeFast by signing the following petition.

  • Social Feedback

    There is hundreds of sites like AddMefast online, the thing is to find the one with the right balance between traffic and features. I do have one as well that share many features in common with AddMefast but has as well Zootool followers and Myspace friends. Apparently, AddMefast will remove tomorrow their Facebook feature. Anybody has more details about it? I know that Twitter is after some sites as well who played spammy with them but what is the right thing to increase without being hammered by them?

  • antodoms

    AddmeFast looks Great….. I had tried a script called Exchanger from Codecanyon , which can be used to do link exchange program for G+, fb, Digg , twitter , Stumble , etc does the work perfect.

    But Today I heard a news that Facebook has send a notification to take down the facebook script from these site’s that use facebook likes voting services…. Looks like there Won’t be any more facebook voting services from these sites……

  • Avi Jit

    I’ve heard that Add Me Fast will soon deactivate all the Facebook features which is a very bad news.

    But, I generally use Add Me Fast to get some google +1 for my posts as it really helps to get more exposure in Search Results.


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