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    Adding Adsense Into Thesis WordPress Theme

    By in Thesis Customization

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    One of Shoutmeloud Reader Gagandeep asked

    Hi Harsh,
    can you tell me, how did you place the adsense revenue sharing code in thesis theme, and how to place Google ads below post title and at the end of post in thesis theme. Thanks icon smile Adding Adsense Into Thesis Wordpress Theme
    Gaganpreet Singh

    thesis300x2501 thumb Adding Adsense Into Thesis Wordpress Theme

    There are many ways by which you can add adsense into Thesis wordpress theme. One easy way is adding adsense by using custom functions.php file. Though many users who are not very fond of editing custom_functions.php file. They can also use Thesis open hook plugin.

    Placing the adsense Revenue Sharing code

    This can be done using author advertising revenue sharing plugin. Once you have configured the plugin, use this code in your custom_functions.ph file of Thesis theme.

    /* Adsense after every post Author advertising */
    function add_adsense_media1 () {
    <p><?php if (function_exists('kd_template_ad')) { kd_template_ad(1); } ?>
    add_action('thesis_hook_before_post', 'add_adsense_media1'); 


    You need to take care of media unit ID.

    Adding adsense between the blog post

    To add adsense in between the post, I prefer using a plugin name Quick adsense plugin. Benefit of using this plugin is, you can always replace it with any other adnetwork.

    Adding adsense above or below the post

    To add the adsense above, below or on the sidebar. You can try why to do work adsense plugin.

    Though one thing which I have observed instead of using all 3 ad units on your blog, you can always try two ad units and more link units. This will increase your CTR and hence revenue.

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    Thesis Open Hook is the best plugin to easily customize your Thesis theme.



    Thanks Harsh. I am too using the Quick Adsense plugin. Its much flexible.



    I think easy adsense plugins will do all job for you



    Hi Harshji ! I read / gone through one of your software section ; they are quite useful and helpful. The following one which has been mentioned therein, I could not get the free download link, except at a site which turned out be filled with virus soonafter landing on my laptop; had to delete instantly. I have avg-antifirus free edition installed on my system. Can you me a better free software download link + aboout the following one :
    Crack Downloader plus 2.1 download
    Thanking you dear. Awaiting for your help and guidance as well..Good luck and goodwishes..



    Hi !
    Here is another point for me. I use laptop regularly in chruning thenet;
    I shall be thankful and request you to advise me the best anti virus FULL VERSION with downloadable link/password.
    Awaiting for your guidance dear!…Thank you…



    I create a little plugin to add a post-footer at the end of my post-body with max priority.
    In the_content a create a “…” and inside that div I tried to add “kd_template_ad(1)”.

    Put doing so plugin works, but advertise appears at the top of the post, and the post-footer appears right after post. Do you know why?


    Web Talk

    I also am amusing the Quick Adsense plugin. Its much flexible and i dont have to mess up with the code in my theme….thanks


    Yousef Zatari

    I have installed the add, you put the ads at the beginning and the end of the article but the problem is that the ads appear extensively in the main dish and I do not want to appear on the page home

    Please help me in this problem


    Kunal @ TechHogger

    Hi Harsh. In Author advertising what is Media ID. Can you assist me with that?


    Ankit Saini

    Is there any way to execute author advertising ” ” php code in quick adsense plugin ads1 Slot…


    Karri Avinash

    I like how your tags are displayed.
    Can you tell me how to display tags in “blue boxes” just like yours on Thesis theme.


    Sergio Felix

    Hey Harsh,

    What I’m actually trying to find out is if Thesis is the best theme for Adsense based sites.

    I know about its natural SEO power but I still have heard there are many other sites that have higher CTR than Thesis.

    Can you confirm this? (I think it is irrelevant but I still need to know)

    Thanks in advance!


    Dev Duff

    Why can’t we just hard-code the adsense code in the single.php file? Why use a plugin and increase java scripts? Is there a way to hard-code the adsense code in the single.php file?



    Hi Harsh…
    I think this tutorial about how to adding adsense into thesis WP theme is very simple and easy to understand. even there is Quick adsense plugin that we can really use it.
    thanks a lot..


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