LinkBack to Article In Feeds with RSS Footer WordPress Plugin

RSS footer plugin is an essential and important plugin for WordPress to add linkback to your WordPress article, when someone copy your post using automatic RSS syndication.

With the rise of Blogging and it’s becoming an easy way to make money from Home, plagiarism is also increasing. People copy other work to make money from their Blog and especially, automatic syndication or automatic posting from someone else RSS feed is increasing.  Though, one option is to offer partial feed but many Bloggers are against the practice of showing partial feed as readers like to read complete post in Feed readers. So, here is a nice solution to fight against such RSS copy paste blogger, is to grab a backlink from your copied article. RSS footer is a useful plugin which also comes as an inbuilt option in WordPress SEO plugin by yoast, it adds a linkback to your Blog post at the bottom of RSS feed, so when ever used your feed to publish your article, you will get a free backlink. More over, when copied source is linking to your blog, your content will be treated as original content in most of the cases.

RSS Footer plugin: Free Backlink to Blog Post

Coming back straight to WordPress RSS feed footer plugin. WordPress feed footer plugin is use to show the linkback to your blog and original article in your feeds.

The plugin is easy to configure, Simple download the plugin from link given below, upload and activate the plugin. Go to Settings > RSS footer and add HTML code for the line which you want to show below every article in your feeds.

There are already some pre configured variables, which you can use and at the bottom you can see the live preview.

RSS Footer WordPress Plugin


Download : RSS feed footer plugin

The idea behind this plugin to take down those RSS feed copy paster. Even if they will copy your blog posts you will get a link back to your article and another link bank to your blog. You can use this plugin for more then that:

  • I use it to add a link to my Social media profile and ask my feed readers to join it.
  • You can also use it to show ads in WordPress blog feeds
  • Use this for Old blog post promotion

You can also change the text like, if you are reading this article anywhere else apart from feed readers, that meant this post has been copied and the poster is liable to charge under plagiarism.

You can be creative with the ideas. More over you can also add any text for current offers. Like Webhosting discount or any contest going on your blog. Since most of readers love to read via feeds, I’m sure this will help you a lot.

Do let us know if you have used RSS feed footer WP plugin before or not? Are you using any other method to link back to source article in Blog feeds?

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. emma emerhana says

    hello friend
    Am new to using wordpress to design a site,how can i create a similar stay connected square at in my site.i like the rss,facebook and twitter in one box. i may be off topic from what is been posted but help me.

  2. shyantan says

    hey harsh,
    after your suggestion i checked and found this is present in “wordpress seo by yoast” by default.
    i have did as you have said in this blog but the problem i am getting is that it is not adding the link of post title and blog name in feeds.
    it is only adding the title name and blog name ( not interlinking it )
    please tell me help me solve this problem harsh

  3. Nizam says

    Wow! This seems to be really useful plugin to get credit backlink from automated blogs that copies content , I will installing this plugin. Thanks Harsh for this useful plugin :)

  4. Musthafa Ullal says

    Links from Low quality sites, which copies the articles doesn’t seem good for any bloggers. Most of the Rss feed copy paste blogs are of low quality.

  5. NpXp says

    I have been using this plugin for quite sometime now. This is very useful if someone is trying to scrape your content without your consent.