A Proven 3-Step Plan For Attracting Powerful Joint Ventures Partners

If you’ve ever created your own ebook and then launched an affiliate program in the hope of signing up some serious “players” to promote your product then you’ve no doubt experienced just how difficult it can be to make any real headway. There is so much competition around that encouraging anyone but the smallest fish to promote you can be an uphill struggle. And the problem is even harder if you’re not an established “name” in your niche.

Joint venture partners

But don’t worry, help is at hand…

Today I’d like to tell you about an incredibly simple yet powerful three-step plan that I have been using over the last few years to rapidly enter brand new niches, sign up powerful JV partners (Joint Venture partners) and start making sales fast. What’s better is that this method is completely free and simple-enough that anyone with a good quality ebook can start putting it into use today.

Step 1: The Offer

The first step is without a doubt the most important of all. Quite simply you need to have a fantastic product and a sales process that converts well. This means that you’re going to need to put the time in to learn how to create great sales copy (or invest in outsourcing to someone with an impressive reputation). That means you need to do some split testing in terms of headlines, bullets, your price point and so on. You need to consider adding upsells, cross-sells, time-limited discounts and the full range of sales-boosting tools available to you.

Now I appreciate that this is going to take some time and effort. It may not be the news you were hoping for but the big JV players that can send you more traffic overnight than you’ve ever seen in your life are experienced professionals used to dealing with the best. That means you need to be the best too or you won’t even be considered.

Step 2: The Guest Post

Once you’ve done extensive testing of your site the next step is to find the serious players in your market that have both (a) a mailing list and (b) a blog.

What you’re going to do is write a selection of the best darned articles you’ve ever seen in your life and offer one unique article as a guest post to each of the blogs on your list. The subject-matter of your blog posts should be very closely targeted to the subject of your ebook so that there is a natural progression for readers who enjoy your article to want to click the link to your site in your resource file.

But this is where we do things a little bit differently. Assuming you start to get some guest posts approved ask for details of the blogger’s Clickbank account. Then sign them up to your affiliate program and send them their affiliate link asking them to use this in the resource file rather than a direct link to your website.

This way whenever someone clicks that link they will be tagged with the bloggers cookie and if you’ve done you job right in step one they will make some sales. Remember at this point the affiliate link is really just a “bonus” for publishing your guest post. No mention has yet been made of trying to recruit them as a JV partner; instead you’re just helping them to make a little extra money on the side.

Step 3: The JV Request

If everything has according to plan your guest posts start to get published, readers of those blogs start to click on the links to your site and the bloggers who featured you start to make sales.

Now is the time to respond back to the various bloggers and thank them for featuring your article. Read the results of their affiliate link back to them pointing out the conversion rates they have received and the simple “hands-free” profit they’ve made as a result of dropping a single link on their blog.

These are results they can verify themselves in their Clickbank account so they are powerful and undeniable.

Then go for the jugular and ask – seeing as your product has converted so well for their visitors – whether they might consider mailing their list about your product. Explain you’d be perfectly happy to create another useful article for them to send out to their list if required and that you’re also happy to send them a free copy of your product to examine for their own safety before the mailing.

That’s it! All you need are a few major hitters like this signed up and you will a “trickle down” effect as a number of other webmasters on the lists of the players sit up and take notice of your new product then start promoting it themselves. So get to work!

This is a guest post by Richard from LifeStyleDesignUnleashed. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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  1. Rajesh says

    really loved it.. Most importantly they are PROMISING enough to work out in yielding better results..

  2. Dev @ wpkube says

    Great points. Guest Posting is one of the best way to attract powerful JV partners. Another great way would be starting a contests or giving some premium products to jv partners.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Suraj says

    Hey Richard, really nice and practical tips, wondering why zero comments on this article yet…

  4. Usman@FirstHosting says

    Hi, Richard!

    Very much right, absolutely first step is to make a good product and easy to use and buy gateway so that people won’t feel any problem getting it, because this is very basic thing and will make people think that you’re some good.

    Well I like the second idea as well, to find the big blogs with a big mailing list, that can help as well.

    Nice article.

  5. Rohan says

    That smells like ‘Awesome’ to me with a capital A !!!
    Its been so long since I have read such an insightful post here……

    The fact that it banks on making the offer first , then making it work for them with only partial efforts and making a proposition of the potential gains by relating to the sales made with just little effort is the USP of the blueprint…. This is virtually a foolproof method to say the least !