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    A little Guide to Adwords

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    I am currently being in the process on how to use Adwords properly and I’ve concluded many things. I personally saw many people wasting a lot of bucks at Adwords because they don’t really know how to use it properly. There are many things people get failed in. i,e

    • People failed to use proper keywords.
    • Fail to set proper budget.
    • They don’t really know how to target their visitors.

    google adwords r 520x400 A little Guide to Adwords

    There are lot more mistakes people usually do while using adwords and they waste their money. Google officially have learning center to learn adwords, but as I guess no one have much time to learn it. They also have offcial exams and if you pass those exams then you are fully prepared to use Adwords. Better take one of the exam.

    If you want to take exams you can visit their official link here : Google Help Center

    But before taking this exam you must learn through their help center on how to use it, otherwise you are not eligible to take this exam.

    But if you really have decided to use adwords account, your first step is to learn by going to official Learning Center.

    Google Terms



    Many people just thought that there is no hard rules to use Adwords as compare to addsence, but thats not really true, to use addsence with ease you really need to take care of policies, as because they also don’t allow duplicate adwords account. You can read policies here.

    Make your add look Good



    I see many people questioning that their add are not getting active, its happening due to lack of knowledge on how to create adds, for this you must also be fully aware of Google Terms which I’ve discussed above. If you need a guide to make your add approved please visit their official guide here.

    How to improve your Keyword Quality



    This thing is need to be taken care to reduce the use of money /click, because if you are not optimizing your pages and adds fully optimized then you will be charged more and conversion rate will be less as well, more information could be found here on their official guide.

    How can you rank top every time the specific keyword is searched?



    This thing is not in hands of anyone, because it can only be decided by Google. Because according to their official statement they don’t rank sites according to price, but they rank sites according to quality, so if your add/site have quality and loyalty you may get to top. Must read their official response to this question here.

    Will your natural ranking still be same?



    If you have confusion regarding this question that if you are using adwords will your natural rankings be changed or improved? No simply not. The natural ranking will still be same either you use adwords or not. take a look at official response as well here.

    Why not converting?



    This matter is very crucial , because if you are spending bucks you must need some conversions as well, but if you are not getting then you must see what mistake are you doing. I would suggest you not to use adwords on sites with following kinds.

    • Blogs.
    • Wallpapers Site.
    • New sites.
    • Free products offering site.

    If your sites falls in any of this category then you are not supposed to use adwords, because it will really be a waste of time.

    I stopped using Adwords and Visitors stop? Why.



    Adwords is not about getting repeated visitors, its about getting targeted visitors to your products. But if you’ve very interesting thing to show to people then you may use adwords and there is a chance of getting repeated visitors.

    How much Should I bid?



    This is very common and important question, it really depends on your site that how much you bid. If you are getting 50 sales out of 100 clicks then you must set your bid/budget according to this, and if your conversion rate is very less like 10 conversions from 100 clicks then you must bid less according to first condition so that really depends on your site type.

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    Tim@Internet Income Rant

    Thanks for that awesome adword tutorial. Like you putted out, bloggers are not supposed to use adword unless there’s sending those traffic to their product site. For me, I’d stick with my normal seo practises cos like you said, adword is not for getting repeated customers/reader except one wants to waste funds but then, if you’re kin on adword, this can be done:

    Create your landing page in a professional way with well written headlines and good opening sentences to capture the interest of your readers. After that’s done and taken care of, you’ve got to have a good email capture software to capture the details of your visitors so that you can contact them later.
    You may also use a nice non-offensive popup because it has been proven to increase CTR. If done well, you’ll get to capture your visitors’ email address and also have opportunity to send them your offers.
    Lastly but not the least thing, make sure you have a good followup emails that’ll convert your readers. Marketing is all about relationships and if done well, you’ll be able to convert your visitors at an astronomical rate.
    Enjoy your day.



    Hi, Tim!

    you are absolutely right.

    but as you know these days people have very less time, they are very less interested in offers etc.

    but still if we are good at if we can make this work.

    thanks for the complements.


    Tim@Internet Income Rant

    You’re welcome buddy! I know people are less interested in offers but don’t forget that people still have things they want to buy and they still search for things that need…get the idea? If I want something urgently, I’ll listen to offers that cater for my needs…get the idea? Enjoy your day.


    Aniket @Pixaffiliate

    If you are planning to make landing page only to capture the email of visitors, then google will not approve your ad or they will ban you.
    Google is very strict about landing page policy.


    Anoop Sudhakaran

    Nice Quick Guide.
    I never used Adwords till now, but will surely take a look into it. :)



    Hmm, but don’t use it on Blogs…


    Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney

    Thanks for the nice post.
    I like your advice on deciding the how much to bid, as you said it depends on the conversion rate.
    I used adwords several times, it never worked for blogs which running on CPC programs.
    For example, you can’t drive traffic to a blog to get clicks for high paying ads. ;)



    I got a Adwords discount coupon to my address to try adwords. I don’t need it. so, I rejected it.


    Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    I’ve been wondering whether Adwords would work well on blogs. My thought was no, and I guess your post clearly convinced me



    yes for blogs simple answer is NO



    interesting post! never tried using adword, but i will check and give it a try.
    thanks for sharing this helpful information.


    Gautam Tandon

    Good article buddy. I write lot of stuff related to adwords, Internet marketing and SEO. I’d like to add one thing here. One thing that people forget is the importance of making your site SEO friendly. Google adwords work based on the content on your site that you are advertising and the relevance of the content on the site with your Ad. Making your site more SEO friendly helps Google parse the site better and categorize it easily. That way it can create better relationships and generate a better relevance picture of your site. In fact that can even help you find much more relevant keywords! Many people don’t spend enough time on making their sites more SEO friendly and eventually get beat up by costly AdWords campaigns…



    you are right, this will help you to rank your site on first place every time a keyword is searched.


    Vijayraj Reddy

    i learned how improve the keyword quality from this post, thx for sharing….



    Great post.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I wanted to try adwords for the blog. but as you said i also thought the same. There is no point of conversion for a blog. Adwords augurs well for a product site where you are selling some product or services.



    Very nicely explained. This should have cleared the questions out of everyone’s minds who were interested to try but never gave time to read the help center. :)
    btw it’s adsense not addsense.


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